Under the Bed

Create a nice adventure with fairy monsters in the middle of the night

Under the Bed Slot Game

This monster-themed slot has five reels containing different symbols and thirty active paylines to choose from on all sides. The game operates on five reels containing icons; a boy, a girl, a mum, monster symbols of different varieties, and card icons. This review elaborates more on playing the game and the additional features.

Under the Bed Slot Game Review

Under the Bed Details

The game operates on five reels containing icons; a boy, a girl, a mum, monster symbols of different varieties, and card icons. The highest-paying symbol is the boy icon which awards you 500 coins, and closely following is a girl icon that awards you 400 coins when you land five of the same on a single reel. The minimum bet you can set to access the spinning reels is 0.02 cents or a maximum of $75 for each active payline. You may deposit this cash using online banking methods, Credit or debit transfers, or through wire transfer. Withdrawals will also follow these channels, and the dollar and the Euro area are the only applicable currencies in the slot game.

You will receive a welcome bonus after you make your first deposit, and this bonus could propel you to win up to $3000. The game has a progressive jackpot feature that will award you 105,000 coins. You earn these credit coins after each successive win, and you can redeem them when they reach 100 coins. The slot is a creation of BetSoft and has a return to the player value of 96.4%. The game’s storyline features two siblings who encounter monsters that jump inside the window to contact them at night.

How to Play Under the Bed Slot 

You start the game by setting the wager according to your preference and then staking your desired amount. There are thirty active paylines, but only six are available when you begin the game. If you are a first-time gamer, you should bet using the bonus reward you get upon joining the slot. When selecting the symbols to appear, your funds may accrue to a higher value when you make the right choices. 

You may also earn bonus spins and credit scores. You will earn free spins when you match any regular icon apart from the boy and girl symbol. The window is the scatter of this game, and it works to displace other icons on the reels to allow fresh ones with different payouts. You activate any feature is by matching symbols from three to five of a Kind. 

Whenever you land a winning combo, you should check on your credit score and account balance to make sure they reflect on your wallet account. This policy is part of the security factors to consider that enable you to make a profit and not a loss.

RTP and Variance

Under the Bed, the slot has a return-to-player value of 96.4% and a medium variance. This figure and attribute will make the slot have a standard payout and payment system.


The game is highly volatile, therefore hard to earn yourself small wins. Nevertheless, you may land yourself a big win when you make five or more matches of similar icons across an active payline.

Bonus Features

Activate the pick and click me bonus by matching five-bed symbols across the first and the third reel. This bonus awards multipliers and free spins, and the free spins can also come by when you match three-door symbols across any reel. The maximum free spins are twelve rounds. Any monster symbol will trigger a wild bonus feature when you match five of them across the central reel. When the wild is active, it means that you have your way into winning a cash prize or a multiplier factor. 

The multiplier increases your winning bet into a higher amount when you match three wild icons across one reel. The wild may act as a transformer to convert other icons into wilds. However, when you match the three wild icons on the central reel, you reactivate them into a sticky wild. The sticky wild attracts other icons and combines them into one major wild, which gives you a significant cash reward.

You receive a double-up feature that propels you into winning big by doubling your wins. You will activate the jackpot by matching five boy or girl icons on three consecutive reels on an active payline. The bonus also allows an increase in your credit scores and earns you extra coins. The slot will give a welcome bonus to every player who signs into the slot and makes their first deposit.

Themes and Graphics

The slot displays a theme of fantasy through the storyline, where the two siblings come into contact with fairy monsters in the middle of the night. The monsters join the fantasy world where other animated characters belong, creating adventure at night. The slot has good graphics, as you can see by the high-quality definition images and the 3D symbols on the reels. The customization features are part of the design that enable you to adjust paylines and wagers.

The symbols on the interface interchange with each other, making the slot seem lively and enjoyable to watch. You will hear first-track music in the background, depicting the fun and adventure that the siblings encounter when interacting with the monsters.


Ever since the game set in, it has received attention all over the gaming world, which is a good sign that the developers have done an excellent job. The jackpot rewards are enormous, and this should be a motivation for participating in the slot. Gamers will have an easy time surfacing the interface since the slot has all the tools necessary for leading you to where you desire. However, to participate, you will have to be 18 years and above and can control your betting urges since the game may be addictive.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the slot offer bonuses?
Yes, several bonuses come in handy when you match three or more symbols on the paylines, and they include; free spins, multipliers, credit points, and jackpot rewards. These rewards are crucial, making the game convenient and easy to win.
2Can I play Under the Bed for free?
You can play Under the Bed for free as the game allows you to practice on the demo before launching the real earning mode, where you have to stake to spin the reels.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The jackpot awards you 105,000 coins when your stake with the highest amount on all the active lines, while the minimum amount you will earn is $ 20 for staking with the lowest amount in all active lines.
4Can I play Under the Bed using a mobile phone?
You can play under the bed gaming slot using your mobile phone if you have access to the internet. The game has JS software compatible with all Android devices and will offer good service, especially on computers, laptops, and tablets.

Under the Bed Slot Review

Under the Bed Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Freeman Howie
The credit rewards that the slot offers

The credit rewards that the slot offers effectively lead you into the jackpot draw. It would help emphasize the high-paying symbols, and gamers should try to match them across the reels to trigger wild bonuses.

 by Sue Carters
The jackpot coins are so attractive

Under-the-Bed gaming slot is a fantastic creation and a profitable platform for high rollers. The jackpot coins are so attractive, and I am sure that most gamers aim for this draw.

 by Jamal Dario
You will find this play addictive

I can never emphasize more how the slot offers intriguing gameplay. You will find this play addictive and exciting in a good way. This slot will provide you with plenty of winning bonuses if you make the right moves, just like any other game. You should credit the developers' game for providing a fantastic way to make our days pleasurable.

 by Beverly Harland
Gamers should consider signing up

I have luck when it comes to playing the Under-the-Bed gaming slot since I won a couple of times in my first attempt when I joined this slot. Gamers should consider signing up to win a jackpot reward and secure multiple small wins.

 by Ginger Homily
My credit scores keep increasing

My credit scores keep increasing, which is a good sign that I will soon convert my points into cash. This amount will enable me to stake on all paylines, achieve a high payout, and enroll in the jackpot draw.

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