PlingoBall Game

PlingoBall Game

Quick Overview of the Game

If you are familiar with Plingo, then you will surely like the PlingoBall Game from Evoplay Entertainment. This title, like many other casino games from Evoplay, comes with exceptional gameplay as well as a very generous bonus feature. Below, you will find all the important information about this super fun game.

How to Play PlingoBall Game

Once you’re in the PlingoBall Game and wondering how to win at the casino with $20, choose a risk level and the number of rows. Now, you will need to select a stake that you prefer. Lastly, click on the “Play” button that features a shell with two arrows.

The game begins when one of the girls releases a ball from the top. Then the ball slowly progresses towards the bottom, after which it disappears from the screen. Now, the box that it touches at the end will provide the winning multiplier.

PlingoBall Game RTP and Variance

PlingoBall comes with an RTP rate of 96.04%, which is a pretty decent one in the iGaming industry. Many other casino games feature such a percentage. You can find it at most online slots on the market.

As for the variance, you can adjust the variance as you like. The game allows you to play with low, medium, or high risk. Choosing a higher risk comes with bigger payouts, but less often. The low variance is offering the opposite, smaller wins but more frequently.

Symbols and Gameplay

There are no symbols included in the PlingoBall game, as a single ball determines the payouts. The gameplay is super thrilling, as you get to see how the ball progresses towards the bottom. Sudden shifts in its trajectory may appear from time to time, which may result in much bigger or much smaller wins.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Evoplay has set the stake limits for this casino game between $1 and $1,000. As for the prizes, they tend to vary depending on the number of rows and the risk level. At the lowest risk level, you can win payouts of up to 62x the bet. With the normal risk level, you get to play for rewards of up to 100x the bet. Lastly, the high-risk level offers prizes of up to 500x the bet.

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PlingoBall Game Bonus Features

While playing PlingoBall online, you will come across two bonus features. The first one is the Bonus Event, which appears on the biggest field. It provides obstacles with different colors in the playing area. If your ball touches one of them, then you’ll receive a payout of 11x the bet.

The second bonus feature is about your progress in the game. There is a progress bar on all fields, apart from the biggest one. This progress bar increases by one with every round you play. When you fill the entire bar, the game will award you a random bonus.

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PlingoBall Game FAQs

What is the bonus event in the PlingoBall game?

This feature applies to the biggest field in the game. It offers special obstacles that reward 11 times the bet if the ball touches them.

What is the biggest possible win in PingoBall online?

The highest possible payout in PingoBall is 500x the stake. You can only get this while playing on the biggest possible field at a high-risk level.

Can I play the PlingoBall game for free?

Yes, you can play the PlingoBall demo version without wagering real money. However, keep in mind that you cannot win real money rewards with that version.

Let the Beautiful Beach Girls Accompany You

If you are looking for a thrilling and simple game, then PlingoBall is the one for you. You can try out the exciting PlingoBall demo version to get a feel for the game before playing for real money. You get to choose the risk level as well as the number of rows before each round. The game also comes with two bonus features that can provide some extra payouts. Join us now to play PlingoBall for real money.

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