Total Overdrive

Enjoy a fruit theme that would come in handy if you stake on all of them

Total Overdrive Slot Game

Total Overdrive is a three-reel game that offers you incredible payouts and bonus features. BetSoft is the developer of this game, which implies that the service delivery of the slot is top-notch. The Total Overdrive slot has five paylines which would come in handy if you stake on all of them. This review shall discuss more on this slot and offer guidelines on playing the game. 

Total Overdrive Slot Game Review

Total Overdrive Details

The Total Overdrive slot has five paylines which would come in handy if you stake on all of them. The game has a non-progressive jackpot feature the awards you 1450 times your stake amount. Assuming you made a stake by the highest amount, You will earn an equivalent value of $14,500, as an average payout for the jackpot. The game has a fruit theme, and the symbols that appear on the reels include fruit symbols like the cherry, strawberry, and banana icons alongside the other regular icons.

The regular icons in this game are the diamond symbol, bells, bar symbol, a wild icon, 777, and single seven symbols. The highest paying symbol is the diamond icon which awards cash credits and multipliers. The fruit symbols are responsible for awarding free spins when you match them on any reel, but a wild multiplier also transforms other icons on the reels.

The game has a return to the player value of  96.92%, Which works to accumulate your winning bets using the same rate. The minimum bet amount is 0.25 cents for a single line, while the maximum is $10. The maximum multiplier for any regular icon is 50 times your bet amount, which occurs on any real position.

How to Play The Total Overdrive Slot 

You begin the game by selecting your preferable payline since they are five in total. The best option for the Total Overdrive slot is staking on all payline which will require setting your wagers to a convenient level to balance your funds. The adjustment icon is located At the bottom of the screen below the spin button, indicated by the plus and minus signs.

The best symbols, to begin with, are their wilds and scatters. The Overdrive icon represents the wild, and this icon acts as a substituting factor that removes regular icons from the reels and places one or two special symbols. You may retrigger these special icons by making several wins and clicking the retrigger icon as it pops up. You can select the auto-play feature when it shows up on the screen to award you multiple free spins.  

RTP and Variance

The Total Overdrive slot has a high variance, making winning challenges, but you land a winning combination when you stake on all paylines. The return to player value for the game is 96.92%.


This slot game has standard volatility, Meaning that any icon can win a bet. You only need to be persistent when it comes to staking. 

Bonus Features

The main bonus in this game is the Overdrive multiplier which acts as a wild and awards a multiplier factor of 3x to 50x your bet amount. You activate this feature by landing five Overdrive icons on the first, second, and third reel. The feature can help you land three other overdrive icons on one reel. When this occurs, a bonus cash prize is awarded.

You can trigger free spins when you match three 777 Icons on any reel. The total number of free spins in this category is 20 bonus rounds. These spin rounds Will boost your chances of winning a bet by introducing other symbols in the reels. An auto-play feature Is another bonus the game awards, the most prominent extra spin feature.

The jackpot in the Total Overdrive slot is progressive, which means that you earn the ultimate price by accumulating wins. The jackpot has a high payout, and you activate it by matching 5 Overdrive symbols on two consecutive reels. The jackpot will also grant you credit rewards that you can convert into redeemable cash, thus increasing your payouts. 

Themes and Graphics

The existence of fruit symbols shows the fruit theme on the reels, and one of these symbols is the cherry. The game also has a classical theme because regular symbols such as the 777 and the single seven appear on reels. Other than this, you will notice that the graphics are of top quality. All the icons have a 3D layout and promote professionalism in the slot's interface. 

There is music playing and the background in a low tone, but you can adjust it into your preferable volume using the settings icon. The reels have a metropolis design, Suggesting that the icons operate on a real-life perspective where players can relate to the symbols.


The Total Overdrive slot has remarkable characteristics as identified by most slot-analysts thanks to Betsoft. If you haven't started playing the game, you should check it out online. You will earn good pay when you match more than three icons on any reel, apart from those that only award free spins. However, the free spin icons also have the advantage of landing you great wins with the more number of times you stake. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the Total Overdrive slot offer bonuses?
The Total Overdrive slot Has plenty of bonuses that gamers will find beneficial in their bid for earning multiple prizes. The overdrive multiplier is one of those bonuses, and this bonus feature will award you multiplier bonuses. A wild bonus feature is present, and it works in line with the overdrive multiplier. The jackpot is also a bonus feature that you trigger by landing five special bonus icons. You may also earn free spins through landing winning combinations, And this is a good step to make cash.
2Can I play The Total Overdrive for free?
You can play the Total Overdrive Slot for free provided You are 18 years above. You will access the icon that takes you to the free play mode by clicking on the demo.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum payout for this game is 0.25 cents per payline, while the highest stake is $10 per line. You can also set a stake with credits, and the maximum and minimum credit stake is five credits and one credit coin, respectively.
4Can I play the Total Overdrive slot game using a mobile phone?
You can play the Total Overdrive slot using your Android, iOS, and Mac mobile devices. The slot works best with high-capacity storage devices. Computers will be the most favorable devices for playing this game.

Total Overdrive Slot Review

Total Overdrive Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Hang Chu Xi
This slot is active in offering services

This slot is active in offering services, and you may get assistance at any hour of day or night, which is a good point to consider whenever you search for a perfect slot.

 by Brian McDermott
Overdrive multiplier

I like how professional the game developers are, and my plea is that they should modify some of the bonus features, such as the overdrive multiplier.

 by Dale Christopher
This game is the best so far

If you can make one winning combination, you can repeat the same with any other symbols across the reels. This game is the best so far, and I like how the game rewards in many ways. It is also a likable slot by gamers who have experience with other slots. Therefore, I would recommend the slot to new gamers to try it out.

 by Roman Trims
They say once you try it

They say once you try it, you can't help but come back, and I made a return to play the Total Overdrive since it gives you a fair payout, and the game is also standard.

 by Frank Troy
I like how the icons interact

This game has made me like online casino slots in general. I am not sure if other games are credible and reliable like this one, but what I know is that this game brings in multiple cash rewards. I like how the icons interact on the reels, making the game lively.

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