Pyramid Treasures Game

Pyramid Treasures Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Traverse the desert in scorching heat to find the pyramid treasures in this instant lottery game. Created by Superlotto Games, Pyramid Treasures game offers exciting casino promotions. It is a colorful and interesting title, with background music, graphics, palm trees, and mummy animations that make it pleasing to watch. It is also mobile-friendly, so you can continue to play the game on the go.

This Pyramid Treasures review will highlight everything you should know before playing the real money online casino game. Keep reading our review, or explore the Pyramid Treasures demo to find out more.

How to Play Pyramid Treasures Game

If you want to find the best online casino reviews for the Pyramid Treasures game, start with the demo version. It’s free, and you can learn the game’s features without depositing real money. After starting the game, increase or reduce your bet and play. You can use the “open all” button to reveal the symbols behind the cards. Depending on how many symbols you get, the game will reward you.

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The game has 3×3 stone tiles with hidden symbols behind them. Some symbols include the scarab, jackal, sphinx, eye, pyramid, snake, and goblet. To win, you need to get three to five matching symbols in each round. just like the Book of Keno game, the payout is determined by your wager amount as well.

Also, the game offers a multiplier when you win a single ticket. It can be x2, x3, or x5. The game adds the multiplier reward automatically when it applies.

Bet Sizes & House Edge

The bet size on Pyramid Treasures is the same as most instant lottery games. It ranges from $0.10 to $5. While this may seem small, it is excellent for players with a small gambling budget.

At this time, the house edge of the game is not published.


The payouts for Pyramid Treasures are impressive, especially since you can win up to $5000 when you uncover five of the scarab symbols. The lowest-paying symbol is the pyramid. Below is the potential payout for each symbol, for a bet of $5.

Symbol  Payout 
Scarab $5000
Jackal $1000
Sphinx $500
Golden Snake $250
Goblet $25
Eye of Horus $10
Pyramid $5

Pyramid Treasures Game Tips

Like the Narcos Online Game, the Pyramid Treasure game generates symbols randomly. You can win more prizes by following these tips.

  • Placing smaller bets may not bring the highest rewards, but it gives you the chance to play more rounds without breaking your bankroll.
  • Maxing out your bet is only smart if your budget can afford it.
  • Practice to learn your chances. Thankfully, the game has a demo version that you can use to learn the features of other casino games. This may not guarantee a win, but you’ll understand how the game works.

Pyramid Treasures Game FAQ

Does the Pyramid Treasures game work on tablets?

This instant lottery game works on all devices, including tablets. It was designed with HTML5 technology, making it suitable for all Android and iOS web browsers. So whether you have an iPad or Android tablet, it will work on both.

Is Pyramid Treasures free to play?

Pyramid Treasures is not free to play. However, there is a Pyramid Treasures demo that can help you learn the game’s features.

Is Pyramid Treasures a slot game?

Pyramid Treasures by Superlotto Games is not a slot game. Rather, it is an instant lottery game. However, it shares some characteristics with slot games.

A Trip to Ancient Egypt

Pyramid Treasures offers fantastic visuals and impressive background sound. It has a simple gameplay and features multipliers to help maximize your winnings. The game is optimized for mobile, so take your phone with you and play on the go, and also learn more about other games like Blackjack and the Blackjack insurance bet.

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Pyramid Treasures Reviews

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