Wolf Moon Rising

Be a member of the wolves where the food comes as cash rewards and free spins

Wolf Moon Rising Slot Game

The Wolf Moon Rising slot is a five-reel game with a 96.53% return to player value. The slot has twenty-five paylines, and you may win a high payout of 20,196x your winning bet in the basic game. This review elaborates on the slot’s features and sheds more light on payout options and the different symbols that the game contains.

Wolf Moon Rising Slot Game Review

Wolf Moon Rising Details

The slot game sets in the northern hemisphere, where wolves roll in packs since their chances of survival depend on one another. In the game, you have to be a member of the group for you to eat, and the food comes in the form of cash rewards and free spin bonuses. Each wolf icon awards you instant cash, and it is especially significant if you check out the feather talisman special icon. This icon or symbol will trigger twelve free spins and plenty of other good luck.

The game has a minimum stake amount of $0.25 per spin, and you may stake up to a maximum of $5 per line. There is a high reward to be won when you hit the jackpot, where gamers may earn a multiplier reward of 500000x their bet amount. The jackpot is progressive. Therefore, you may get an accumulation of earnings whenever you win a bet. The game also includes scatters and wilds, which adds to your winning potential.

How to Play Wolf Moon Rising Slot Game

The wolf is the main character in this game, and it also has the highest payout. There are three types of wolves, the moon wolf, the fire wolf and the ice wolf. When you match either of the three wolf symbols in a single reel, you earn a multiplier bonus that ranges from 50x to 75x your bet amount. The elemental icon is the wild, and when you match three of a kind, you get to transform regular icons. 

You may use other symbols to make a winning combination including the eagle, a buffalo, and the mountain lion. You may choose the feather talisman during your first round of spin since it acts as the game's scatter icon. The lowest paying symbols are the playing cards, which offer a multiplier factor that ranges from 2x to 5x your winning bet. The common paying symbols have the least rate of volatility, which means they frequently appear in the reels.

Therefore, checking the paytable is essential since you will know which symbols to emphasize, improving your winning chances. You may activate an autoplay feature that awards you 1000 extra spins, which may help you earn some cash. 

RTP and Variance

The RTP value for the Wolf Moon Rising slot is 96.53%. The game has a medium variance, which implies that the chances of winning are standard. You may win or lose at equal portions, but this will mainly depend on your ability to determine a winning combination.


The slot has medium volatility, perfect for average gamers who stake with a standard amount.

Bonus Features

The Wolf Moon Rising slot has many bonus features that make the game more enjoyable. One of the bonuses features is the under the moon fortune bonus. You activate this feature by matching four Wolf Moon icons in a single reel. This feature awards you instant cash and an extra reward of half your winning amount.

The free spin bonus feature activates when a matching combination of three feather talisman symbols appears on two reels. This feature awards you twelve free spins, and when you win a cash reward as a result of these spins, your cash prize doubles. The jackpot is another bonus reward that offers you colossal cash and multiplier bonuses. You activate the jackpot by matching five of either wolf symbols on a single reel. 

Other bonuses come in the form of scattering and wild multipliers, ranging from 30x to 50x your bet amount. An autoplay feature is present in the slot, and it awards you 1000 free spins, which helps you win several cash rewards. These few features are the juices that bring flavor to the game, and if you activate them, you get to win plenty of prizes.

Themes and Graphics

The game has a quality graphic design, good image display and high color annotations. You will see a dark image of the vast wilderness of the northern hemisphere, which gives you an idea of what the game entails, which is a wolf theme. A clear image display provides clarity of the various symbols that appear on the reels, and a gamer can make selections more easily. Except for the unique icons, all regular symbols appear on the reels; the talisman scatters and the elemental wild.

The slot's design includes customization features that make it easy for you to navigate the slot. One of these features is the wager adjustment icon, which allows you to set your wagers from a minimum to a maximum value. You will see the autoplay icon beside the spin button, and on the furthest left is the settings icon, which permits you to adjust to volume and brightness.


The Wolf Moon Rising slot is lovely for gamers who stake an average budget. The theme of wolf adventures seems to catch the attention of most gamers. We can see this through most customer reviews that speak well about the slot, which acts as a guideline for new gamers who seek quality gameplay. Service delivery is the topmost priority when it comes to joining a new slot, and we can give a lot of credit to this slot for ensuring customer satisfaction thanks to Betsoft. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the game offer bonuses?
There are many bonuses to be awarded to gamers who make a winning combination, and the multiplier bonus is the maximum reward. Both the regular and the jackpot draw will grant you multiplier bonuses, and they range from a 2x multiplier to a 500,000x multiplier factor. You get free spin bonuses when you match four of any symbols in a reel. The autoplay feature awards the highest number of bonus spins, and this feature comes in handy whenever you fail to make winning combinations.
2Can I play the Wolf Moon Rising slot for free?
You can play the Wolf Moon Rising gaming slot for free by login into your account, and then you hit the free play button. You will see this button immediately your account opens, just above the reels. This button will lead you straight to the accessible play mode, where you head straight into choosing your symbols and then spinning the reels.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The highest payout for this game is a multiplier reward of 20,196x your winning bet in the basic game, while the jackpot awards you a maximum of 500,000x your bet value. The minimum payout for both draws is a 2x multiplier factor when you match three of the lowest paying symbols on one reel.
4Can I play Wolf Moon Rising using a mobile phone?
You can play Wolf Moon Rising on your mobile phone since the game has an average software capacity that fits well with a mobile phone. This quality makes playing the game online through your web browser easier.

Wolf Moon Rising Slot Review

Wolf Moon Rising Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Hussein Ahmed
The interface thrills me a lot

The interface thrills me a lot, as it has a design that depicts the adventures of roaming in the wilderness. This image display is so attractive, and you will find fascination by simply watching the symbols interact in the reels.

 by Abel Jake
The reason is that the slot awards

The great thing about playing a game such as the Wolf Moon Rising is that it offers you a chance to win the amount you desire. The reason is that the slot awards in multipliers; therefore, the amount you earn depends on the amount you stake.

 by Johnson Mag
This scenario happens to me

Anyone who watches these symbols rotating on the reels will be holding their breath as they await a winning combination. This scenario happens to me, and I presume it may be the effect of the tones and music playing in the background.

 by Hail Bunner
This slot should include a buy feature

Wolf Moon Rising review is my type of slot as it offers excellent payouts and has incredible gameplay. This slot should include a buy feature that allows you to buy other bonus features to fasten your winning probabilities.

 by Dave Sean
Winning is never a challenging task

Winning is never a challenging task for slots with medium volatility and variance such as this one. I am glad that BetSoft has allowed gamers to enjoy a quality game based on a wolf theme.

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