Wild Cherry Blast

Start a fruit adventure where you need to match several fruits to award you wins

Wild Cherry Blast Slot Game

Wild Cherry Blast is a fruit-themed slot that offers seventy five-payline options which are adjustable. You'll also find free spins and a gamble feature that makes the game convenient for winning a bet. The game also has five reels, each different bearing symbol that will grant you greater rewards, as we shall see in this review.

Wild Cherry Blast Slot Game Review

Wild Cherry Blast Details

Wild Cherry Blast slot game is a creation of nucleus gaming developers, and it offers quality gameplay thanks to the reputable services that the company provides. The game has a sound customer service system that allows gamers to seek and find assistance whenever there's a problem with their account. You may earn yourself a top win of 225x your bet amount when you match the high-paying symbols across three consecutive reels. The characters that operate on the reels include strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, pears, and blueberry. 

There are card icons such as A, Q, J, K, 10 and 9. The natural fruit theme is present through the reels' symbols, mainly fruit icons. You must stake a minimum of €0.40 or a maximum of €20 per line for you to spin the reels. Wild and scatter icons award you bonuses when you match eight of them on specific reels. 

You'll also find free spins and a gamble feature that makes the game convenient for winning a bet. The lowest multiplier bonus is 0.60x your bet amount when you match five of the nine icons on a single reel.

How to Play Wild Cherry Blast Gaming  Slot

You begin the game by making adjustments such as game sounds, brightness and paylines before staking. Adjusting the volume or game sounds is done by tapping on the volume icon below the reels. If you’re new to the game, you may find it convenient to check out the guidelines so that you know what to do before you make a stake. The procedure by the ‘i' icon on the farthest side at the bottom of the screen. 

You will see a bet box icon indicated by the plus or minus sign and is responsible for setting a bet towards the minimum or maximum scale. You may also set the spins to move automatically by clicking on the autoplay, which you locate just beside the spin button. The important thing is to budget before staking or spinning the wheels. 

This setup ensures that you bet within your payroll, thereby minimizing the risk of making losses. When you are confident that all settings are correct, you may hit the spin button and watch the spinning as you wait for the outcome.

RTP and Variance

The return to player value for the Wild Cherry Blast slot is 95.6% and has a high variance. This RTP is considerably lower than many places but is still a reasonable payout rate in the long run. High variance implies that winning the game may not come easy, but the prize is enormous when you win. 


The slot's volatility is high, and this calls for an auto spin feature to increase your probability of winning through multiple spins.

Bonus Features

There are several bonus features in the Wild Cherry Blast slot, and one of them is a Jupiter machine bonus which awards you re-spins by dropping explosive wild icons on each reel. The wilds combine to make an explosion of ten rounds plus multipliers. When you match three-card icons across any rotation, you get a free spin, but it may also trigger wild bonuses. The free spins start with fantastic prizes when two card icons check adjacent reels. 

Players get a free cherry bomb when they match five cherry symbols across two consecutive reels. The cherry bombs grant you multipliers and free spin. The wild in this game is their cherry icon which activates a wild bonus when it lands central fundamental to reveal cash prizes and random multipliers. The game also has a buyer feature to purchase these bonuses. These features come in handy when the game is challenging and you are looking forward to winning. 

Themes and Graphics

The theme for this game is a fruit adventure where you get to match several fruits on the reel system to award you wins. The game has quality graphics that make the gameplay exciting and see symbols across the reels. The slot's background has a raspberry color where it shows an image that looks like purple juice flowing in the glass behind the reels. Part of the design is the grand arrangement of the interface, where you see all these customization features that allow you to navigate the slot properly. 

On the left side of the spin button is a balance icon that shows you the amount of cash in your wallet. The slot is not devoid of music, as you will hear sounds when you play the game. When you make a winning combination, a bunch of fruits explode on the screen, and you get to hear a splash sound. These customizations make the game enjoyable, and gamers will find an easy time as they tour the slot.


The Wild Cherry Blast video slot has considerably gained in the betting world, and players keep coming in to join the space. This picture is a good sign that the Nucleus Gaming developers have done an incredible job. It would help a lot if this slot included a welcome bonus, but it is equally significant that they form a buy-up feature that allows you to buy extras and other feature rewards. The place has made good progress due to its quality gameplay, and we hope to see more of the same in this great future

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the game offer bonuses?
Yes, the game offers bonuses that range from multipliers all the way to cash prizes. Scatters and wilds are some of the symbols that award you scatter and wild bonuses, respectively. The wild will grant you multipliers that could go as much as 70x your bet amount, and they may also include credit rewards and other cash prizes. Free spins are significant bonuses and are easy to get when you match any icon three times across a single reel. The game offers an auto-play feature whereby it can make 1000 automatic spins in only a few minutes, which will propel you towards attaining a winning bet. Bonuses include the buy feature, which helps serve your time looking for prizes.
2Can I play Wild Cherry Blast for free?
You can play the game for free by visiting the Play Store or your app store and signing up for an account. The accessible play mode, otherwise known as the demo, is a playing option where you spin the reels without funding your account. This type of game is accessible in the slot, and you will find the free play icon on top of the screen just beside the menu bar.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum payout for this theme is a 2x multiplier or an equivalent of 25 Credits in the basic game, while the maximum payout is 225x your bet. The standard for all icons is to make a winning combination with the highest paylines.
4Can I play Wild Cherry Blast using a mobile phone?
A mobile phone may come in handy if you cannot access a computer. You may choose to play the game online or download it on your mobile phone, and you'll only play the game if your account is verified.

Wild Cherry Blast Slot Review

Wild Cherry Blast Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Barrack Bashan
It is good that the slot has ten paylines

It is good that the slot has ten paylines, making it easy for me to stake on all these paylines whenever they are active.

 by Bama Cain
I am glad that the place works

The Cherry Blast Slot offers you a good time when you play, and this is just a fantastic Factor when it comes to staking on video slots. I am glad that the place works in my area and that it offers a buy-up feature which makes the game easy.

 by Skiddy Narran
The important slot for entertaining

The important slot for entertaining as you earn while you pass the time participating in the space. Genius minds made the Wild Cherry Blast gaming slot, and we hope to continue producing quality games.

 by Hesston Marshall
I hope to gain more cash

My sister introduced me to the game, and now it has become an essential party in my life since I find staking and winning easy. As much as I have made a few losses, I hope to gain more cash, especially multipliers.

 by Luke Hardy
Any player should try this game

Any player should try this game out and see the prices to win. Everything is splendid, and you will have fun spinning the reels. Good luck with your trials.

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