Flourish with Fortune in Prosperous Bloom Scratch Card

Flourish with Fortune in Prosperous Bloom Scratch Card

It’s time to combine wealth with enlightenment in the Prosperous Bloom Scratch Card by Dragon Gaming. As flowers of all shapes and sizes blossom in this scratch-off title, there’s a sense of a new beginning – in a very positive way. This new beginning could bring you fortunes worth 500x your stake size or even bless you with free games and multipliers too.

What more could we ask for in a scratch-off game? This title, without question, highlights the path toward riches that transcends most others in this category.

Strive towards these fortunes and grab a ticket here.

How to Play the Prosperous Bloom Scratch Card

Prosperous Bloom Scratch Card lets you get in touch with your spiritual side, and it doesn’t take much for a slice of the action here. Alongside the striking visuals on each ticket in this title, you’ll notice a bet size link, play button, and autoplay button. These three icons control the entire gaming experience.

Of course, the bet size link dictates how much you purchase each card for. The play button confirms the purchase before revealing all 9x icons behind each window. As for the autoplay button, you can use it at your discretion to remove all manual inputs.

European Roulette offers a classic casino experience with strategic betting on a spinning wheel, relying on luck and calculation. In contrast, the Prosperous Bloom Scratch Card online provides instant gratification, vibrant themes, and straightforward gameplay, allowing players to win immediately without complex strategies or odds, making it an ideal choice for those seeking quick and exciting results.

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Prosperous Bloom Scratch Card RTP and Variance

The variance in this selection from our casino games flows at the medium/high range, which some might find concerning. After all, this range means that regular wins aren’t usually part and parcel of each round played. However, it does mean that bigger wins are more likely to flourish, and the 95% RTP does help to keep the returns coming while limiting extended losing streaks.

If you seek a game with a more stable RTP, try playing the Heads & Tails Game.

Symbols and Gameplay

The Prosperous Bloom Scratch card doesn’t require concern like how many black cards are in a deck, as it relies purely on revealed symbols for instant wins rather than traditional card values.

From the moment you open this game, you’re met with tranquil music and a splendid Asian backdrop of the Far East mountains. For an enjoyable view among our other casino games, this almost creates the feeling of a meditation-like retreat, but the idea isn’t to help you find your inner self. Instead, through various flowers and Asian letters, the goal is to uncover the best payouts and features the game has available.

If you achieve that goal, you’ll be treated to immersive visuals for all winning symbols, and this can happen more than once with each ticket!

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

For your shot at landing 500x returns in the real money game, you can purchase each ticket for a price of $0.10 – $20.

Symbol Payout
Asian Letter One 1x
Asian Letter Two 3x
Asian Letter Three 5x
Purple Flower 15x
Orange Flower 50x
Red Flower 100x
Bamboo 500x


Prosperous Bloom Scratch Card Bonus Features

If you investigate other scratch-offs from Dragon Gaming in our online casino guides, they all have a couple of fixed bonus elements in play. As for those found in the Prosperous Bloom Scratch Card, the two bonus elements include free games and multipliers – earned through the Wheel of Fortune.

Simply put, landing 3x bonus symbols initiates 10 free games in a single sequence. Any winning card in this sequence triggers a chance to spin the Wheel of Fortune, leading to 2x to 10x multipliers for an extra boost.

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Prosperous Bloom Scratch Card FAQs

Does this game work the same on mobile as on a desktop?

Yes. The payout system, mechanics, and general functionality are the same on both platforms.

What does the Wheel of Fortune do for my free game winnings?

When you spin the Wheel of Fortune, you’ll receive a multiplier for the free game winnings, which is pretty awesome.

Do winnings in free games always come with an enhanced multiplier?

Yes, each winning ticket in free games receives a multiplier between 2x and 10x.


Feeling open to a new beginning full of riches and rewards? Walk the spiritual path in the Prosperous Bloom Scratch Card today.

So, start playing online casino real money games now, and win big!

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