Wild World

Control a great superhero commanding base to watch out the enemies

Wild World Slot Game

Wild World is a twenty-five payline slot with five-reel spaces and offers incredible wins when matching the correct symbols in active paylines. The slot has a 96.67% return to play to a player value, a higher earning rate. This slot shall highlight more of the game's offers and the available bonus feature present.

Wild World Slot Game Review

Wild World Details

The superhero theme encompasses the slot, where we see various birds with unimaginable qualities operating the reel system. We have the red, green, and bluebirds, which offer the highest payout and appear on all the reel spaces. Card symbols found in the game are another bunch of icons that provide average payouts. The least amount of money you will need to stake on this slot is €0.20, while the highest possible amount to stake on any payline is €400. You will also earn a big payout if you make a winning combination due to the slot's high volatility. 

The slot game has a 96.67% return to play to a player value, a higher earning rate. The basic game offers you a maximum payout of 100x times your bet amount, while the jackpot gives you a multiplier bonus of 200x your earning bets or an equivalent of 2000 coins per spin. You will also get a chance to come across bonus features and plenty of credit rewards from making winning combos. One of these bonus features is the special attack bonus that awards you 70x your winning bet when you match the bluebird hero in a five-of-a-kind landing across the first and the third reel. NetEnt is the game provider, and they have done justice by offering a slot with credible service delivery. 

How to Play Wild World Gaming Slot 

It is crucial to make adjustments to your paylines to increase your chances of making a winning combination. You should adjust three out of ten active paylines so that you remain with the seven that the slot provides, hence creating a considerable probability of winning a bet. The blue hero has the highest payout and triggers important features that award you bonuses. The pink superhero comes second in the payout, while the green one is the third. 

Start by matching card symbols to enable you to earn free spins that will act as a catalyst for attracting a cash prize or a multiplier bonus. The game has bonus symbols when you proceed to the following levels, where gemstone icons appear on the reels. The gemstones will act as multiplier factors that increase your winning bets in the multiples of 3x, 7x and 9 x your winning bets. This reward comes when you match three blue gemstones on any specific reel. The scatter bonuses come in handy in promoting a big win, and the operating tower is the wild in this game. This symbol transforms other symbols into wilds, giving you multiple cash prizes.

RTP and Variance you activate the scatter bonuses

The game has a medium variance and a return to a player value of 96.67%; however, this figure is theoretical but not applicable in most cases. You'll only see the effect of the RTP when you make progressive winnings, as you will see that your winning values increase at a significant rate.


The game’s volatility is standard, which is a good characteristic. Gamers can therefore win several rewards if they play smart.

Bonus Features

Apart from the tower symbol being wild in this game, you can also activate a fantastic bonus when you match any three characters on the central reel. The wild awards you multipliers with a minimum of three times your bet amount to a maximum of 200x in the jackpot bonus. You activate a unique attack feature by ensuring the superhero icon meters are total. You fill the meter with every win you make with either of the hero icons.

The special attacks feature will give you credit coins as the maximum bonuses and offer you additional eight free spins. The destroy feature activates when you eliminate all reel symbols except for the scatter. The spray will grant you a multiplier factor of fifteen times your winning bet when this movement occurs. There are three categories of free spins, ice world, bonus spins, dark Forest, and Firelands. All these categories award you different free spins, with the latter leading in the number of free spin bonuses.

Themes and Graphics

The central theme is superhero fantasy, where bird icons are the operators of a great tower which acts as a commanding base and a place to watch out for enemies. The quality image in 2D and 3D animation and a high color resolution for all these images in graphics. Loud music sounds are playing in the background, entertaining enough while playing the game. You'll also observe a theme of adventure where the superheroes battle with villains to secure the bird world and other existing dimensions within the same storyline. 

A customization feature is operating on the slot, which allows you to adjust paylines for the convenience of your betting experience. Features on the places interface; therefore, you'll have an easy time navigating the slot.


This game offers an incredible opportunity to win cash prizes by matching the different bird symbols across the reels. Players will find it easier if they follow the table guidelines. The game has a simple user interface, and new gamers can conveniently navigate the slot thanks to Net Ent. If any problem should occur, players can always contact the operator for assistance. Gamers will always aim for the bonuses since they prepare them for winning in the primary mode. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the slot offer bonuses?
Plenty of bonuses are up in store for gamers who find luck to earn them, and they include the super attack bonus, they destroy feature bonus, free spins, wild multipliers and the fire land bonuses. You also have a chance to unlock the jackpot, which further rewards you with credit points and a big multiplier bonus when you land any high-paying icon on the first or second reel.
2Can I play Wild World for free?
The free play option is open for gamers who sign in for an account, and they can access this option when they click on the free play icon at the bottom of the reel.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The minimum pay in the game is multiple factors or five times your stake when you land any card icon across the reels, while the highest cash prize is 2000 coins for a single spin. The jackpot offers you a multiplier factor of 2500x your stake prize.
4Can I play the Wild World gaming slot using a mobile phone?
A mobile phone is the best device to play Wild World gaming slots. You can also use your laptop or tablet to play the game.

Wild World Slot Review

Wild World Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Janay Savon
I can always play the game at any time

I’m lucky when it comes to landing wins in this slot, and for this reason, I can always play the game at any time of the day or night. The customer service is incredible, and gamers should always seek assistance whenever they find difficulty navigating the slot.

 by Maxilla Shadrack
I am new to the game

I can’t believe it only took me two hours to win the jackpot. I am new to the game, but I have set an enormous record amongst my peers who have also undertaken into playing the game.

 by Janata Hilary
The cash rewards keep me going

The cash rewards keep me going when participating in the slot, and I particularly like to stake high amounts since the winning is usually high. The animated birds are fun to watch as they flap their wings inside the reels.

 by Zibo Derrick
The slot has done an excellent job

The game developers should also include a bonus game reward since it improves your winning chances, and it is a sure way of attaining a goal in reaching the maximum rewards. Nevertheless, the slot has done an excellent job in providing quality gameplay and incredible customer service.

 by Alicia Nelly
Displays is massive

The creativity that the game displays is massive and also comical. The slot's theme is fantastic since it has bids playing superheroes' parts, which is not common to other gaming slots.

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