Weekend in Vegas Slot Game

Weekend in Vegas Slot Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Enter the glamorous world of Sin City with the Weekend in Vegas Slot Game. This high-stakes slot from BetSoft offers an immersive experience filled with neon lights, cash prizes, and all the glitz and glamour Vegas is famous for. Offering a similar gaming experience as the The Party Guy Slot Game, the Weekend in Vegas slot makes you put on your poker face and spin your way to a jackpot. Try out free slots and hit the jackpot now! Join us!

How to Play Weekend in Vegas Slot Game

You should sign up for a real money online casino account to begin the Weekend in Vegas Slot Game and check out whether your account is verified so that you can make a spin. The game starts with displaying all the icons on the reels. However, you can check the paytable to see how the symbols payout and their respective volatility ratings. The highest-paying symbol is Larry, who will award you 750 coins when you match four of these icons across any single reel.

The lowest paying icons are their card symbols, which mainly award you free spins and propel you towards multipliers. The game is about strategy, and you only need to check how the characters interact to appear on the reels. This lookout will enable you to verify the following combination of icons on a particular payline that you want to choose, similar to the strategies highlighted in online casino guides.

Weekend in Vegas Slot RTP and Variance

The Weekend in Vegas Slot boasts a 95% RTP, meaning the game gives back an average of 96.6% of all wagered money to players over time. The medium variance promises moderate payouts on a fairly regular basis, creating a balanced combination of risk and reward, similar to the Inferno Slots.

Symbols and Gameplay

The Weekend in Vegas slot captivates players with its dazzling visuals and animated Vegas-themed symbols. Key symbols include three quirky friends – Loony Larry, Balanced Ben, and Cautious Chris – and the glittering Las Vegas skyline. Additional symbols include classic cards: hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades. The friends offer higher payouts, while the card symbols provide more frequent but smaller wins.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

For those familiar with the Spinfinity Man Slot Game, you’ll find that the Weekend in Vegas Slot is accommodating to players of all budgets with its flexible bet sizes. Here’s an expanded view of the paytable:

Symbol 2 of a kind 3 of a kind 4 of a kind 5 of a kind
Larry 2 15 60 300
Ben 1 10 45 180
Chris 1 8 40 150
Skyline 5 20 100
A/K 3 10 50
Q/J 2 8 25
10/9 1 5 15

Weekend in Vegas Slot Bonus Features

  • Free Spins

You will earn free spins by matching scatter icons across a single reel in this free online slot. The cops’ car represents the scatter, and this icon will award cash prizes and multipliers when it lands on the first and second reel.

  • Scatter and Multipliers

The scatter also comes in handy in awarding free spins, and they might trigger a free spin bonus feature that awards you up to twenty free spins when you match five of them across a single reel. This kind of matching will also reward you with a multiplier bonus of 250 x your bet amount. Four scatter icons will grant you twelve free spins, while three will give you eight free spins without multipliers. The game also has a money wheel feature which earns you 2500 coins when you hit the green arrow as you spin the reels.

  • Bonus Rounds

You get the top cash price of 5,000 coins when you land the spinning wheel on the green arrow at the third level of spinning. Players earn a bonus round when they match any of the three friends’ icons on the second or fourth reel, and this bonus feature will give you eight spins and bonus re-spins. The jackpot feature awards many credits when you match five high paying symbols across the first or the third reel.

Weekend in Vegas Slot Game FAQs

What is the RTP of the Weekend in Vegas Slot Game?

The Weekend in Vegas Slot Game has an RTP of 95%.

Who is the provider of the Weekend in Vegas Slot Game?

The Weekend in Vegas Slot Game is provided by BetSoft.

How can I play the Weekend in Vegas Slot Game for free?

You can play the Weekend in Vegas Slot Game for free at online casinos that offer BetSoft games in their portfolio.

Does the Weekend in Vegas Slot Game have any bonus features?

Yes, the Weekend in Vegas Slot Game has Free Spins, Money Wheel, and Double Up bonus features.

What are the bet sizes in the Weekend in Vegas Slot Game?

The bet sizes in the Weekend in Vegas Slot Game range from 0.02 to 1.


BetSoft’s Weekend in Vegas Slot Game is a masterpiece that truly brings the spirit of Las Vegas to your screen. Its charming graphics, engaging gameplay, generous RTP, and thrilling bonus features all contribute to a gaming experience that’s hard to match according to the best online casino reviews. The wide range of bet sizes makes it accessible to everyone, and the 243 paylines offer numerous opportunities to win. Whether you’re playing the Weekend in Vegas Slot Game for fun or aiming for the jackpot, this free slot game promises a thrilling journey. Give it a spin and experience the magic of Vegas today!

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Weekend in Vegas Slot Reviews

Weekend in Vegas Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Park Mansour

I love adventurous slots such as Weekend in Vegas since it offers many icons that will propel you to win for as long as you combine them well.

 by Park Mansour

I love adventurous slots such as Weekend in Vegas since it offers many icons that will propel you to win for as long as you combine them well.

 by Dolton Brew

Since the game's launch, I have been staking and making several wins. I like how the game operates and how effective the customer service is in assisting. This game is suitable for any player who enjoys the thrill of touring Vegas city.

 by Carman Spence

The game’s interface is lively and projects the Vegas city brilliantly and colorfully. This display offers more appeal to participating and is excellent when you finally sign up for an account. The game developers have done a tremendous job creating a quality software system that enables fast services in the slot. The space is impressive in its gameplay, and I'll recommend it to all gamers out there.

 by Vanny Dollar

Suppose you haven't yet come across this slot, then I will only urge you to register for an account and start the game. You will receive numerous benefits when you land a winning combination. Your slot will go a long way to award you extra spins that will grant you more prizes.

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