Animal Fishing Game

Animal Fishing Game

Quick Overview of the Game

We hope you have your fishing gear ready because there are plenty of fish waiting to be caught! The Animal Fishing game by KA Gaming at the best online casino will take you on an unforgettable experience near the lake, providing you with a chance to secure prizes along the way!

Without giving too much away from the start, let’s take a look at what makes Animal Fishing so unique for punters.

How to Play Animal Fishing Game

The first part of this Animal Fishing review is to let you in on the general feel of the Animal Fishing Game, which sets itself apart from other casino games with its unique mechanics. There are no paylines or reels in this game – all you need to do is hit the spin button and hope that your fisherman will catch a fish. Depending on which fish you haul in, you can expect various prizes to come your way, offering a refreshing twist on traditional slot play.

Animal Fishing Game RTP and Variance

One of the negative aspects of Animal Fishing is that KA Gaming has not disclosed information regarding its RTP and variance. However, by playing the game itself and conducting research, we have noticed that the variance level is set at medium.

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Symbols and Gameplay

Playing the Animal Fishing online game is a straightforward process, even for those who have never tried out a video slot in their lives before.

Once you choose your preferred bet size, you can hit the spin button and enjoy the action unfold! There are eight fish symbols in the game that can secure you good wins, but not every catch is a winning one.

If you catch one of the following four symbols, then you won’t get a payout:

  • Rock
  • Shoe
  • Glove
  • Tire

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Bet Sizes and Paytable Wins

You now know all about the gameplay of Animal Fishing, so it is time for you to know the exact payouts each fish symbol holds in the game. The betting range is wide; you can wager anywhere between $0.1 and $150 per spin, so it is accommodating to all types of players. The table below has all the information you need in that regard.

Symbol Payout
Squid 0.15x
Small Orange Fish 0.40x
Red Fish 0.90x
Big Orange Fish 1.90x
Green Fish 3.40x
Purple Fish 8.40x
Blue Fish 19.40x
Shark 44.40x

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Animal Fishing Game Tips

Since there are no bonus rounds in Animal Fishing, like in the Captain Money online game, you won’t need to worry about remembering complicated details or triggering mechanisms. Instead, this classic game gives you the chance to secure great returns only by hitting the spin button and hoping that a win occurs!

However, you shouldn’t just head into playing Animal Fishing completely blindfolded. There is no strategy you can use that will guarantee you win, but you will increase your odds by following the next few tips:

  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Always start with smaller bets.
  • Don’t chase losses.
  • Play for free before you wager your own money.

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Animal Fishing Game FAQs

Are there any bonus rounds in the Animal Fishing game?

No, unfortunately, there are no bonus rounds in the game. You can only secure wins by catching fish during the base game.

How much can I win in Animal Fishing?

The highest win stands at 88.8x your stake in the game. It occurs when you catch the ultimate prize—the scary shark!

Can I play Animal Fishing on my mobile phone?

Of course! Animal Fishing is a 100% mobile-friendly game. You can access the game from any mobile browser.


In the tranquil waters of Animal Fishing, every cast is a new tale, and each catch is a splash of excitement. Before you set sail on your next gaming expedition, we urge you to scour the best online casino reviews, a treasure trove of insider knowledge and tips. Such wisdom can be the north star guiding your betting journey, illuminating the path to more informed and joyful play.

At Vegas Aces Casino, where the catch of the day could lead to the win of a lifetime, we’re committed to offering you not just games, but experiences that keep you returning, rod in hand, ready for the next big adventure beneath the digital waves.

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