Zoomer Zang Jackpot Slot Game

Join a classic slot centered on a circus surrounded by tents and other decorations

Zoomer Zang Jackpot Slot Game

This game is a five-reel slot with twenty-one payline options and has a circus theme where various characters appear on the reels. A classical theme is brought to light by the symbols appearing on the reels. You will learn much about the space following this review, as we shall highlight some of the best features that the game has to offer.

Zoomer Zang Jackpot Slot Game Review

Zoomer Zang Jackpot Details

The minimum amount you need to spin the reels in the Zoomer Zang Jackpot slot game is $0.10, while the maximum amount goes for $150. This game has a standard payout system that allows you to earn slightly more than you stake, and every bet you win increases your payouts significantly. 

The symbols on the reels include the clown, the magician, the actress, the comedian, the juggler, and the cars royals. These symbols have a high payout when you manage to match five of a kind on any specific reel. 

You may access the game online or download the App on your play store. The advantage of playing the competition online is that you don't consume your storage capacity. The slot has the latest version of the JS software that is well equipped to provide you with convenient internet connectivity. You may place a bet on all active paylines since the slot has only twenty-one of them. 

The symbols appear in all the five-reel spaces, and this offers you a chance to choose the most appealing characters for making a perfect combination. The game has an autoplay feature that awards you plenty of spinning rounds plus other bonuses as well. 

Amigotechs is the provider of this slot, and they have done a great piece of work in setting up all that is required to enjoy the game.

How to Play Zoomer Zang Jackpot Gaming Slot

The importance of this slot is that you can start by clicking on the autoplay icon, which enables you to make multiple spin rounds that cultivate your winning potential. The game is a product of strategy and timing, and you can always learn the sequence of play when you observe how the icons combine. 

You should first determine whether your budget allows you to stake on a larger scale or not, and if you feel uncertain about the bet amount, you can always adjust your wagers. The card royals are the icons that award you free spins, and if you land five of a kind, you activate a free spin bonus feature.

The game has levels, and each class has a different payout system. The first level mainly awards multipliers that range from 2x to 75x your bet amount, and this range expands with the more levels you attain. The third level is the final step, and it contains special icons such as the stacked wild. The clown represents the stacked wild, and he awards you multiplier bonuses of 200x your stake amount in the third level. 

RTP and Variance

The RTP value for this game is 96.78%, which is quite high and beneficial in the long run. The slot has a standard variance which makes it have classic gameplay.


The game's volatility rating is low, meaning that you can easily match the symbols you choose to appear on the reels. 

Bonus Features

A Multiplier bonus awards you good cash out of 200x when you match five wild symbols across the central reel. This matching also triggers a fantastic bonus feature that grants you free spins in the process. 

The total number of free spins you earn through the free spins bonus is twenty, but this number increases on the second and third levels. The game also has an autoplay feature responsible for awarding you 1000 free spins.

The scatter symbol leads the payouts, as you will earn a multiplier of 350x your bet amount when you match five scatter symbols across the second and fourth reel. The juggler character represents the scatter. These features are the main ones in the Zoomer Zang Jackpot slot, and you can't fail to earn good cash if you use the free spins well.

Themes and Graphics

A classical theme is brought to light by the symbols appearing on the reels. The game is centered on a circus, and the reels have a stage surrounded by tents and other decorations. 

The images and symbols showcased are 2D, but they still offer a standard color resolution. Therefore, identifying the characters is easy, and you may choose either of them with full knowledge.

A festival theme appears to be hidden within the confines of the circus event. We can see the festivity due to the many decorations on the slot's interface by what seems to be colorful tents and ribbons. The game has one tune that plays throughout, and it is the usual festive melodies that accompany all circus games.


The Zoomer Zang Jackpot game has impressed gamers with the high rewards that come from all sides. You will earn a lot of cash when you make a good combination of five or more icons, which you could re-invest later into your account. 

The slot offers incredible winning opportunities if you use the autoplay feature in running the spins. Players will have a significant rise in their average bet amount whenever they win a bet, thanks to the progressive nature of the slot. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the game offer bonuses?
Many bonuses will be won when you play the Zoomer Zang Jackpot slot. Free spins are the ideal bonuses to start the game with, as they propel you towards attaining cash prizes. The autoplay feature has the highest number of free spins, 1000 in total. You may also receive the scatter bonuses by combining three or more scatters on a single reel, thereby earning a multiplier bonus plus free spin.
2Can I play Zoomer Zang Jackpot for free?
Indeed, the game has a free play feature that allows you to spin the reels without having to place a deposit on your wallet.
3What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
This game's minimum and maximum payouts are a 2x multiplier and 350x multiplier bonus when you match five identical symbols across any reel. The jackpot has the highest payout in both draws and is the main goal for high rollers. The jackpot grants you a multiplier bonus of 2000x your bet amount when you match five clown symbols on the first and second reels.
4Can I play Zoomer Zang Jackpot gaming slot using a mobile phone?
You can play Zoomer Zang Jackpot slot on your mobile phone, which has an advantage in that you can play the game at any convenient place. However, a personal computer could be better since it has a larger operating system that sufficiently accommodates this slot to ensure a timely play.

Zoomer Zang Jackpot Slot Review

Zoomer Zang Jackpot Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Morrison Stake
Great in rewarding winning members

Zoomer Zang Jackpot game is great in rewarding winning members. I don't see a problem with how the game operates, as this is my first time participating in the slot.

 by Sophia Diane
Such a wonderful creation

This slot has nice graphics. It is an advantage that the symbols operating on the reels have a standard payout, unlike other slots. I give more credit to the game developers for such a wonderful creation.

 by Greg Nolan
I only hope to win more games

Apart from the quality gameplay that the slot provides, anything is a mere illusion. The game has a well-set reel system that showcases all the icons on the reels in a majestic manner, making the interface look attractive. I appreciate much of what the slot offers, and I only hope to win more games.

 by Hap Nevalski
The circus is my favorite theme

The circus is my favorite theme, and even though the symbols of this slot are in 2D, I still appreciate how they interact on the reels. I hope the slot decides to bring up the jackpot draw, as this will create an opportunity to win massive cash prizes.

 by Lesley Jacky
I like how the slot operates

I like how the slot operates and how it awards gamers good pay whenever they land a winning bet with special icons. The game creators have done a great job developing this slot, and I hope they include more features in this game to make it lively.

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