Touchdown Frenzy

Prepare to land many winning combos for huge prizes in this classical theme 

Touchdown Frenzy Slot Game

Touchdown Frenzy is a four-reel slot game that offers one payline option. The game has multiple winning possibilities, and gamers will benefit more when signing up for the account. This review sheds light on what the slot has to offer and offers a guideline to new games on how they should venture into the slot.

Touchdown Frenzy Slot Game Review

Touchdown Frenzy Details

The game comprises various number symbols and card icons. The symbols pay by multipliers, but some of them award cash. You may receive credit points for each win you make, and you can transfer these points to your wallet account. After you transfer the points, you may recharge them into your account and use them to bet. 

Some of the symbols that you will find in the reals include the single 7, 77 icon, and card icons such as the ten-card icon, ace, J, K, and 2. There are special bonuses to be won, and gamers should find this motivating. A wild bonus feature is present, and it awards you credit points and cash rewards, and the 77 is the wild in this game.

Having only one payline option, you can only win your bets through multiple spin rounds, and you would therefore opt to click on the auto-play feature when it pops up the game. The slot game has high volatility, requiring a player to spin multiple times with a high stake to win a bet. Other than this, you may land winning combos when you match two seven icons and two 77 icons in one reel. The game has a jackpot icon, which acts as a special bonus icon that awards you a jackpot reward when you match four lines and three consecutive reels. 

The maximum stake to play the game is $10, while the minimum you will need in the single payline is $1. Since the slot only offers one payline option, you should always stake it according to your budget.

How to Play Touchdown Frenzy Slot 

You will see the reels in a three-row arrangement when you log into your account. Each row has its icon, which supplies a different payout from the other icons on other reels. You begin by spinning the reels and waiting for about five seconds for the reel to stop so that you see the outcome. When three icons match on one reel, you get to grab your prize either in cash or credits. 

A winning bet is indicated by a  ‘pay’ icon on the reels. The slot transfers your winning prize instantly into your account after the pay icon appears. Experts say that adjusting your wages is unnecessary since the game only offers one payline option. However, it is recommended that you stake it according to your budget. 

That being said, you should begin by clicking on the adjustment icon just below your reels so that you check your budget and stake according to your preference. This statement means that if your account has a $10 fund, you may begin by staking with a $1 amount for the single pay line.

RTP and Variance

Touchdown Frenzy has an RTP value of 91.68%. This figure is a low RTP value compared to other slots, and the variance is also medium. However, the reason is that the payouts for this game are standard and fair concerning the bet amount.


The game's volatility is high, meaning you have to spin multiple times so that you secure a win. When you win, the payouts are high, economical for gamers. 

Bonus Features

There are plenty of bonuses in the Touchdown Frenzy gaming slot. The main bonuses are multipliers, ranging from three times your bet amount to 100 times. When you land three or more 77 icons, you earn a multiplying factor of twenty times your bet amount. An additional free spin bonus is granted if this icon lands on two consecutive reels.

The two icons award you free spins and credit points when you land a combination of three two icons and one scatter symbol. Bonuses are present on the slot, and the single seven icons represent the scatter, as it displaces other icons to allow fresh ones in the reels. When these displacements occur, you are awarded numerous bonuses such as credit points and free spins. The credit points increase with ten credits per win in the regular game.

You can redeem these credits when they reach a specific minimum or use them to bet for another game. The jackpot bonus awards you $1200 when you match four jackpot icons on three consecutive reels. The jackpot also awards credit points which rise at the rate of twenty credits per win.

Themes and Graphics

The game offers a classical theme represented by the number of icons featured in many classical games. The game's graphics are top quality, as highlighted by the 3D images on the slot's background and reels. Since the game has a classical theme, the music is also classical, and you hear soft tones of piano and Jazz music.


Touchdown Frenzy is available in many countries and has made considerable progress since its release in 2018. The game has satisfied players with the intricate bonus features and instant cash rewards that have boosted their earnings. Since the slot's recent development, gamers have praised the game's quality service delivery. They will benefit more when they make proper matches of three or more symbols on the respective reels. Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does The Touchdown Frenzy slot offer bonuses?
Yes, there are plenty of bonuses in the touchdown frenzy slot, and they include the likes of free spins, credit bonuses, the jackpot bonus, and multipliers.
2Can I play The Touchdown Frenzy for free?
You can play touchdown frenzy for free by logging into your account and clicking on the demo or the free play icon. A good internet system and a device that can access the game are the only requirements. However, it would help above the legal age to play the game.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum payout for the regular game is $3 when you stake the minimum possible bet amount. The maximum payout is on the jackpot draw, which awards $1200. The highest possible income for the regular draw is $1000 or a maximum of 100,000 credit points. The super jackpot draw awards you 10,000 dollars when you consecutively match four Super jackpot icons in all four reels.
4Can I play Touchdown Frenzy using a mobile phone?
It is best to use your laptop to play the game since it has a high software capacity. Your mobile phone can also access the game, but only if you have a high storage mechanism and your phone's software system is high quality. However, you may also play the game in any physical sportsbook or casino that offers it, and you have to pay cash or use other transaction methods such as online banking, wire transfer, skrill, or PayPal.

Touchdown Frenzy Slot Review

Touchdown Frenzy Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by George Sinn
This slot has a high-resolution

Anyone who loves classic games will enjoy playing in the Touchdown Frenzy gaming slot. This slot has a high-resolution game best suited for players with experience. The only factor that I can't entirely agree with is the minimum jackpot payout. The slot should increase the amount to encourage players to continue playing the game.

 by Johnny Hayes
Everything about the game is perfect

The game has excellent graphics, and I like the tones of jazz music playing while you're participating in the game. Everything about the game is perfect, but they should also consider increasing the jackpot rewards.

 by Danny Grey
This game has a marvelous piece of play

This game has a marvelous piece of play, and I enjoy gaming on the touchdown frenzy slot now and then. I hope I will win the jackpot. Nevertheless, I have done one a few times in the past week. My main aim is to land a $1000 cash reward in the next game.

 by Becky Sands
This slot is unique

This slot is unique and a sure way to earn your price by simply spinning and waiting for the outcome. You can play the game on the demo to practice your skills in venturing into the real earning mode.

 by Gregory Thomason
Good luck to me!

The only remaining factor is winning the jackpot. Otherwise, everything is set, and I have the funds in my account, ready to land the jackpot icons. Good luck to me!

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