Football Allstar Go

Football Allstar Go

Quick Overview of the Game

In this Football Allstar Go game review, we will discuss all the things that make the instant win game a fan favourite. The game draws its inspiration from football, a popular sport around the world watched by millions of people. AllWaySpin is the creator of the game and they have infused heavy football mechanics into the game. Read our Football Allstar GO review and play the game today to begin winning big by betting on your favoured national teams.

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How to Play Football Allstar Go

The first thing to learn about the game is how to play football Allstar Go. To Play, users select their favourite teams and face off against other teams while making bets. Select your goalkeeper and the best strategy to outplay the opposing team to win. In addition, players can bet on the home or away team but aren’t allowed to bet on both teams. Furthermore, players are allowed to change their teams as long as there are no confirmed bets. Finally, the game has four quick betting options which include clear, double, confirm, and re-bet.

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Football Allstar Go RTP and Variance

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Football Allstar Go, where soccer and slot gaming collide. With an impressive Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97.48%, this game ensures that players have a high chance of winning.

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Symbols and Gameplay

The game is heavily dependent on football symbols including the likeness of various players. In addition, the game has a unique design that puts players in a football-filled environment with all the right promises. Players have to pick between simple options and place simple bets to make things work.

Players choose between simple betting options that try to predict the outcomes of the matchups. Altogether, the game is a new spin on the instant win genre that aims to give its players instant payouts.

Bet Sizes and Paytable wins

The bet sizes for the game are quite pocket friendly. Players are allowed to place between 0.10 to 200 per game played. Therefore, it may take longer for players to win great multiples, unlike other casino games with larger bet sizes. On the other hand, there is no paytable because the game does not use symbols that award points to users.

Football Allstar Go Bonus Features

Like the Skull Bingo Online Game, Football AllStarGo has bonus features that players can enjoy in the game. These features make the game more interactive and give players a chance to get better outcomes from the matches.

The goal instructor is a little hand behind the goalkeeper that allows players to guide the ball beyond the goalkeeper. It helps prevent and reduce the number of saves and can help if you bet on scoring a goal.

Players are also allowed to pick the teams they want to represent them among the teams available in the game. You can see the attributes of each team and decide what is most important to you before you select any teams.

Football Allstar Go FAQs

Can I play Football Allstar Go for free?

Yes, you can play the game for free. Players who want to experience the game without committing any funds can play the demo version. To win money, players will have to play the full version of the game.

How do I change teams in Football Allstar Go?

You can change teams in the game by using the clear option. This resets the game including the amounts wagered and allows you to select everything anew.


Playing Football Allstar Go online can be a rewarding experience.  You will get all the footballing excitement you are used to while making cool cash from your predictions. Start playing today!

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Football Allstar Go Reviews

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