Win Place or Show Jackpot

Enjoy a sports theme game with a unique game design and quality gameplay

Win Place or Show Jackpot Slot Game

Win Place or Show has classical gameplay with three reels and one payline to choose when you make a stake. You win the jackpot when you match three trophy icons across three reels.  This slot is great for people seeking quality gameplay that is simple to understand, as discussed in this review.

Win Place or Show Jackpot Slot Game Review

Win Place or Show Jackpot Details

You win the jackpot when you match three trophy icons across three reels. However, it would be best to stake with the highest cash to win this draw. You can play the game at any time of the day or night since it has a 24hour customer service system, which adds to the game's credibility. When you stake with one-, two-, or three-coin values in the single payline, you may earn yourself 500 to 1000 coins in the jackpot. The lowest amount of cash you need to stake on this slot game is $0.50, while the highest per stake is $1.50. The other symbols apart from the trophy include a horse racing medal, cherry, single seven, horseshoe, triple bar, single bar, and double bar. 

The lucky symbol in this game is the seven-bar, also the highest-paying character. If you land any of the bar icons, you receive a significantly high pay in the jackpot, and this outcome will serve you well if the number of bars increases with every single spin. The jackpot is the ultimate draw in this slot, but it requires that you unlock it through winning considerably in the regular game. The highest cash pay for the jackpot is $24,373, and this value increases with every successive win since the jackpot is progressive.

The gold trophy is the central icon in the jackpot draw, as this icon will award you a considerable amount when you stake it with the highest coin value.

How to Play Win Place or Show Jackpot Gaming Slot

The game is easy to understand, and players will find it easy to win when they stake using a single payline option. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you will win every time, but your chances of landing a winning combination depend on your commitment to making several spins. This slot is mainly beneficial to low-rollers since you will only need to stake a low amount to win big prizes in both the regular and jackpot draw. Adjusting your wagers should be the first action as soon as you pop into the slot so that you play the game within your budget. 

Since you will only need one payline to make a winning combination, you must choose your symbols before staking carefully. The payline is adjustable; therefore, you could make a good guess into what type of symbols may appear on the reels. It is crucial to check on the paytable to see the values of payouts that each icon rewards after every winning bet. You will also know the volatility ratings of each symbol and the number of times it has appeared in other successive games. These guidelines will enable you to make an almost accurate guess that grants you a winning combination. 

RTP and Variance

The RTP for the Wins Place or Show Jackpot game is 96.45%, and it has a medium variance that is beneficial in making a significant number of wins. 


This slot has a low volatility rating which best suits low-rollers, and this implies that gamers will have a good chance of winning several small amounts as they progress with the game.

Bonus Features

Bonuses increase your ability to win a bet, and they vary depending on your winning combinations. Some combos award you a free spin, with eight free spins being the least number of the bonus rounds you can earn. When you match three of either symbol on any reel position, you get eight bonus spins, and depending on the symbols you land, you may win extra cash rewards. The cherry is the wild symbol in this slot, and it may reward you with a wild multiplier when you match three or more on the second reel. This symbol grants you a multiplier factor of 3x your stake, earning additional free spins.

A scatter bonus round is another feature gamers get when they land three scatter icons in the first or third reel. The scatter is a displacer icon, and it has the power to substitute icons with low volatility with those of high volatility. This play-out comes in handy as you may land a big win since the highly volatile symbols have a significantly high payout. The jackpot is the ultimate prize in the Win Place or Show Jackpot gaming slot, as you will earn a huge cash reward of $ 24373 in a single spin. You only need to consecutively match five gold trophy icons on the three reels, and then you can claim your prize. 

Themes and Graphics

The game has a classical theme, as it includes various number symbols such as seven on the reel spaces. Sports is also a theme in this game, and we see this through characters such as the horseracing medal, horseshoe, and the different bar icons. The game's design is unique, and we see this by the appearance of the reels on the interface. Behind the reels, you will notice a background image of what seems to be a sporting arena, plus many other decorations. The symbols on the reels are in 2D but have a high-quality image display. You will only hear game sounds as you click on the icons and some chilling jazz tunes with a classical vibe.


The Win Place or Show Jackpot gaming slot is one of the best that you may find in the market. Gamers may win big with only a small bet amount, which renders the slot an economic platform to gamble. As some will highlight, the slot has a promising future, and we can only anticipate the best in terms of the slot's constancy in the world of online casino gaming. Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the game offer bonuses?
The main bonuses that this game offers come in the form of free spins, wild multipliers, cash rewards, and jackpot scatter bonuses. The regular game gives you a maximum of twelve free rounds, while free spins may go as far as fifty for the jackpot. The reason is that the jackpot is progressive, which implies that the bonuses increase with every successive win. The wilds will give you multiplier rewards, and the scatters attract extra cash rewards.
2Can I play Win Place or Show Jackpot for free?
You can play Win Place or Show Jackpot for free by clicking on the free play icon just above the reels.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
When you stake using the highest coin value in the regular game, you may earn yourself a huge cash reward of 1000 coins for a single spin. However, the maximum payout falls in the range of 500-1000 coins; thus, earning any amount between this range is considered a total payout. The jackpot awards the highest pay in the game, where you may make figures that are above $20,000 in a single spin.
4Can I play Win Place or Show Jackpot using a mobile phone?
Yes. Playing the game using a mobile phone is the best choice for any player. The reason is that a mobile device is portable, meaning that you can play the game anywhere you like and at any convenient time.

Win Place or Show Jackpot Slot Review

Win Place or Show Jackpot Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Gwen Straw
This game looks promising

This game looks promising; I imagine that the developers will offer more bonus rewards, or perhaps the symbols will have a slight modification.

 by Harry Cain
I can only give credit to the administrators

I can only give credit to the administrators since it is not common to find a slot offering high payouts with only a tiny amount for staking.

 by Sam Cooks
I have played many games

I have played many games, but this one is the most appealing. I love the game's simplicity as it allows an average gamer like me to have an easy time operating on the slot.

 by Jack Marshall
I can confidently recommend this game

I can confidently recommend this game to new players. If you want an easy game that is easy to understand, then the Win Place or Show Jackpot gaming slot is the right one for you.

 by Cate Bryton
The game is lively

The game is lively and is a good start for any player who seeks to enjoy a classical-themed slot that awards you well with a minimum stake.

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