Yak & Yeti Roll

Watch Eskimo and his friends racing through the icy planes seeking to cross the planes

Yak & Yeti Roll Slot Game

Yak & Yeti Roll is a five-reel gaming slot with ten payline options. The game features unique icons, with the Eskimo being the leading character. As we will learn in this review, the game has a progressive jackpot feature that allows you to win extra cumulative bonuses and many other features.

Yak & Yeti Roll Slot Game Review

Yak & Yeti Roll Details

Yak & Yeti Roll slot game offers ten fixed payline options if you want to make a winning combination. The game features unique icons, with the Eskimo being the leading character. 

The primary mission of the game is to safely escort the Eskimo across the icy planes of the arctic. You will need the help of other characters such as the reindeer, igloo, husky, and some basic tools such as gloves and a sledgehammer.

Card symbols also appear on the reels, and they include the ace, K, J, and Q. These symbols are crucial in awarding you a free spin bonus feature or minor multiplier factors like 2x your winning bet. The game caters to low-budget gamers since you will only require a minimum bet value of $0.20 to spin the reels. If you seek to earn more like a high roller, you can stake a maximum of $20 per spin, which is a good figure for landing you a big payout.

How to Play Yak & Yeti Roll Slot Game

Yak & Yeti Roll slot is a game of strategy, and you need to know the symbols that pay highly and make them your top priority. Since the paylines are fixed, you can only make a winning combo after carefully analyzing the reels. 

Yeti is the wild icon in this game, and you will attract a fantastic multiplier bonus if you manage to match five of them across the third reel. The Eskimo scatter icon is the other symbol to watch, which initiates the cascading reels feature that attracts high-paying symbols across the reels.

You will win yourself eight free spins when you match three or more card symbols on any given reel. Average gamers will win big when they stake with a standard amount in this game. The reason is that the regular icons' multiplier bonuses are quite high. Choosing a payline option with low-paying symbols is crucial since they are less volatile during the first spin.

The high-paying symbols tend to appear during the other successive rounds, but you should also watch them when the game begins.

RTP and Variance

The game's return to player value is 95.93 percent, and it has a medium variance that brings out a classic game.


Yak & Yeti Roll gaming slot is highly volatile, requiring you to make multiple spins to win a big cash reward.

Bonus Features

If waiting for the bonus free spins seems to be a hard task, you can check out the buy feature, which stands at the bottom right corner of the screen. When you click the feature, it will show you the number of coins you need to purchase, and you can connect it if you have these coins in your wallet. 

The buy feature comes with packages, with the most extensive package having twenty free spins and a bonus game. You may also activate a free spin bonus by matching three scatter symbols across a single reel.

Since the slot operates on cascading reels, you may activate a cascading bonus feature that displaces low-paying symbols with high-paying ones. This feature will propel you towards earning a huge cash payout. 

Characters like the Yeti will award you a wild bonus, making a multiplier factor of 200x your bet amount or more. The final bonus feature is the jackpot bonus which has the highest payout.

Themes and Graphics

The basic theme is the arctic adventures, where the Eskimo and his companions race through the icy planes seeking to cross onto the other side. The crossing over has some challenges, and it is your duty as a player to navigate these characters safely through the planes. 

The game has high-quality graphics, but the administrators can still upgrade. The image quality is standard, but we are glad that the symbols have a 3D layout that offers beautiful scenery.

You will not miss the chance to listen to some good Eskimo tunes, mainly the sounds of flute and drumbeats. The slot offers some helpful customization features that enable you to adjust volumes and brightness whenever necessary, and this is great in ensuring player satisfaction. 

You will find an easy time playing the game due to these features, plus other mechanizations that improve the slot's gameplay.


This slot is one of a kind in its storyline and the general effect of watching the symbols roll on the reels. You will not find Eskimo-themed slots quite easily in the gaming market, making Yak & Yeti Roll quite lucrative thanks to Betsoft. The game suits high rollers due to its high volatility rating, as it awards huge payouts in both the jackpot and the regular game. 

Gamers who participate in this slot may win a lot if they consider studying the paylines before staking and not just betting randomly without a plan. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the game offer bonuses?
Yak & Yeti Roll offers you plenty of bonuses, which may range from multipliers to free spins. The total number of free spins is forty, which you earn when you activate the free spin rounds. You trigger this bonus by either buying it or matching any five-card symbols on two consecutive reels. The buy feature is a bonus icon that allows you to purchase free spins or a bonus game. However, you need to buy the feature in cash or make a significant number of wins to unlock it. The jackpot bonuses include high-level free spins, wild multipliers, and credit bonuses.
2Can I play the Yak & Yeti Roll for free?
You can play the Yak & Yeti Roll gaming slot for free when you press the demo icon. The demo, also known as the free play option, allows you to spin the reels without funding your account. This option is beneficial in developing your betting skills.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The highest payout in the basic game is 1000 coins when you match five wild symbols, while the jackpot will grant you a maximum of $97,250 for the same symbol. The low payouts are 2x the bet amount for both categories or a cash reward of $5.
4Can I play Yak & Yeti Roll using a mobile phone?
Yes. The game is playable on your mobile phone, but the device should have a high-standard operating system to allow easier internet access. The game is generally a large file, but it will fit your phone if you have a good storage capacity. You may also opt to play the game through the browser if you don't want to download it, but the internet connectivity should be high.

Yak & Yeti Roll Slot Review

Yak & Yeti Roll Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Tomson Alexis
Great services & game

I can imagine the Eskimos' experience when they travel the ice lands. I play the game mainly because of the standard payouts and amazing gameplay. I can't get enough of this slot, and I hope nothing changes, let them continue providing great services.

 by Joanne Kin
Great game

This game is great in awarding you massive payouts, and you only need to take care when choosing your paylines. It is best to seek the paytable section to know the volatility rates of the icons, as this will act as a guideline for learning what to pick.

 by Melvin Crank
A good game selection

The game is beneficial if you know how to balance your funds. You don't have to stake on all paylines, but a good selection will reward you with plenty of cash. Please use the buy feature when it activates, and buy the bonuses to boost your earnings.

 by Veyron Samuel
Best to play

It takes experience to win these games, and for this reason, it is best to play the demo before venturing into the real game. The skills you attain in the demo will come in handy when determining the payline with the most probable winning combo.

 by Brian Medley
My strategy

You may win big if you activate the bonus free spins, and that has been my strategy all along. I have won a few times through the major card icons, as they award you free spins that improve your winning.

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