Throne’s Conquest

Enjoy a game set during the medieval period when men used war to rule

Throne’s Conquest Slot Game

Throne's Conquest is a beautiful slot with five reels and twenty-five paylines and has a storyline that springs from the medieval era. Throne's Conquest has impressive features to behold, and they include free spins, multipliers, scatter bonuses, and sticky wilds. The throne is one symbol to behold in this game, and it may earn you reasonable amounts, as we shall see in this review.

Throne’s Conquest Slot Game Review

Throne’s Conquest Details

Throne's Conquest has impressive features to behold, and they include free spins, multipliers, scatter bonuses, and sticky wilds. You activate either of these features by landing three or more symbols of any kind on a single reel. The storyline is set during the medieval period when men used war and power to rule the land. The throne is the wild symbol in this game, and it works to transform other symbols and award you multiple cash prizes. You may receive bonus rounds when you land the throne symbol three times on a single reel, which acts as an additional bonus.

The low-paying icons in this slot game are the card symbols which include J, A, K, and Q. These symbols are the classical icons that may grant you access to classical features such as the double-up game. However, these card symbols are to watch out for since they aid you in winning the competition by providing free spins. The standard paying symbols are the four sigils, and they comprise the redfish sigil, the green bird sigil, the blue wolf sigil, and an orange dragon sigil. 

The highest paying symbol is the throne, but the sword scatters may also come in handy when you want to displace low-paying symbols with high-paying ones in the reels. Here, you could rearrange the reels using the sword scatter, and you end up combining the four sigils in four separate reels. You will earn yourself $1000 from the sigil combinations when this occurs. This feature is unique and can only be found on the Throne's Conquest Slot. 

How to Play Throne's Conquest Slot 

The minimum stake to play the game is £0.01 for a single payline, while the maximum is £50. You can use PayPal, online banking, direct wire transfer, and credit/debit card to deposit your money into the slot's wallet. After recharging your account, you will receive a welcome bonus that adds to your tally, therefore allowing you to increase your wagers. The next step will be choosing your icons and spinning the reels.

It is crucial to understand the slot's storyline before attempting to play. The significance of doing this is that you will know what to touch and leave out to choose the icons with a high probability of appearing. Throne's Conquest is based upon the struggles of maintaining the kingship and the royal throne by protecting it from outside forces. In this quest, dragons are used to fight the battles, and the king who has more dragon power could easily overthrow another king. 

During this battle, the bird symbol functions as a messenger, and essential information passes through this creature to help attain power. Therefore, the player should put themselves in the king's shoes and determine which icon will be used after spinning the reel. By studying the game and taking note of which symbol appeared in the previous spin, you can now decide which symbol might come next. This strategy is used for all medieval-themed slots since the game is based upon a historical storyline.

RTP and Variance

The RTP value for this game is non-applicable; however, the game has a medium variance. This value means winning is not hard, but it does not come easily. 


The slot has standard volatility, you may get a considerable number of wins and losses, but they happen in an algorithmic sequence that is hard to determine. However, you can still win more by using the strategy of understanding the slot's storyline.

Bonus Features

The throne awards you a wild bonus feature that converts other symbols into wilds, thereby increasing your winning potential. When a wild appears, you may receive a cash price if you land three of a kind on two consecutive reels. Matching three throne symbols in a single reel will only transform it into a wild, but matching three wilds activates the fantastic bonus. The wild bonus awards you a cash prize alongside free spins. 

The scatter bonus awards you eight free spins to the minimum when you land three sword scatters on a single reel. When you land five sword scatters, you receive a maximum of forty free spins. The slot does not offer a jackpot bonus, but the vast award from the wild bonus compensates this, a whopping $4,000. When you match five wild symbols on a reel, this reward comes into action. 

Themes and Graphics

The medieval theme is seen through the very symbols that the slot contains. The existence of a throne is enough evidence for this suggestion, and you can see a traditional classical palace in the background. We can relate these images to medieval times, not to forget the sword. Using birds portrays the theme of mystics to convey a message and use dragons to fight battles. This slot is a beautiful display of fun and adventure, and you will see the epic reality of finding a throne to rule.

We can not ignore the theme of power, clear even by the slot's name. Here, the plan is to secure the throne and overthrow the king while the king seeks to protect the throne from outside forces. This battle is epic and gives you the entertainment of observing how the symbols interact with one another. The game has different music sounds that change from one to another, so you will not be bored while playing this game.


The Throne's Conquest is the best choice for most gamers. You may win several times by placing multiple bets or placing a single bet and winning big. Your choice symbols and the bet amount per line are the only determining factor. This slot is enjoyable, and winning may not be as hard as anyone may deem it to be. You only need to register for an account and find out. Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I start playing Throne’s Conquest?
You can start playing Throne’s Conquest by visiting the play store and downloading the game. The other option is playing the game directly on your browser, which requires an internet connection. If you are above the legal age of 18 years, you may register for an account. After setting up all that specifics, you can fund your account or play the demo. The game begins by giving you a variety of symbols to select from, and we recommend that you start with the throne symbol.
2Can I play Throne’s Conquest for free?
Yes. The game has a free play option that allows users above 18 years to play for free. You can achieve this by simply hitting the free play button at the center of the reels.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum payout for this game is $100, while the maximum payout is $4,000. However, the payouts are determined by the number of symbols you choose and the size of wagers.
4Can I play Throne's Conquest using a mobile phone?
Yes, you can; the game is freely accessible on the phone provided that you have good internet.

Throne's Conquest Slot Review

Throne's Conquest Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Jamal Dukes
This game is the ultimate joy for me

This game is the ultimate joy for me. The throne is where I belong, and this slot is my favorite for winning standard amounts that come in quicker than in other places.

 by Matt Owen
I enjoy it to the fullest

This game is playable even during times when you can't sleep. I have participated in this slot several times in the demo, and I enjoy it to the fullest.

 by Sandra Chloe
This slot has given me what I need

The adventures of conquering a kingdom are my all-time excitement for movies or gaming. This slot has given me what I need, and I recommend Throne's Conquest to any gamer out there.

 by Billy Cassidy
This game is terrific

I can only wonder how much extra the slot would offer when developers modify the existing features. This game is terrific when rewarding multiple wins, and you will enjoy your time in this slot.

 by Samson Karin
I recommend this slot to any player

I recommend this slot to any player since the game is easy and can be understood by new gamers. The slot is reliable since it offers regular payouts to bets winners.

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