Fishermen Gold Game

Fishermen Gold Game

Quick Overview of the Game

The Fishermen Gold game is a popular multiplayer game with five reels and 25 paylines developed by SimplePlay. The game’s main objective is to get as much gold as possible by matching symbols. There are coin payouts and cash bonuses on the game site, an easy-to-learn game plot, and good graphics and gameplay, making it a popularly searched multiplayer game at the online casino

How to Play The Fishermen Gold Game

As with all of our online casino reviews, we’re here to tell you how to win!

The game is a Waterworld-featured game with players focusing on getting as many coins as possible by shooting fish. The game can be accessed on any mobile device without a necessary download. An unlimited number of bonus symbols and features are present to make winning easier.

How does the Fishermen Gold work?

  • Players can use multipliers to get better bullets to capture fish, making it easy to get rewards.
  • Players can get free bullets to help them win more easily.
  • There are different cannons and bullets to hit fish easier.
  • The Bigger the cannon or multiplier, the bigger the fish caught, thus the bigger the payout.
  • Players can pick the right tools, according to their different perspectives, to aid their performance.

Fishermen Gold RTP and Variance

The RTP and variance of the Fishermen Gold Multiplayer are not available.

Symbol and Gameplay

The symbols featured in the casino games are basic slot features with some bonus features included: for example, auto fishing, multi-lock, and others are all easy to understand, and they help to add more flavor to the game by providing free bullets, spins, and multipliers. Players can watch the gameplay by playing the free Fishermen Gold demo version.

Bet Sizes and Paytable wins

Here’s the paytable for the game:

Symbols Payout
Small Orange Fish x1,10
Small Pink Fish x1,50
Orange Pink Fish x2,50
Red Purple Fish x5,00
Orange White Fish x6,00
Clown Fish x7,50
Blue Yellow Striped Fish x10
Pink Purple Fish x14
Big Blue Fish x17,50
Fish with Light Bulb x25
Sea Turtle x30
Pelican Eel x40
Stingrays x50
Dolphin x75
Sea Lion x100
Giant Squid/ Electric Eel / Jelly Fish x175
Goblin Shark / Swordfish / Fangtooth x250
Great White / Atlantic Sturgeon, Moray Eel x400
Killer Whale / Hammerhead Shark / Liopleurodon x500
Blue Whale / Alligator / Elasmosaurus x750


Fishermen Game Bonus Features:

There is one very captivating bonus feature Fishermen Gold offers and that is:

  • Auto-fisher Feature

This bonus feature helps players fire at fish easily to catch them by auto-shooting free bullets. Moreover, you can choose which fish to go after by pressing the “Select” button with a fish symbol on it!

Fishermen Gold Slot FAQ’s

Does the fishermen's game offer good entertainment?

Yes, The fishermen's Gold Game offers a high level of fun and entertainment with special and bonus features to keep players hooked.

Is the Fishermen's Gold Game legit?

The game is developed by SimplePlay Gaming Limited, a licensed game software developer. Therefore, the game produced by the company is legitimate and safe to play.

What does auto-fishing in the fishermen's gold game mean?

The auto-fish feature means players get to give their fingers a break and enjoy the bonus feature, where free bullets are being shot at fish for some seconds to help players get many catches.

Fishermen Gold Slot Game Conclusion

The Fishermen’s Gold Multiplayer game by SimplePlay is quite popular because it is one of a kind with good graphics, a good background for  other casino games, a nice soundtrack to set the mood, easy-to-learn mechanics, and features for new and experienced players.

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Harper Evans

Fishermen Gold reels in fun! Exciting gameplay and big catches!

 by Sophia Roberts

Can't get enough of Fishermen Gold! Addictive spins and rewards!

 by Lucas Hayes

Vegas Aces Casino hooks players with Fishermen Gold! Thrilling fishing fun!

 by Olivia Nguyen

Fishermen Gold is a catch! The theme and payouts are fantastic!

 by Noah Carter

Impressed by the graphics and excitement of Fishermen Gold! Highly recommend!

 by Lily Sullivan

Love the thrill of Fishermen Gold! Non-stop fishing adventure and rewards!

 by Ethan Garcia

Fishermen Gold is a winner! Vegas Aces Casino delivers once again!

 by Ava Patel

Addictively fun! Fishermen Gold keeps me reeling for more wins!

 by Mason Thompson

Thrilled with Fishermen Gold! Vegas Aces Casino hits the jackpot!

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