Under the Sea

Get a chance to dive into the Sea and come across shiny sea creatures

Under the Sea Slot Game

Under the Sea gaming slot has a 96% return to player value with a medium variance which offers a good start-out for all gamers who seek to participate in the slot. The minimum coin range you may use to stake is 0.02 cents to one dollar, while the maximum bet goes for $150. This review shall discuss the slot's features, gameplay, and payouts.

Under the Sea Slot Game Review

Under the Sea Details

You get a chance to dive into the Sea and come across shiny-looking sea creatures such as mermaids, octopus, shrimp, jellyfish, clownfish, horses, fish, a crab, a shark, and other minor fish icons. Another regular icon is the treasure chest, a shipwreck, and card features. Pearl is the wild in this game, and it transforms the symbols that it comes into contact with, except for the scatter and a mermaid symbol. The Shipwreck is the scatter in-game, displacing icons and substituting low-paying symbols and high-paying ones.

The minimum coin range you may use to stake is 0.02 cents to one dollar, while the maximum bet goes for $150. The jackpot is the highest-paying feature, which awards you 16000 coins or an equivalent of $5000 when you match the respective icons on three conservative reels. There are free spins, a wild bonus, and a click me bonus that the slot game awards you when you match three or more icons on the relevant reels. BetSoft made a release of this slot in 2014, and ever since the release, the game has been performing well with good customer service. The slot has low volatility, allowing you to win your bet considerably when you make multiple wins.

How to Play Under the Sea Slot 

First, you should check the paytable to determine how the symbols pay and how many of them you need to reach a particular bonus feature. This guideline will help make organized bets so that your budget will remain in line according to your preference. The shark symbol tends to appear on the second reel since it has a high payout in the category of the regular symbol. The mermaid is highly volatile since it awards high amounts and may propel you to a jackpot when you land five mermaid icons in the jackpot draw. 

You will earn yourself 16000 coins with this feature. However, the shark symbol grants you 1,000 times your bet amount when you match five of them across any reel. You should adjust the paylines according to your preference since you may win a big bet when studying the game's flow. It is unnecessary to stake on all the thirty paylines, but you should choose the first five active as they have a high probability of awarding you cash prizes and free spins.

RTP and Variance

The slot has a 96% r t p-value, and its value is considered high for long-term stakes who earn through cumulative betting. The game’s variance is standard, and therefore winning may be easy if you only place multiple stakes. The auto-play feature will come in handy for such a problem, and this will offer you the solution for winning your bets.


This game has low volatility, and you can see this by the few spins you have to make to earn a price. However, it is excellent since you may make a winning combination for your stake bet.

Bonus Features

The treasure chest icon will award you a treasure chest feature when you match five treasure icons across two consecutive reels. This combination earns you a cash price or a multiplier bonus of eighty times your winning bet. You activate the free spin bonus rounds when you land three treasure chest icons in the second spin. 

This bonus feature awards fifty rounds. A wild bonus feature activates when you march five Perl icons on the central reel. This wild bonus will grant you a cash reward of up to $500 in the regular draw.

A scatter bonus is present, and you activate it by matching three scatter symbols on a single reel, which will reward you with free spins. The scatter also displaces icons that occupy the reels, increasing the chances of landing a winning bet. You may earn yourself a jackpot bonus when you trigger a combination of five treasure chest icons and three pearl icons. 

The jackpot awards you a total multiplier of 1000 times your bet amount, the highest multiplying factor. The second paying symbol awards you a multiplier of 100 times your bet amount when you land a shark symbol three times on a particular reel.

Themes and Graphics

The central theme in this game is a sea adventure, which showcases animated sea creatures such as mermaids and various fishes. The adventure here is that these symbols interact on the reels, and the mermaids act as guides to other small creatures in the Sea. A mystic theme is also emphasized through the existence of mermaid characters, which cannot be seen in real life. 

The appearance sees a theme of the wealth of the treasure chest icons. The mermaid is also the queen of the Sea and works to govern and order other sea creatures, which showcases power and authority. The game's graphics are top-notch, and we can clarify this by the high color annotations on all symbols. There is no music playing in the background, but sounds can be heard whenever you touch an icon and land a win.


You get to receive profits when you earn the free spin bonuses and wild multipliers since the bonuses propel you towards winning bets. Matching five mermaid symbols will trigger credit rewards. Therefore, the gamers should aim at landing this icon. The jackpot will do you more favor when you can access it, thereby matching the required symbols. The game is available on your play store, or you may also play it online through a web browser. You should therefore sign up and enjoy the game. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the game offer bonuses?
Yes, there are plenty of bonuses such as the treasure chest feature, the wild bonuses, free spins, the jackpot bonus, the auto-play feature, and multipliers. The treasure chest round will grant you cash prizes, credit rewards, and up to fifty free spins. The jackpot bonus is the highest-paying feature as it may offer you multiple coins in all denominations. You may activate the auto-play feature by clicking it as it appears on the screen. Multipliers are plenty, and you activate them by making winning combinations of the regular symbols or unique icons. Each bonus feature will give you free spins when you match three or more icons on any reel.
2Can I play Under the Sea for free?
The demo option offers a free play service where gamers can have fun playing without depositing any amount. You access this icon in the front space of the interface.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The jackpot pays you 16000 coins when you match a combination of five mermaid symbols and the three treasure chest icons across two reels. However, matching five mermaid icons will earn you 500 coins in the regular game, while the lowest is ten coins when you stake with the lowest amount across active lines.
4Can I play Under the Sea using a mobile phone?
You can play this game using a mobile device, tablet, laptop, or personal computer.

Under the Sea Slot Review

Under the Sea Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Stephen Jan
I am a fan of sea creatures

I am a fan of sea creatures such as fish and mystical creatures like mermaids, and this game offers me a chance to play with these icons to win. I hope to attain my goal of reaching the jackpot draw and earning credit rewards.

 by Jenny Mayes
I won the first game yesterday

I won the first game yesterday, and the cash out was huge. I left some amount in my wallet to play another game. This slot is enjoyable and has a simple user interface, therefore an excellent slot for beginners.

 by Adrian Sinks
You will never be bored

You will never be bored when enjoying this game since the features are unique and the free spins are multiple. It gives me pleasure to land the five mermaid icons on any real as the multipliers and free spins from this icon are huge.

 by Brighton Carlos
The Perl symbol is my favorite

Under the Sea is yet another day to secure a massive payout by matching the sea symbols. The Perl symbol is my favorite because it is the wild icon and awards you eight times the bet amount.

 by Faisal Ahmed
It is also great to use

It is excellent that this slot may even award you up to fifty spins when you hit five treasure chest icons. It is also great to use an e-wallet account such as Neteller to deposit and withdraw.

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