Poker Race Online Game

Poker Race Online Game

Quick Overview of the Poker Race Online Game

The revving sound of cars makes this Poker Race online game one for the books. Created by AllWaySpin, this is an immersive racing game infused with poker attributes. If you enjoy racing games with top-notch graphics and riveting gameplay with great potential for big wins in your preferred online casino, then Poker Race is just the right game for you.

This particular game comes with a twist in that it’s also a poker game. It’s not the regular arcade game; instead, as you race, the suits of cards in the game pop up like in the game of poker. Try it out right now and see how fascinating this game is. We are sure it will keep you glued to your device.

How to Play Poker Race Online Game

The Poker Race online game is pretty easy to play, and this online casino review is here to tell you how. This is how to play the Poker Race game online: When you load up the casino game, you will be greeted with an interface that shows four cars on the racing course. Each car has its own color, which corresponds to four kinds of cards. The blue car represents the “spade,” the red car represents the “hearts,” the yellow car is the “diamond,” and lastly, the green car represents the “club.”

The next thing is to pick a car of your choice and place your bet. There are six values you can bet on, namely 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, and 200. To increase your bet values, click on the figures multiple times. Press the “V” button to begin the game and the “X” button to clear your bets. When the cover card is opened to reveal the suit, the corresponding car speeds up. For example, if an ace of spades suit is opened, the blue car speeds up. A car wins when it goes past the last cover card.

Poker Race Game RTP and Variance

This information is not publicly available at the moment. Rest assured that it will be published once it’s confirmed.

Symbols and Gameplay

The symbols in the Poker Race arcade game are basically cars. There are four cars in the game with the colors blue, yellow, green, and red. There is no information about the special symbols or in-game bonuses in the Poker Race. The game also offers six betting values for players to choose from. They include the betting values 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, and 200.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The bet size ranges from $1 to $200, which is the maximum amount that you can bet. However, there are no pay tables available at the time of this Poker Race game review.

Poker Race Game Bonus Features

At the time of researching and writing these casino game reviews, we could not find any information regarding bonus features for the Poker Race online game.

Poker Race – FAQs

Is Poker Race a Slot Game?

No, the Poker Race is not a slot game. It is an arcade racing game that operates like poker.

Is Poker Race Available in Demo Mode?

The Poker Race can be played in demo mode. To enjoy this, you don't have to sign up, and you can play the Poker Race online demo for as long as you like.

Can Poker Race be Played on Mobile?

Poker Race is an HTML5 game that can be played on various types of devices. Whether it's Android, iOS, or Windows, you are good to go.

Now You Need to Start Racing

There is no doubt that the Poker Race arcade is a lot of fun if you enjoy car racing and the adrenaline rush that it brings. You need to jump on it to experience this firsthand; the revving sound of the cards is bound to make you feel just like you are on a race track. Why don’t you sign in and start racing and winning?

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Poker Race Reviews

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 9 reviews
 by Lucas Turner

POKER RACE rocks! Vegas Aces' thrilling game is a poker lover's dream. Non-stop action!

 by Oliver Wright

Chips, cards, and victory! Thanks, Vegas Aces, for POKER RACE's thrilling showdown.

 by Mia Henderson

Get ready to ante up! POKER RACE by Vegas Aces is a high-energy game. Play for glory!

 by Noah Ramirez

Vegas Aces knows poker! POKER RACE is a true test of skill. Join the race to win big.

 by Sophia Green

Bluff your way to victory! POKER RACE on Vegas Aces is intense fun. Prepare for a ride!

 by Jackson Foster

POKER RACE at its finest! Vegas Aces keeps the excitement high. A poker player's delight!

 by Olivia Brooks

Thrills at every turn! POKER RACE by Vegas Aces is an adrenaline rush. Don't miss out!

 by Ethan Miller

Vegas Aces delivers again! POKER RACE is a high-stakes adventure. Big wins guaranteed!

 by Amelia Clark

Unbeatable excitement! POKER RACE on Vegas Aces is a strategic masterpiece. Play it now!

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