Lucky Coins Game

Lucky Coins Game

Quick Overview of the Game

If you love to scratch and win the lottery, you will enjoy playing the Lucky Coins game. Released by Superlotto, this mobile-friendly game allows you to scratch virtual lottery tickets from the comfort of your home. All the gold-colored coins complement the dark pink background, and the soothing guitar music keeps you relaxed as you play.

In the best online casino reviews, you will find essential details about the many game’s graphics, betting sizes, features, and tips to help you play the game. Keep reading, or play the demo version to find out more about this game.

How to Play Lucky Coins Game

The fastest way to learn how to play the Lucky Coins Game is to search for the demo game at the best online casino and play it risk-free. After that, create a casino account and load it with real money. Choose your staking amount to purchase a lottery ticket. Click the “Play” button to shuffle the coins. Finally, click “Scratch All” to reveal the results. You win a prize when at least one lucky number at the top of the screen corresponds with your coins below.

You can also play other games like this and the Book of Keno Game in the demo version, so you don’t risk your bankroll during practice time.


The gameplay is straightforward, so if you have any experience with the traditional lottery, you should understand it immediately. There are 26 coins on the board at any given time. Six of these coins are lucky symbols, while 20 are your symbols. You must get at least one symbol to appear on both sections to qualify for a win.

If no matching symbol appears after a shuffle, you do not get any prize, and you have to try again. Compared to other casino games, there are no fixed values for the symbols in this game. Each time you shuffle, the value of every symbol changes. For example, figure eight coins can be worth $500 during your first spin and $5 during your second spin.

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Bet Sizes & House Edge

The minimum bet on Lucky Coins online is $0.10, and the maximum bet is $5. This is better than the Narcos Online Game. Higher-value bets usually attract the most rewards. However, the house edge for this game is not publicly available.


Your payout depends on the value of the bet and the coins that match. It can range from $0.10 to $5000. You get only $0.10 when you place the minimum bet and two coins match. However, if all the lucky numbers match when you max out your bet at $5, you win the grand prize of $5000.

Lucky Coins Bonus Features

The bonus game activates when one of four symbols appears on any coins. These symbols are a heart, a diamond, a star, and a gift. You activate the bonus game when any of these symbols appear on your coins after a shuffle. You will win any prize hiding under the bonus coin in addition to your regular winnings from matching coins.

Lucky Coins Tips

Below are some tips to help you increase your winning potential.

  • Play the Lucky Coins game at regular intervals
  • Max out your bet to $5 for a higher potential win, but only if you can afford it
  • Understand that winnings are random despite your efforts

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Lucky Coins Game FAQs

Is Lucky Coins game free?

Yes, you can play the Lucky Coins demo for free. If you want to gamble for real, you must stake with real money.

Can I play Luck Coins game on my phone?

Yes, you can play Lucky Coins online on your smartphone. The game is fully optimized for mobile iOS and Android devices.

How much can I win in Lucky Coins game?

You can win up to $5000 on Lucky Coins instant lottery.

Open Your Lucky Coin Today

The Lucky Coins review above shows that this instant lottery game is an excellent option for relaxing. While the game’s demo version allows you to play for fun, you only stand a chance to win real money when you stake with real money.

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Lucky Coins Reviews

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