Zombie Slot Game

Help in the zombie apocalypse, where citizens have been transformed into monsters

Zombie Slot Game

Zombie Slot Game is a great game as it awards you huge multiplier bonuses. The game has five reels and twenty-five non-adjustable paylines. The game is easy to understand, as you only need to check the guideline section. You will learn more about the slot in this review as we delve deeper into the game's features. 

Zombie Slot Game Review

Zombie Details

The slot game has a spooky storyline of a zombie apocalypse, where citizens of a city have been infected with a virus that transforms people into flesheating monsters. The epidemic strikes while shopping at the mall, and you have to protect yourself from these creatures.

The tools you will use to chase the zombies off include the ax and a baseball bat, which award you 100x your bet amount. The zombies are the main symbols, two are male zombies, and one is female on the reels.

The female zombie will award you 2500x your bet amount if you manage to get her to appear five times across the reels. This symbol has the highest payout, and it is an important figure in the jackpot draw.

The other characters include the wizard, the menace creator, some toxic chemicals, card symbols, and special bonus icons. You only need a minimum of $0.25 to play the game, but the stakes could go as high as $125 per spin.

How to Play Zombie Slot Game

The game is easy to understand, as you only need to check the guideline section if you have any doubts about navigating the interface. The paytable should be the first icon you click, as there is an outline of all the symbols together with their payouts.

The highpaying symbols are highly volatile, meaning that they reward you big payouts, but they take time before creating a winning combo. The next step is adjusting your wager, where you will see a + or – sign at the bottom of the screen.

When you set all the customization icons according to your preference, you may proceed to the payline section and select the perfect winning combination. You can now press the spin button and watch the reel spin. When you match five zombie icons on a single reel, you get a cash reward of $2000 with the highest stake amount. The card icons have the lowest pay as they grant you a cash reward of $50 when you match five of a kind.

RTP and Variance

Zombie slot game has a return to the player rating of 95%, which is low compared to other spookythemed games but is a good rate overall. The game has a standard variance, which suits the average gamer.


The game has a high volatility rating that is great when you stake with a high amount and win a bet. However, winning doesn't come easy; therefore, use the autoplay feature to increase your odds of winning.

Bonus Features

There are numerous bonuses in this slot, and they award you great rewards if you make a winning combination. One of the bonus features is the mirror bonus round, which you trigger by matching threemirror symbols across a single reel.

When you reach five mirror symbols, you activate a multiplier bonus which awards you a multiplier of 200x your bet amount. The game has a wild bonus feature, and the wild in this game is the zombie.

The wild symbol awards you a multiplier bonus of 75x your bet amount when you much three wilds across the central reel. Additionally, this feature transforms regular symbols into wilds, increasing your earnings.

The scatter symbol is the toxic chemicals, and when you match five scatters on the second reel, you activate the scatter bonus. The scatter bonus awards you free spins and cash rewards.

Zombie slot game offers a welcome bonus to new gamers who make their first deposit. You may also get a chance to participate in the jackpot draw, which grants you higher multiplier bonuses.

You will receive a maximum of 2500x your bet amount as a multiplier bonus when you win the jackpot. These features are the most compelling for playing the Zombie slot game.

Themes and Graphics

The spooky theme of the zombie apocalypse is the headline of this game. You will see several zombie characters appear on the reels, plus other creepy material. The game has a dull atmosphere surrounding it, but the interaction of the symbols in the reels makes the play interesting.

You get to hear chilling music in the background, but you can shut it off or regulate the volume using the settings icon on top of the page.

All symbols have a 3D graphic design to select your icons with much clarity regarding the image display. In the background, there are a group of zombies with their tongues out and spooky fingers in the air. You can adjust the image quality as part of the customization features, which is good mechanization by the slot.


The apocalyptic effect that this slot brings about seems to be entertaining enough for gamers who play the Zombie slot game. Players attest to the game's quality graphic design plus other features.

If you happen to gamble on this slot, you may receive big cash payouts, but make sure you are above the legal age. The game is pretty straightforward and is an excellent investment if you happen to win several games. Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the game offer bonuses?
There are plenty of bonuses that you will encounter when you play this game. The free spin bonuses are the most rewarding to boost your chances of winning. The game is highly rewarding when earning a multiplier bonus from a scatter symbol. The wild multipliers will also increase your earnings. Your goal should be attaining the jackpot price as it grants you over a hundred dollars in cash when you win a bet. The welcome bonus comes in handy for new gamers, for they receive this fund into their account as soon as they make their first deposit. Other features modify the former attributes, but they work hand in hand to make winning possible.
2Can I play Zombie Slot Game for free?
You can play the Zombie Slot Game for free as it has a demo option. The step you should take is creating an account with the slot, and registration is also free. However, the slot requires that you be of legal age to verify your account.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
The highest payout in the basic game is $10,000, and this figure is possible to attain when you bet with the highest amount for a single spin. The jackpot grants you a whopping $100,000 when you match five or more high-paying symbols. The lowest amount you get from this slot is $10, equivalent to 2x your winning bet.
4Can I play Zombie Slot Game using a mobile phone?
The game is mobile-friendly, as it will work well on your android phone, but you can also use a computer or a tablet to play the game. You can access the game online through your web browser or download the App on your mobile play store.

Zombie Slot Review

Zombie Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Floyd Carter
Images are so on point

I like games of this nature because horror is the most entertaining. The game has good graphics, and the images are so on point. You will have fun playing this game, good luck! 

 by Janny Carin
Excellent graphics and standard payouts

Zombie Slot Game is an excellent game for anyone to play, and you should sign in if you want to get some cash. I like playing games on my mobile phone, which makes everything easy. The game has high-standard graphics and standard payouts. I can only urge gamers to check it out.

 by Duncan Spencer
Entertaining game

You can't find an entertaining game such as this one so quickly. I recommend this slot to new gamers since they receive a welcome bonus after their first deposit. 

 by Daphine Erica
Enjoyable to use.

The grand design of the reels is what makes everything else unique. I can sit down and play the game all day without ceasing because of the features, which are enjoyable to use.

 by Jerry Bolton
Unique interface

The game has a unique interface that is both spooky and attractive. The good thing about the slot is that you can play it on physical and online casinos. NetEnt has done a great job setting up this slot, and they should create more of the same in the future.

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