Penalty Series Game

Penalty Series Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Evoplay Entertainment, owners of many successful casino games, bring you the Penalty Series Game, a fantastic casino game that will appeal to all football fans. It involves scoring a goal from the penalty spot as well as saving a shot from the spot. There is even a bonus feature that enhances the experience. Before diving into the real action, we recommend trying out the Penalty Series demo.

How to Play Penalty Series Game

On the Penalty Series Game, you start by selecting a country to play with. Next, choose a stake that is suitable for your budget and click on the “Play” button.

The game starts with you taking a penalty by choosing one of three directions. If you score, then in the next round you will have to save a penalty kick. Here, you also get three options to choose from. The game lets you collect a payout at any given round.

However, if you decide to keep going and fail to score or save a penalty, then you’ll lose your payout. You are free to go six rounds without collecting a prize before the online casino real money game automatically rewards it.

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Penalty Series Game RTP and Variance

The Penalty Series game features an RTP rate of 96%. In the iGaming industry, this is a very good percentage that offers good chances of winning. Sadly, Evoplay Entertainment didn’t reveal the variance level of the game.

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Symbols and Gameplay

Symbols aren’t included in Penalty Series, as there is no need for them. The only important object is the ball, as are the two characters, the player and goalkeeper. Football fans will truly love the gameplay, as it is super entertaining. In addition to this unique experience, you can also explore other casino games to enhance your gaming variety.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

You are free to set the stakes between $1 and $1,000 when playing Penalty Series online. In the table below, you will find the potential payouts that you can collect.

Winning Rounds in a Row Payout
One 1.92x
Two 3.84x
Three 7.68x
Four 15.36x
Five 30.72x
Six 61.44x


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Penalty Series Bonus Features

There is a side bet feature, which allows you to place additional bets before the start of the round. It gives you a chance to win extra payouts regardless of whether you win the main game. You have a chance to bet on the outcome of any of the 6 rounds. There are also bets for 3 attacks, 3 defenses, any 4 successful hits, and any 5 successful hits.

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Penalty Series Game FAQs

Can I play the Penalty Series game for free?

Yes, you can play this casino game for free. There is the Penalty Series demo version that you can play with virtual credits.

What are the side bets in the Penalty Series game?

The side bets allow you to win extra money regardless of your achievement in the main game. You can use them to bet on the outcome of each round. You can also bet on the number of attacks or defences, as well as successful hits.

What is the highest payout in Penalty Series online?

The biggest amount that you can win is 61.44x the bet. You can get this payout after winning the 6 rounds or by guessing the outcome of all the rounds with a side bet.

Join the Excitement of Penalty Shoots

Penalty Series is a truly amazing game that is perfect for all football fans. The fact that you can shoot and save a penalty to win real money is thrilling and super exciting. Players can even use side bets to collect even more payouts while enjoying this fun game. If you want to play Penalty Series for real money, join Vegas Aces Casino now!

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