Christmas Game

Christmas Game

Quick Overview of the Game

The Christmas game is an instant lottery game with a popular theme. Created by Superlotto Games, this game is set on a cold Christmas night and features elements of the season. The falling snowflake animation and colorful graphics make it fun to look at. For players who prefer to use their mobile devices to play other casino games, this game offers an option to play on the go. It has a responsive design that can adapt to any screen size.

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How to Play Christmas Game

You can start learning how to play the Christmas game through the Christmas online demo game. Get a ticket to play the first round of the game. The potential wins for each ticket depend on your wager. For instance, if the snowflake appears, you’ll get a payout.

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If you’re a fan of the holidays, you’ll enjoy the Christmas demo game. It features Christmas gifts as symbols. They include snowflakes, a Christmas tree, stockings, reindeer, a snowman, and bells.

The game starts with the wager selection. After choosing the wager, players open any of the 25 presents on the board. It has an autoplay option, allowing players to open all the presents simultaneously. If the player secures 3 to 5 matching symbols, they will win and receive their payout instantly.

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Bet Sizes & House Edge

The bet size in the Christmas online casino game is suitable for all players. It is the same as most casino games from Superlotto. For a start, the minimum bet size is $0.10, while the maximum is $5.

The house edge information is not available at this time.


Every symbol in this game gives you a different payout just like the Color Game Online. Check out the table below to see the number of winnings with the maximum bet.

Symbol  X3 X4  X5 
Snowflake 50 100 5000
Stockings 25 50 1000
Snowman 10 25 500
Christmas tree 10 15 250
Reindeer 5 10 100
Bells 5 10 50

Christmas Game Tips

While this game is entirely based on chance, some useful tips to help you win more while playing the Christmas game include:

  • A higher wager increases your chances of getting a higher payout.
  • The demo game can serve as a practice tool before putting money into it.
  • Avoid adding to your bankroll when you run out of funds.

Christmas Game FAQ

Is there a Christmas game demo?

Yes, there is a Christmas demo online game, and it is available for all guests. It is a free-to-play game that doesn’t require any registration or deposit. Simply click and play.

Can you win real money on the Christmas game?

You can win real money on the Christmas online game, but it depends on your play mode. For instance, the demo game doesn’t offer real money rewards. On the other hand, the real money game does.

Does Christmas work on mobile devices?

This Christmas instant lottery game works on all devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets. It is optimized for mobile and designed with HTML5 to help it adapt to smaller screens.


Do you love classic instant lottery games? Then you’ll enjoy the Christmas game. It doesn’t have a unique theme, but the graphics and animation make it enjoyable to play. However, it stands out when considering the small betting sizes for players with a smaller bankroll. The maximum win is also impressive, like many others from Superlotto Games. Also, the game works on Android and iOS devices, including smartphones and tablets. If you prefer, you can also play it on a desktop computer. This Christmas online review has shed light on how to play the game and what to expect.

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