Vegas Road Trip

Liam, Brienne and Charlie are waiting for you to have fun in several clubs in Vegas

Vegas Road Trip Slot Game

Vegas Road Trip is an enticing five-reel game that offers twenty-five active paylines to choose from and plenty of rewards when you land various icons across the reels. The game set up is in Vegas, with bright lights and beautiful scenarios. This review sheds more light on the game’s features and what it has to offer in the world of online gaming.

Vegas Road Trip Slot Game Review

Vegas Road Trip Details

The game set up is in Vegas, with bright lights and beautiful scenarios. There are plenty of bonuses and cash rewards to be won when you match three or more symbols of a kind across the reels. The game presents three protagonists who take on the task of having fun in several clubs in Vegas, and these are Liam, Brienne, and Charlie. These three friends are the heroes of the slots, and they enjoy taking a tour around the city, visiting various clubs to have fun. 

Most of these clubs are strip clubs, and the slot game has a stripper icon that pays high when you march five of them across the single reel. The stripper is the highest paying icon, as it awards you 300x your bet amount when you make a winning combination using the icon. The other icons in this slot include the police car, a wild symbol, and various card symbols. The game has a minimum staking amount of 0.25 cents per line or a maximum of 125 credits.

How to Play Vegas Road Trip  

You begin the game by first identifying the symbols that occupy the reels and knowing their payout abilities. This information is accessible on the paytable section at the top right of the screen. Once you check out the paytable and verify the various payouts for each symbol, you can know which to choose first. The highly volatile characters have high payouts, and most of these symbols will take time before they appear. 

Surprisingly, you may see them appearing during the first spin rounds, therefore keep an eye on the game. Such symbols are the three-character icons, namely Liam, Brian, and Charlie. When you match three Charlie icons on one reel, you obtain a multiplier of 200x your bet amount. Brian symbol will award you 60 times your bet amount when you match three of them across a single reel. Each card symbol grants you a twenty times multiplier, while the stripper icon grants a 300x multiplier factor for each five-of-a-kind matching.

RTP and Variance

The game has an RTP rating of 96.58% and low variance. You may find some symbols easier to appear than others; therefore, you should keep keen on the track records of the slot.


The game has high volatility, which means winning big is a high probability. However, you may end up losing small games in every spin you make. It is advisable to stake with a high to win a huge cash reward.

Bonus Features

You will earn yourself several free spins when you match three icons of the main characters across a single reel. Match five of Liam, Charlie, or Brienne symbols. You'll activate a multiplier bonus that grants 200x, 100x, and 35x times your bet amount, respectively. one is given a scatter bonus when you match three scatter symbols across a single reel. This icon displaces the existing symbols on the reels and allows fresh ones. This activity boosts your wins, and the scatter character in this game is the police car. 

An extra wild feature is present, and you trigger this by matching three wild symbols across the second reel, transforming other characters that occupy the spaces. You earn cash bonuses with the fantastic feature. You will activate a jackpot bonus when you match five stripper symbols Across the second and fourth reel. Multipliers show by matching regular and special icons; however, you may earn credit rewards with more wilds appearing across specific reels. 

These credits keep the game flowing as you may use the credits to the stake, and when you win, you receive more credits in return.

Themes and Graphics

The most apparent theme in this lot is city adventure, and the three companions Liam, Charlie, and Brienne are having a good time while touring Vegas City from Club to Club. The trio has plenty of cash to spend, where they buy drinks for their companions and flaunt money on strip clubs. You'll see some symbols arranged on the reels with a precise 3D outline and high-quality color annotations. The reels resemble the city of Vegas, with its vast buildings and architecture, vehicles, and city lights.

 The symbols shift from one to another in the reels and on the interface, and you can hear club music banging in the background. The sounds change from pop to hip-hop and other intriguing sounds of entrainment. You may adjust image quality and brightness from the settings icon below the reels. The game is terrific for trying out, and you'll get to experience all these features once you join the slot.


Vegas Road Trip has fascinated gamers from all over the globe due to the fantastic features that the game portrays thanks to Nucleus Gaming. You will find this game in your app store or web browser if you want to participate in the real earning draw or the free play. The game has a simple design that fits all types of players; therefore, navigating the slot is relatively easy. Most of the features you will have seen as soon as you join the space, and just as the name suggests, players will have fun clubbing in the virtual Vegas city. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the game offer bonuses?
You earn yourself a double-up feature when your match any three-card icons. This feature allows you to use half of your winnings for betting or even place the total amount upon an arrow indication. There is a session bonus reward when your match-three icons of any symbols on three consecutive reels. The three friends will award you multipliers and free spins. A money flip reward will come in handy at ensuring you win a big bet by increasing your coins by ten values when you make the correct selection during a coin flip. There are scatter and Wild bonuses to earn upon landing any special bonus icon.
2Can I play Vegas Road Trip for free?
It is possible to play the game for free when your access the demo option.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
You receive a multiplier of 300x your stake amount when you match five stripper icons on one single reel. The highest cash out for a single spin and the lowest amount you receive is a multiplier of three times your bet amount. You get this payout when you match three of any common paying symbols.
4Can I play Vegas Road Trip using a mobile phone?
A mobile phone is workable since the game does not require ample space to operate. The game has standard capacity software, which is well compatible with Android phones, windows, and iOS. You may also play the game on your tablet or computer.

Vegas Road Trip Slot Review

Vegas Road Trip Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by John Travis
The game is fantastic and a fun

The game is fantastic and a fun way to spend your time while gambling on your favorite slot. I have won several times, and I look forward to hitting the jackpot. Lucky enough, my funds are high. Therefore, I could stake on the maximum bets.

 by Dave Nikkei
Nucleus Gaming has done an excellent job

Nucleus Gaming has done an excellent job creating this slot, and I particularly like how they have arranged the reels to resemble the Vegas towns. The game has a Cinematic view that keeps you enchanted too.

 by Silver Mattie
I like how the winnings come pretty

I like how the winnings come pretty and how the payouts are considerably high. Participating in this slot regarding your bet amount is economical since you will not lose more than you can win.

 by Ganders Rotini
My lucky Charms

My time participating in the Vegas Road Trip slot has been notably good, and I must say that gaming has been a habit. My lucky Charms come from the slot's music and atmosphere that keep me going while I play.

 by Harry May
You can never fall asleep

You can never fall asleep while participating in this game since the icons are colorful and captivating. Just like the sceneries in Vegas City, the symbols are also bright and engaging.

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