Penalty Shoot Out Game

Penalty Shoot Out Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Test your football skills in the Penalty Shoot Out Game and get some payouts along the way, just like in many other casino games at Vegas Aces Casino. In this title, you get to take a penalty, and every time you score, the game will reward you with a prize. Below, you can read all about this super exciting game.

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How to Play Penalty Shoot Out Game

The first step is to access the Penalty Shoot Out Game and choose a country that you want to represent. After that, select a bet amount according to your available funds and click or tap on the “Play” button. Now, your objective is to beat the goalkeeper. You can do that by choosing one of five possible directions. There is also a “Random” button that is chosen for you.

If you score, then the game will allow you to instantly collect the payout. But you can also go all the way and win all five penalty shootouts. That will result in receiving the highest possible win of 30.72x the bet. However, we should mention that if you miss a penalty, then you lose your potential payout.

Penalty Shoot Out Game RTP and Variance

The RTP rate on the Penalty Shoot Out casino game is set at 96%. As you may know, this is a percentage that many consider average in the iGaming industry. But it still offers a good chance of making a profit. As for the variance, we couldn’t find any information about it on Evoplay’s official website. Not even the demo version features such details.

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Symbols and Gameplay

You won’t find any symbols in Penalty Shoot Out, as this isn’t an online slot. The only things included here are a ball and a goalkeeper. Yet, the online casino gameplay is super entertaining, regardless of its simplicity. Football fans will have a blast playing this fun title.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Evoplay Entertainment offers a betting range between $1 and $1,000, making it accessible for players like you who enjoy exploring various casino games. Now, there are 5 different payouts that you can claim with these stakes. In the table below, you will find these potential rewards.

Goals in a Row Payout
One 1.92x
Two 3.84x
Three 7.68x
Four 15.36x
Five 30.72x


Penalty Shoot Out Game Tips for Playing

To help you win more in the Penalty Shoot Out casino game, we’ve decided to give you a few tips. Here’s what we want you to know about this title:

  • Try out the demo version before you start playing with real money.
  • The fast gameplay can make you lose a lot of funds if you are not careful.
  • Don’t look for any strategies, as this game is all about luck.

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Penalty Shoot Out Game FAQs

What is the RTP rate in the Penalty Shoot Out game?

The RTP rate is set at 96%. This is a pretty good percentage featured in most online casino games.

How much can I win in Penalty Shoot Out online?

The payouts in this casino game range between 1.92x and 30.72x the bet. The payout increases with every goal you score. You are also free to collect your reward at any given time.

Can I play the Penalty Shoot Out game on a mobile device?

Yes, you can access this title with your smartphone. The game is accessible on all iOS and Android devices, where the gameplay is the same as on desktop devices.

Test Your Luck with the Excitement of Football

Penalty Shoot Out Online is a wonderful casino game that targets football fans. Its gameplay is very entertaining and easy to learn. The rules are so simple that even non-football fans can easily understand them. In addition, you are free to collect an increasing prize whenever you like. If you want to give this game a go, then feel free to sign up now.

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