Fly High and Win Big with the Sky High Game!

Fly High and Win Big with the Sky High Game!

The Sky High Game falls into a category of games known as ‘crash games.’ This is one of the few crash games developed by Dragon Gaming, although this provider has other popular titles that fit other categories. That said, what is all the hype about here? Are the odds on gaming so different?

Well, in this multiplayer crash game, you place a bet or two and watch as the military pilot pushes his jet to the limits. The higher it climbs, the bigger the multiplier and 10,000x returns are in store if the pilot makes it to the end of this journey. Of course, the catch is that you don’t know if he will or not, which is why you must cash out before he crashes – leaving as little left on the table as possible.

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How to Play the Sky High Game

From our casino games, this is a multiplayer title, you don’t control the gaming speed or when it commences. Instead, you must place your bet while one round is in progress and then wait for the next round to start. You can make two bets in any single round in the Sky High Game – done by using the +/- links and tapping ‘place bet’ when ready.

Sky High Game online offers a visually stimulating, fast-paced experience with instant rewards, making it a more engaging and accessible choice compared to the strategic and slower-paced American Roulette.

Additionally, you can initiate auto cashouts to avoid the need to be quick on the trigger, although this is optional.

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Sky High Game RTP and Variance

With its 97% RTP, the value of this game is fantastic. Yet, it has a medium variance rating, meaning there’s a nice mix of low and high-value rounds.

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Symbols and Gameplay

When you place your wagers in the Sky High Game, you’ll wait for the next round to begin – as that’s how most other casino games work. The screen then enters a loading phase, where you gaze upon a military airstrip before the journey begins. Then, once the countdown ends, you hop into the cockpit, and the jet zooms off into the skies above.

The music helps build a sense of anticipation, too, and as day turns into night, you’re guaranteed a thrill or two. But how long do you dare hold on?

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

In the Sky High Game, you can make two separate wagers for each round played. But the individual bet sizes start at $0.01 and roll through to $25 for each one. This means that the full betting scale covers wagers from $0.01 to $50 – if you decide to make two bets, of course. And when it comes to the payouts, these work differently from other categories shown in our casino guides.

The payouts start at 1x and progressively build as the military jet flies higher and higher. Of course, you can cash out at any moment before the crash. But if you tough things out to the very end and the jet reaches the limits of the game, the maximum payout you’d receive is 10,000x your wager.

Sky High Game Bonus Features

If there is any single criticism that one could make for the Sky High Game, it’s that the game lacks bonus features. Sure, you can place multiple bets per round and execute things like 50% cashouts. However, free games or exclusive multipliers are absent.

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Sky High Game FAQs

Is there a way I can automatically perform a cashout for each round?

Yes. You can set this up within the game's settings, which is recommended if you have set payouts in mind.

Are other players engaged in the same rounds that I play?

Yes. Crash games facilitate multi-play for every round, so you must wait for the next round before you are officially involved in the game.

Is the Sky High Demo any different from the real money version?

No. The one difference is that you have real funds at stake for the latter.


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