Ocean Online Game

Ocean Online Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Ocean online game is an ocean-themed instant lottery game developed by Superlotto Games. The blue sea and natural-looking marine life graphics are very satisfying to watch. You can enjoy the game and many other casino games on both mobile and desktop devices.

Ocean instant lottery offers more than beautiful graphics. It also gives you a chance to win fantastic rewards. The betting range starts from $0.10 to $5, making it affordable compared to its counterparts. In this game review, you will find everything about the features, betting sizes, and tips. Keep reading, or play the Ocean game demo version to find out more.

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How to Play the Ocean Online Game

The easiest way to learn how to play Ocean Online Game is to start with the demo. When you want to play the main game, you must buy tickets to bet. Adjust the betting amount with the plus or minus button on the screen and click the button in between to play. Each time one symbol appears three or more times after a bet, you secure a prize.

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Ocean online game has simple gameplay, just like the Inferno Slots. There are ocean-themed symbols available in the game. These symbols include a pirate’s hat, hook, sextant, rum barrel, anchor, message bottle, and scimitar. Each symbol has a unique value, depending on your wager.

When you bet, bubbles rise from the ocean bed, and the symbols appear on the screen in three rolls and four columns. If one symbol appears at least three times vertically or horizontally, you get a reward.

Bet Sizes & House Edge

The lowest amount you can bet on Ocean online game is $0.10, but the highest is $5. This is very similar to the Football Allstar PSO. How much you win after each bet depends on your bet amount and the value of the symbols on the screen. The house edge for Ocean is not available to the public.


Your payout can range from $0.10 to $5000, depending on the outcome of the bet and the symbols. The highest-value symbol is the pirate hat. It can bring up to $5000 when you max out. However, the lowest paying symbol, the scimitar, only offers $5 even at the maximum bet. Below is an example of what you should expect if you bet $5.

Symbols Reward
Pirate hat 5000
Hook 1000
Sextant 500
Rum 250
Anchor 25
Message bottle 10
Scimitar 5

Ocean Online Game Tips

Not many tips can increase your odds of winning when you play the Ocean online game since rewards are generated randomly, like in the Piggy Bank game. However, some generic tips for instant lottery casino games may help you improve the frequency and value of your rewards.

  • Don’t take risks and go all in with the maximum bet if your budget can’t afford it.
  • Don’t start betting with money until you have tried the Ocean game demo and become familiar with the gameplay.

Ocean Online Game FAQs

Can I win real money playing Ocean game online?

Yes, you can win real money on Ocean game. However, this option is only available when you sign up for an online casino account and bet with real money.

How long does a bet last on the Ocean game demo?

Ocean game provides unlimited credits on its demo, so you can play for as long as you want. Each bet lasts only a few seconds, and you can make as many bets as you wish.

Is Ocean online game a slot game?

No, Ocean by Superlotto Games is not a slot game. It is an instant lottery game for mobile and desktop devices.

Dive Into the Ocean of Rewards

The Ocean game review above shows that it is an entertaining game with impressive potential rewards. You do not need to break the bank to get started, as the highest bet only costs $5 but can give you up to $5000. Ocean online casino game is easy to play and readily available on mobile devices.

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Ocean Online Reviews

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