Enjoy a wonderful theme that depicts the lifestyle of the wealthy people

Tycoons Slot Game

Tycoons slot has a wonderful theme that depicts the lifestyle of the wealthy. The main characters at the four tycoons also have different payouts. The slot has five reels and is accessible online, and you may stake on all the thirty active lines as we shall see in this review, plus many other features it embodies.

Tycoons Slot Game Review

Tycoons Details

The main characters at the four tycoons also have different payouts. The game features other unique symbols such as; a bag of cash, a stack of playing cards, wine bottles, mustache tycoon, sunglasses tycoon, glass tycoon, money clip, safe, and many other minor symbols. You may adjust your wagers to a minimum of 0.25 cents or a maximum of $ 150 per payline. The game features a jackpot bonus, which awards a multiplying factor of 5000 times your total winning bet.

Other features include the customization feature, where you adjust brightness and image quality if your storage capacity is low. There are wild features and bonuses which will boost your earnings as you progress with the game. The game has a welcome bonus to award all new gamers who join the slot game. Since the game's release in 2011, it has gained considerable attention in the gaming market, but all credit goes to its developers, BetSoft.

The highest-paying symbol is the mustache tycoon, which awards you a multiplying factor of 100 times your bet amount. The lowest paying symbol is the laptop icon, which grants you a bonus of 15 times your bet amount. The game has HTML5 software compatible with your mobile phone. You may therefore install the game on your phone or play it online. 

How to Play Tycoons Slot Game

You begin by adjusting your paylines starting from the left to the right side of the scale. Since the slot is not fixed, you may adjust your paylines according to your preferable winning combination. The game has a customization feature to allow winning combinations from two or more paylines. You can also adjust your winning or loss levels to maintain your funds according to your budget.  

You can locate the adjustment icons at the farthest point below the reels. After making all the settings, go ahead and choose the symbols you estimate to appear and click on the spin button. You will be awarded a multiplier factor of 100 times your bet amount when you match four tycoon icons on any reel position. The other three icons will grant you a reward of 80 times your bet amount. 

The wild in this game is the suitcase symbol, which will grant you an opening into the jackpot draw when you match five of a kind on a single reel. There's also a quick play feature that leads you straight to the game, where you jump all the advertisements that go on the platform.

RTP and Variance

This game's return to player value is 95%, with a medium variance.


The slot has a high volatility rate; hence it would be great to stake on the highest possible value. You get a chance to land yourself a big win by doing so.

Bonus Features

You will earn yourself multiple free spins when you land three tycoon icons on a single reel, which would go up to twenty rounds. The game has a progressive jackpot bonus which gives you a high credit score that can translate into cash. The jackpot also has a multiplier of 5000 times your bet. You activate the coin feature by matching three gold bar icons or money clip icons.

The coin feature awards you credit coins, and you may also activate a bonus game by matching any three-card icons on a single reel. When you match five-card icons, you receive a double-up bonus, and this bonus points you to pick a coin face which later reveals your reward. The wild bonus, represented by the suitcase symbol, will earn you a cash prize and a multiplier Factor of 100 times your total bet when you match three of them on the central reel.

Themes and Graphics

The main theme for this slot is money and power since the tycoons display a lot of wealth and seem to hold high status in society. Each of the tycoons has their business empire, but together they form a bond that is United by their wealth and status. This collaboration is a signal of their power and Influence. The game is a product of good custom graphics that enable the user to access the slot easily. 

You may adjust your wagers according to your preference by clicking on the settings. You may choose your active paylines through an indication of a red line. Other features that make the slot intriguing are the background images of the tycoons, as the images have a 3D design and quality color annotations. You will hear jazz and other instrumentals with a soft and catchy tone. 

You can also adjust sounds using the ‘I’ icon below the reels, just beside the spin button. Other custom features that can be seen include the payline icon, the credit score icon, and the wager adjustment icon, enabling you to play the game more conveniently.


The tycoon slot is impressive so far, according to what customers have stated, but some of them would wish that the slot should include a welcome bonus. The payouts are high, and you may earn a significant amount when you match five suitcase icons in the jackpot draw. The reward for being worn in this game is immense; therefore, gamers should participate more frequently as they may win any day. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the slot offer bonuses?
There are plenty of bonuses to be won, and you may begin with the free spins by matching three or more card symbols or any regular icon in a reel. The slot will offer multipliers or cash rewards depending on which reels the icons land. The special bonuses earned by the wilds will trigger multipliers and cash prizes. The jackpot bonus has an extra reward of credit spins, which award you extra credits for every spin. Additionally, you may activate the autoplay feature or a quick play customization feature depending on how many times you win the game. This bonus will go a long way to promoting your chances of winning the bet.
2Can I play Tycoons Slot for free?
You can play the Tycoon game for free as long as you are above the legal age. The free play option requires you to go ahead and spin the reels without funding your account.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum payout for this game is a multiplier of three times your bet amount or an equivalent of $10, having staked with the lowest possible amount. The maximum payout for this game in the regular draw is a multiplier of 100 times your total winning bet. The super jackpot awards 5000 times the winning bet, or an equivalent of 100,000 dollars.
4Can I play Tycoons Slot using a mobile phone?
Yes, you can play the tycoon slot on all mobile devices. Your computer and laptops are also usable as the game has compatible software.

Tycoons Slot Review

Tycoons Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Jane Dran
I like how this slot is operative

I like how this slot is operative even in my home country, but I request that the developers add a welcome bonus for gamers who Join the slot. This feature will be a motivating factor even for new gamers to join and have fun making cash.

 by Gory McGuire
This slot falls amongst the top five

This slot falls amongst the top five best slots according to my list. The tycoons amuse me, and they are a source of motivation whenever I play this game. The variety of symbols in this slot creates a considerable chance of winning through interaction with one another.

 by Stan Pelosi
The mustache tycoon is my favorite icon

The mustache tycoon is my favorite icon in the reels. Aside from how this icon awards highly, it also offers multiple spins, which is an excellent factor in reaching your goal of landing a big win.

 by Slovaks Rodrigo
I can only give much credit to BetSoft

I can only give much credit to BetSoft since they are professional and keep up a good reputation in developing high-quality online slots. The Tycoon Slot is one of them, and it has made its way into the gaming zone much easier due to its professional service delivery.

 by Bailey Tunes
I like how fair the slot is

I like how fair the slot is with their minimum payment amounts, catering to my low budget. As a player, I find it easy to stake and play the game because I can afford it.

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