The Wild Show

Join a show in a circus, full of animals and tricks that award differently

The Wild Show Slot Game

The Wild Show is a circus-themed slot with three reels and one payline option. The game has a medium variance and volatility, making it possible to win several times when your luck is high. The Wild Show slot is an excellent game for achieving multiplier bonuses from any angle. This review is a good start at getting familiar with the slot, as it explains more that the game has to offer.

The Wild Show Slot Game Review

The Wild Show Details

The Wild Show slot is an excellent game for achieving multiplier bonuses from any angle. The game has a circus-related theme where characters showcase acrobatic stunts in a building full of crowds. You can get a good payout when you match five of either symbol on any reel. This game is highly entertaining, and it awards several bonus features. Some features include multipliers, wild bonus features, credit rewards, and little free spins. 

The symbols on the reels include the strongman icon, the ringmaster, the Fire eater, the elephant symbol, and unique icons. The most special icon is the wild bonus icon represented by the golden tickets symbol. This symbol helps in boosting your wins when you match them on the central reel. The game has a volatility rating of 96.10 percent, And the variance is standard.

You may stake a minimum of 0.25 cents per spin or a maximum of €20 per spin in the regular game. You may adjust your wagers at the bottom icon on the screen as it allows you to stake according to your budget. This game is available on any gaming platform that operates in an HTML 5 software system. It is, therefore, wise to get the game in your play store or app store.

How to Play The wild Show Slot Game

To begin the game, you need to fund your account with the minimum possible value; since the game operates in one pay line, it means your chances depend on luck. You can mainly earn yourself a winning combination by making multiple spin rounds. Staking, therefore, entails proper timing, but you can win if you are persistent enough. The symbol with the highest returns is the wild golden ticket which awards you a multiplier of 120x your bet amount. 

The strongman icon will award you a 40x multiplier for your total bet when you match three bonus symbols on any reel position. When you reach three fire eater symbols, you earn a 60x multiplier bonus, and a female ringmaster will give you an 80x multiplier for your winning bet. You can get instant rewards by winning combos of two similar pairs of icons in two consecutive reels. 

To ensure maximum profits, you should stake using the multiple betting options. This option allows you to choose several icons to appear on the reels, and if you stick with a high amount, you may gain a profit. You may use a customization feature that allows you to set limits on your wins or losses. Make sure you check the transaction method before staking so that you don’t end up using more or less than you intended.

RTP and Variance

The Wild Show slot has an RTP value of 96.10%, with a medium variance. This trait implies a standard gameplay and payout system. You can win several times if you keep keen on the symbols. 


The slot's volatility is medium, a good attribute for average gamers. You will make a considerable number of wins when you stake wisely. 

Bonus Features

The primary bonus in the Wild Show gaming slot is a wild bonus feature, which is represented by the golden ticket icon. You activate this feature by matching five wild icons on the central reel, or you may start a second fantastic bonus by landing two wilds and a blank space in a single spin. The slot game is simply a reel position without an icon. The wild will convert other symbols into wilds and increase your earnings by matching three of a kind.

Multipliers are another system of bonuses that begin from a minimum of 2x the bet amount to 120x your stake. You will activate multipliers by landing three icons or more on any reel. Your multiplier factor will depend on the type of symbol you land, with the wild being the highest paying multiplier. Regular symbols will award you free spin bonuses, and you only need to land three symbols to gain the rewards.

Unfortunately, the slot does not award a bonus jackpot feature. However, credit scores are awarded as compensation for this outcome, and you earn them by making more wins. These points are automatically converted into redeemable cash once they reach a specific minimum.

Themes and Graphics

The central theme here is the circus. The game is based on a show carried out in a circus, where you will find animals and human characters that award differently. You will see an elephant icon below the tents and a few other minor icons, such as the fire eaters. The images are animated, and they embody a high definition quality. You will see how the symbols interact in the reels, an excellent design for excitement. 

The game's graphics are compact, meaning that they come with an upgrading feature. In the background, you will see the reels containing symbols in a 6x5 layout system. Music in the slot is a mixture of high pitch sounds and drums. You can change the volume and brightness using the modify icon at the bottom-right corner of the place.


The Wild Show slot is an excellent game for players who love the circus. The simple reason is that the symbols and characters are easy to identify with, making the game lively thanks to Dragon Gaming. The customer services in the slot are of top-notch quality, and gamers like how they award bonuses after every win. This game has a promising future, thanks to the high number of good reviews amongst gamers. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the slot offer bonuses?
Yes. This slot offers bonuses in all categories and levels of the game. You will earn yourself credit rewards with as many wins as possible, with each win giving you an added credit. These credits are redeemable once they reach a particular amount, and at this point, you convert them into cash. You can opt to use the bonus credits directly while playing the game, and when you win, you earn extra points plus a cash prize. The other bonuses include the wild, free spins, multiplier, and jackpot rewards. When you land wins to a specific point, you may also unlock special bonus features like the autoplay.
2Can I play The Wild Show Slot for free?
The Wild Show is accessible for free when you hit the demo icon at the slot's interface. With this option, you don't have to stake to play, but you only need to select icons and spin for free.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
Payouts for the Wild Show slot are in the form of multipliers. The maximum multiplier payout is 120x your bet amount when you land five wild symbols on the central reel. The minimum payout is a multiplier of 5x your bet when matching three regular icons on a single spin.
4Can I play The Wild Show Slot using a mobile phone?
You can play the Wild Show Slot using any device that can access the internet. You can use your tablet, mobile phone, PC, laptop, or iPad to play the game.

The Wild Show Slot Review

The Wild Show Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Wonder James
Being a lover of circus games

Being a lover of circus games, I enjoy this game a lot. The Wild Show is indeed wild, and you will earn your cash or credit coins in an instant when you win.

 by Damian Gory
This game is a perfect slot for gamers

This game is a perfect slot for gamers who enjoy seeing unique characters as the main icons in the reels. The exciting part is that the game operates on one payline; you only need one combination to win.

 by Jones Marcello
This feature has benefits

The Wild Show slot game is a perfect stop for gamers seeking better gameplay and payouts. I also agree with their policy of having a lock saving account on your wallet. This feature has benefits in securing your cash and credits.

 by Damaris Slovaks
Perhaps I am addicted to the slot

So far, so good, and I can't seem to stop playing the Wild Show game. Perhaps I am addicted to the slot, or it's just that I enjoy gaming. Either way, the slot is magnificent in customer care services and other factors.

 by Sarah Jessy
I have made considerable progress

I opened my account a few days ago, and I have made considerable progress. My last game saw me earning a whopping $210, having staked with $20. This step is a good sign, reflecting on the jackpot.

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