Hockey Online Game

Hockey Online Game

Quick Overview of the Game

The Hockey online game from Superlotto Games is a hockey-themed casino game that promises lots of fun. For a non-3D game, the developer has done well to make the visuals decent, so don’t expect any complicated graphics and animations.

Once you load the game at your favorite real money online casino and after selecting your preferred bet size, you will see the goaltender in front of the net as you try to beat him. Hockey does not come with any bonus features. You will get paid depending on the points you can score before a miss.

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How to Play Hockey Online Game

You can learn how to play the Hockey online game within minutes. The game’s objective is simple — shoot the puck past the goaltender to score points.

To start playing the game and select your favorite team: USA, Finland, Canada, Sweden, or Russia. After that, buy a ticket (specify your stake), and start playing.


When you open the game demo, you will see several symbols listed on the left side of the home screen. The symbols offer varying payouts depending on the amount you stake. The sac of money is the highest-paying symbol, and the safe box rewards the lowest payout. Even more exciting is that it comes with a multiplier to boost your winnings up to 5x when it appears on the screen.

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If you can score all seven points, you will get the maximum possible payout of the game, 1,000x.

Bet Sizes & House Edge

As mentioned earlier, the bet sizes are flexible, ranging from $0.10 to $5. During our review, we attempted to find the game’s house edge, which is the percentage of total bets that casinos can gain as profit from it.

Unfortunately, we could not find any information on Hockey’s house edge. But based on our test of the game, it is not easy to score 4 points out of the seven attempts per round.

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To win in the Hockey game, you must score at least 3 points by netting the puck three times. The more points you score out of the seven attempts, the more you win. The table below shows the game’s payout information.

Number of Points Payout
1 point 0x
2 points 0x
3 points 1x
4 points 2x
5 points 3x
6 points 50x
7 points 1000x

Hockey Online Game Tips

From testing the Hockey game, it seems to be a high-volatility title like the Minesweeper Online game. Thus, we suggest you become familiar with the gameplay before placing huge bets. You can play the Hockey demo version to test how the game works.

In addition, we recommend you have a defined bankroll to play with. You can adapt betting strategies like Martingale and Labourche to improve your odds. But remember, gambling should be fun, so only play with money you can afford to lose.

Hockey Online Game FAQs

What is the maximum payout in the Hockey online game?

The maximum payout is 1000 times the bet. This means the highest amount you can win is $5000 for a $5 wager.

Does the Hockey online game have any bonus features?

Sadly, no. It has no bonus features to trigger as it is a simple hockey-theme-based game.

Take Your Shot and Win!

We agree that it is a fantastic casino game. The graphics are decent, and the gameplay is as simple as possible. Moreover, you can win as much as $5000 if you place the maximum bet.

Now that you know what’s in store, why not sign in and play the Hockey game or the Inferno Slots game for real money? Who knows, you might just be able to win the maximum payout with a few lucky shots!

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Hockey Online Reviews


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