Witches of Salem Slot Game

Witches of Salem Slot Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Embark on a mystical journey with the Witches of Salem Slot by Rival. This captivating game invites players into a world where magic reigns supreme. Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the coven and spin your way to enchanting wins? Join the adventure now!

How to Play Witches of Salem Slot

Playing the Witches of Salem Slot game is a magical experience in the world of casino games. To start, set your bet amount and spin the reels. The game’s intuitive design, paired with enchanting graphics, makes it a delight for both new and experienced players.

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Witches of Salem Slot RTP and Variance

With an RTP of 95.72%, the Witches of Salem offers a balanced mix of risk and reward. The medium variance ensures a fair play experience with regular payouts.

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Symbols and Gameplay

Key symbols include the Blonde, Redhead, and Brunette Witches, each with their unique powers. The Black Cat and Cauldron symbols add to the mystical theme, enhancing the gameplay experience.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Bet sizes in Witches of Salem cater to all players. The paytable features symbols like the Sphere, Frog, Apple, and card values A, K, Q, J. Each symbol has its own value, contributing to diverse winning combinations.

Symbol x3 x4 x5
Blonde Witch 0.50x 2x 7.50x
Redhead Witch 0.30x 1.50x 6x
Brunette Witch 0.25x 1.25x 5x
Black Cat 0.20x 1x 4x
Cauldron 0.15x 0.80x 3x
Sphere 0.12x 0.60x 2.50x
Frog 0.10x 0.50x 1x
Apple 0.08x 0.40x 0.90x
A 0.07x 0.30x 0.90x
K 0.06x 0.25x 0.60x
Q 0.05x 0.20x 0.50x
J 0.04x 0.15x 0.45x

Witches of Salem Slot Bonus Features

The real money online casino game excels in its bonus features. “Scatter” symbols unlock free spins, while the “Wild” symbol substitutes for others to create winning combinations. The “Free Spins” feature and “Bonus Round” enhance the gameplay, offering players more chances to win.

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Witches of Salem Slot Game FAQs

What is the RTP of Witches of Salem Slot?

The RTP is 95.72%, offering a fair balance between risk and reward.

Can I play Witches of Salem Slot on mobile?

Yes, it's optimized for both desktop and mobile play.

Are there free spins in Witches of Salem Slot?

Yes, free spins are a key feature of this game.


Witches of Salem by Rival is an enchanting online game that combines mystical themes with engaging gameplay. With its impressive RTP of 95.72%, variety of symbols, and exciting bonus features, it’s a game that promises both fun and potential rewards. Whether you’re new to free slot games or a seasoned player, Witches of Salem is a magical adventure worth experiencing. For those eager to experience its charm before placing real bets, the Witches of Salem Slot demo offers a perfect opportunity.

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