Pyramid Online Game

Pyramid Online Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Pyramid online game from Superlotto Games is a great title to try. It is set in the Egyptian desert and features camel riders crossing into the pyramids. The rich theme and graphics welcome players, while the top-notch animation keeps them hooked. Also, the game uses traditional background music to create a unique feel.

Want to play the game for free? The best online casino offers a free version. The Pyramid game demo doesn’t require registration or a deposit to play just like the Mississippi Stud Online demo. It also works on all devices.

Before you play this game for real money, consider its gameplay, bet sizes, payouts, and more. This Pyramid game review will shed more light on them.

How to Play Pyramid Online Game

If you want to boost your chances of winning, you should learn how to play the Pyramid online game first. Start by playing the Pyramid game demo. To play, you need to select your preferred bet size. After choosing, you can select special characters. You can also switch these characters after some rounds. Use the “open all” button to reveal the character behind the pyramids, and if they match your special characters, you win.

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The gameplay is straightforward in the Pyramids online game. It has 21 stone tiles that hide different symbols. Some symbols include Shen, Ba, Djed, lotus, the feather of Maat, and more. You only need to select two of these symbols as your lucky symbols and start the game. The value of each symbol depends on how many you get.

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Bet Sizes & House Edge

The bet sizes in the Pyramid online game are suitable for all levels of players. Whether you’re a big roller or a newbie, you can find something within your budget. The minimum bet is $0.10 per round, while the highest wager you can place is $5, very similar to the Heads and Tails online game.

The house edge information is not available at the moment of writing this review.


The payout in Pyramid online game is impressive and can reach up to $5000 if you hit 20 successful matches. As exciting as the Plinko XY game. The lowest payout is $5 for landing two matches in the pyramid. Below is an elaborate table to highlight the potential payouts if you bet $5.

Matches  Payout 
20 5000
15 2500
10 250
6 50
5 25
4 15
3 10
2 5

Pyramid Online Game Tips

Pyramid online game is like other casino games, meaning you cannot predict when you’ll reveal winning symbols. However, these tips come in handy to improve your overall performance.

  • Play the free-to-play version. The demo version gives you insight into how it works. You may be able to spot some useful patterns.
  • Choose the largest bet size only if your budget can afford it.

Pyramid Online Game FAQs

Can I play Pyramid for free?

Yes, you can play the Pyramid game demo for free. However, winning real money while playing the demo version is impossible.

Can I play Pyramid on Mobile?

Pyramid online game is available on mobile platforms as well as desktop. It is optimized to work on all screens, so you can use tablets or smartphones to run it.

Does Pyramid offer any bonus features?

The Pyramid instant lottery game does not offer a bonus feature. However, it makes up for this with its high maximum payout.

Discover The Ancient Pyramids Today

Superlotto Games put a lot of effort into developing the graphics and animation of the Pyramid instant lottery. The game is well thought out, with attention to small details that make it seem more realistic. Also, the gameplay is pretty simple. While it lacks bonus features, the maximum payout is attractive. For players who prefer to enjoy their games on the go, this game works on all devices. You can play it seamlessly on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

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Pyramid Online Reviews

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