Las Vegas Online Game

Las Vegas Online Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Get ready for Las Vegas-style fun from your comfort zone with the Las Vegas Online Game. Superlotto Games has done its magic in this colorful title encompassing four mini-games: a classic slot, a card game, a 777 game, and dice like the Rocket Dice game.

Visually, Las Vegas is appealing, and the main theme is red. The objective is to reveal or match some icons on the four mini-games. It has no bonus features. But this does not make it less fun to play. You can win up to $5000, and the bet size is flexible enough to accommodate all kinds of players.

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How to Play Las Vegas Online Game

Las Vegas Online Game is a purely luck-based game that features four online casino mini-games. Achieve the objective for at least one of the mini-games to win. To start, load the game and specify the amount you want to bet. Then start the game. It’s that simple.

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Superlotto has designed the game to have feature gameplay. After specifying your bet, click the reload icons on the four mini-games. For game 1, you must land at least three identical symbols to win a prize. However, for game 2, you must reveal an Ace card from the four cards to win a prize.

Game 3 is the 777 game. Here, four lucky numbers will be revealed, and if one matches the randomly selected middle number, you will win the attached prize. The last mini-game is the dice game with three rows. You must find two matching dice in a row to win a prize.

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Bet Sizes & House Edge

Like most Superlotto Games, the bet sizes in Las Vegas are flexible. Like in the Inferno Sea Online game, the minimum wager is $0.10. The maximum bet is $5.

As for the game’s house edge, no information is available at the moment. But we can tell that it is a low to medium-volatility game, so you can expect winnings relatively frequently. During our test, we played 20 straight rounds and got 12 wins.


Just like the Inferno Sea Online game, the Las Vegas game is without a well-defined payout structure. This means you can win anything depending on how many objectives of each mini-game you can complete. From game 1 to 4, the prize can be anywhere from $1 to $5000. Nevertheless, you can only win as much as $5,000 per game round.

Mini Game Payout
Game 1 1 – 1000
Game 2 1 – 1000
Game 3 1 – 1000
Game 4 1 – 1000


Las Vegas Online Game Tips

Las Vegas is a fun and easy-to-play game. However, you can follow some tips to have the best experience. Remember that there are no bonus features to trigger, so adjust your bankroll to let you play more rounds. You can play the Las Vegas game demo version to test how the gameplay works.

In addition, you can apply playing strategies like the Martingale System to boost your odds. But note that no strategy offers a 100% guarantee. So take gambling for fun and only play with what you can afford and try other casino games.

Las Vegas Online Game FAQs

Can I play Las Vegas online game on my mobile device?

Yes, you can. The game is fully optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

What is the maximum payout in Las Vegas online game?

The maximum prize is $5,000. You can only win this by placing the maximum bet possible, $5.00.

Become the King of the Hall!

It is a great game for all types of players. The limits are flexible, the payouts are decent (1,000x), and the gameplay is straightforward and smooth. With so much fun and excitement to enjoy, log in to your gambling account and play Las Vegas for real money today!

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Las Vegas Online Reviews

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