Totems of Fortune

Get in a Hawaiian-myth theme that showcases various gods and goddesses

Totems of Fortune Slot Game

Totems of Fortune is a top-notch slot game with amazing rewards for gamers who win multiple times. Totems of Fortune is a five-reel slot game that offers 40 payline options. This review shall highlight the specifics that pertain to the slot and delve deeper into what the customers are saying about the slot in general.

Totems of Fortune Slot Game Review

Totems of Fortune Details

Totems of Fortune is a five-reel slot game that offers 40 payline options. The game is based upon a Hawaiian-myth theme that showcases various gods and goddesses. The highest paying symbol is God Kane, who may grant you $1000 when you land five of these symbols on two consecutive reels. The second-highest paying symbol is God Ku, followed by God Pele. These symbols are the main characters in the game, and they emphasize the Hawaiian-myth theme.

Other symbols on the reels are regular icons such as a burning lamp, wooden plaque, seashells, lotus flowers, and card royals. The card royals are the lowest paying icons, but you can often win when you match two-card symbols in two consecutive reels. The game is simple to understand, and gamers will have an easy time navigating the slot's interface. Other than these sentiments, the game has affordable staking prices, and they begin from €0.10 minimum to a maximum of €10. 

The maximum win for the Totems of Fortune gaming slot is x10,000, your bet amount, but the scatters award you €1 000 when you match five of the same on any reel. The game does not have a bonus game feature, but the slot compensates by awarding up to twenty free spins when you match any four regular icons symbols on any reel. The jackpot feature is non-progressive, implying that you do not win through cumulative betting, but separate bets win the day. This feature requires multiple staking on all paylines for you to approach a significant win, and we could conclude that the slot best suits high rollers.

How to Play Totems of Fortune 

To play Totems of Fortune, you need to be familiar with the symbols that occupy the reels. Nevertheless, you need to identify your bet range to make your calculations following your expectations. There are low-paying and high-paying symbols, and when you identify them, it is easier to choose your suitable icon. The gods are the highest paying symbols, while the Royals list pays icons.

It would be best to choose the low-paying card icons since they have low volatility during your first round. This characteristic means that they can easily appear and the reels after you make a spin. A good practice is taking on multiple pay lines since it offers a huge surface area for you to land wins. The special bonus icons such as the scatter should come last in selecting icons reels for the next spin.

RTP and Variance

The slot has a 94.0% RTP value, and the variance is of standard level. This quality implies it is fairly easy to win a huge bet, and the only requirement is you place a high stake. A loss could also be a big one, and it may affect your remaining balance.


This slot has a high volatility rate, perfect for all types of gamers, but those who place bets on all paylines have the highest possibility of winning. To achieve this, you require staking with a high value too, which is the character trait of the high rollers.

Bonus Features

The slot awards you A double-up feature when you match five of any card royal symbols in a single real. When this feature activates, you will have to choose a coin- face, and when you make the correct choice, you get awarded a 3x multiplier plus twenty free spins. The jackpot feature is non-progressive But awards credit bonuses. A wild bonus feature is present when you land three blue totem symbols on the central reel.  

The game has to scatter bonuses that award eight extra spins when you land three scatter icons on any reel. When you land five scatter icons, you get twenty free spins. The advantage of landing a combination of 5 scatters on two consecutive reels, Is that you activate the scatter bonus feature. This feature will displace the regular icons that occupy the reels to allow more scatters to come in, providing numerous bonus spins. 

Themes and Graphics

The game has a Hawaiian-myth theme that exemplifies the Hawaiian culture and promotes the various God symbols viewed on the reels. For this reason, the game ends up having a cinematic view that is important to gamers' appeal. The graphics are standard, and the reels are laid in a six-by-five grid system, suitable for an expanding wild icon. Fortunately, the images have a 3D print that will make it easy to identify the different gods. 

We may say it is of a standard level in image quality. The game developers have tried their best and did a good job. A theme of power and order is a product of the hierarchy of gods, as we see in the storyline. This grand design is the epitome of the slot’s beauty, and you cannot be surprised to see icons in a fine arrangement on the reels.


Unlike many other slots bearing the same theme, this slot has a high bonus spins multiplier. The slot also has top-quality animations and sounds, which you can adjust during the game. Players find it easy to participate in the game since it has a friendly interface for users to navigate thanks to Nucleus Gaming. Any icon present in the game has its advantages, and you will win big when you match the highest-paying symbols using winning combos. You will enjoy playing the game when you log into your account, but only make sure you have funds to secure. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Do the Totems of Fortune slot offer bonuses?
Scatter symbols award free spins, And the maximum free spin is 20 for the regular game. The free spins may lead you to multiplier bonuses, giving you cash rewards. You may earn yourself a double game feature that grants you a 2x multiplier bonus.
2Can I play Totems of Fortune for free?
You can play The Hive for free, which happens when you click on the demo icon.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The game awards in cash or multiplier bonuses, and the minimum cash reward is €50. The slot may grant a maximum reward of €2500 to a player who wins the highest possible bet in the same regular game.
4Can I play Totems of Fortune using a mobile phone?
A mobile device is the most used for playing Totems of Fortune. If your mobile phone has the latest version of the JS software, then you are well set to download or play this game online through your web browser.

Totems of Fortune Slot Review

Totems of Fortune Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Gunner Delossantos
A movie-like experience

Totems of fortune are my ideal slot for quality gameplay and an amazing storyline. The epic theme seen in the slot brings out a movie-like experience. Although I play the game regularly, it feels like the first time I log into my account. I guess the reason is that the game has a captivating storyline and the god-icons make the reels have an epic look.

 by Jux Merino
It requires timing

This game is best for people like me who know the value of staking in high-stake paylines. It requires timing, and you can only execute a winning bet by knowing which symbols follow after the previous ones have landed.

 by Gideon Hilbert
I have made a good amount

Totems of Fortune slot has fascinating graphics, making gaming lively and more enjoyable. I have made a good amount from staking on the previous games, which has made my progress in this lot a fulfilling one.

 by Bangor Dior
This slot gives me good rewards

This slot gives me good rewards every time I spin the reels. I like how the game works and the performance of their software system.

 by James Ludwig
These are the main reasons why I play it

You can't ignore that this lot has quality graphics, and the symbols resemble the real Hawaiian gods. These are the main reasons why I play it again and again.

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