Scratch and Power Up with Saiyan Warriors Scratchcard

Scratch and Power Up with Saiyan Warriors Scratchcard

Calling all Dragon Ball Z fans! The Saiyan Warriors Scratchcard, created by Dragon Gaming, lets your imagination run wild. Here, you join Goku and the gang on an epic 3×3 scratchcard adventure. Just like in the cartoon, the goal is to rid the world of evil and collect the mighty Dragon Balls.

If you do so successfully, you’ll receive a boatload of Saiyan-worthy prizes, like 500x payouts, multipliers, and free games galore. Of course, you’ll also enjoy fighting-style visuals that stir up a bit of nostalgia while you’re at it.

Channel your Saiyan energy and pick up your scratch card here.

How to Play the Saiyan Warriors Scratchcard

Unlike the complications at baccarat online, grabbing a piece of the Saiyan Warriors Scratchcard is remarkably simple. First, you must pick your battle stakes by using the up/down icons to adjust the wager size appropriately. Second, it’s time to build your energy and unleash it upon those forces of evil. By this, we mean smashing the play button and revealing all 9x symbols in a flash.

Only then will you know whether your Saiyan quest has succeeded or if those classic enemies have taken you down.

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Saiyan Warriors Scratchcard RTP and Variance

While the variance is medium/high, which may worry conservative players, the Saiyan Warriors Scratchcard has a decent RTP of 95%. This should offset too much volatility to some degree, but returns will inevitably be less frequent than others found in our casino guides.

A more stable game, with a higher RTP for you to try, is the Old West Game. Shoot your luck!

Symbols and Gameplay

This is certainly one of the more dynamic scratch-offs produced by Dragon Gaming in our casino games. As you gaze endlessly at a Dragon Ball Z-style backdrop, you get a sense that a terrific battle is about to unfold. Images of the Super Saiyan warriors fighting within the 3×3 grid back this up. And with legendary opponents like Majin Buu, Cell, and Frieza appearing within each ticket, this theme is definitely on point.

There are even energy burst sound effects when the icons flip over to reveal whether you’ve earned a payout.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Each ticket in this game can be purchased for as little as $0.10. However, on the other side of the betting range, tickets cost $20 each.

It is an easy way to learn how to win at the casino with $20, by using this game and its attractive payouts!

Symbol Payout
Majin Buu 1x
Cell 3x
Piccolo 5x
Frieza 15x
Vegeta 50x
Goku 100x
Shen Long 500x


Saiyan Warriors Scratchcard Bonus Features

Now for the exciting part! To get that Saiyan blood pumping, you’ve every chance of bagging 10x free games at a time and magnificent multipliers for each of these bonus rounds. Combined, these incentives can quickly unload a barrage of wins, and you needn’t pay for the privilege!

Of course, the higher the multipliers, ranging from 2x to 10x, the mightier your returns may climb. And whenever the bonus ends, you can always return to the base game and seek these treasures again and again! Take the game to the test among our other casino games!

These are the kinds of features that make it worth fighting those menacing villains!

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Saiyan Warriors Scratchcard FAQs

Can I play this game on my mobile?

Yes. This game was designed with a mobile-friendly structure in mind, meaning it’s accessible on tablets and smartphones.

Do I have a better chance of scoring a payout with larger bets?

No. You have the same chance of landing a payout regardless of your selected bet size.

When will I know what multiplier I receive once I’ve used all my free games?

The multiplier you receive is known at the end of the free games - revealed once you spin the Wheel of Fortune.


Listen up, fighters – if you want the ultimate Saiyan warrior experience, look no further than this one. This game was built for Dragon Ball Z super-fans, so get your share of the excitement through the Saiyan Warriors Scratchcard Demo now.

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