Scratch Online Game

Scratch Online Game

Quick Overview of the Game

The Scratch game from FunTa Gaming is a simple yet exciting game designed to give players a great gambling experience. When you open the game, you’ll find the design unique. The background is full of gold coins and diamond that glitters. Here, you’ll be presented with two options to choose from. The first is called the Tripple Diamond, and the second is called Casino.

Additionally, the Tripple Diamond has three games, while the Casino game has four. Click on the bet size to load any of the games. So if you’re new to this game, you should keep reading this review to understand how it works. Sign up now and start wagering for real money.

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How to Play Scratch Game

The Scratch online game is an incredible game with many thrilling sessions like the Skull Bingo online game. Also, the rules of the game are easy to understand. Follow the below guide on how to play the Scratch game online.

  • First, choose safe online casinos to play, always.
  • Then, you need to pick one of the games to access the main screen. The Tripple Diamond has a bet size ranging from $1000 to $10000. On the other hand, the Casino Game has a bet size ranging from $4000 to $40000. Use the + or – sign to adjust your stake.
  • Regardless of your game, the rules to play are the same. You must buy the scratch card by clicking the Buy button to enter the game. After that, hit the Check button to see the result.
  • If you want to continue, click Again to start.

Bet Sizes and House Edge

The best size depends on the game you choose to play with. Additionally, the Tripple Diamond has a minimum bet amount of $1000 and a maximum of $10,000. On the other hand, the Casino bet size is between $4000 and $40,000. The scratch from FunTa Gaming doesn’t have a paytable.

We checked the information section of the game but couldn’t find the house edge value. Also, there is no information about the volatility. But based on the Scratch demo, we give it a medium volatility rating.


The Scratch Card game from FunTa Gaming doesn’t have symbols, so you don’t need to combine matching symbols to win. The rules of the game differ depending on the one you choose. In this section, we’ll briefly discuss how both games work.

Tripple Diamond

Tripple Diamond has three different games that you can enjoy at once. In the first game, you need to scratch off an identical picture with “Lucky Picture” to win the prize under the picture. The second game requires you to scratch off an exact number with “Lucky Number” to win the prize written under the number. Lastly, the third game is to scratch three identical amounts to win the prizes.


For the first game, you must scratch three identical amounts to win the prize. The second game rules require you to scratch off an identical number with the “Lucky Number” to win the prize written below. If a multiplier appears on the Bonus Multiplier, your total winnings will be multiplied by the multiplier.

For game 3, you need to scratch off three similar pictures to win the prize in the corresponding area. Having the same pictures in different areas is not valid. Game 4 requires you to scratch off an identical picture with “Lucky Picture” to win the prize written under the picture.

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Scratch Game Tips

Scratch Card is a fast-paced game where winning depends on luck. So you can’t determine the outcome of the game will be just like in the game Book of Keno game. Follow the below tips to get the best out of the game.

  • You should first learn the nitty-gritty of the game using the demo version to practice before playing with your bankroll.
  • Losing is part of gambling, so don’t chase your losses by raising your bets.
  • Use a good money management strategy to control how you spend your betting bankroll.
  • Claim bonuses from the chosen online casino to extend your gameplay.
  • Quit while you’re still winning.
  • Only bet with the money you can afford to lose.

Scratch Game FAQs

How to play the Scratch game?

The scratch game is a game of chance, so you should be cautious when playing. Buy the card to enter the game and click the Check button to unveil the result.

Can I play Scratch Demo for free?

Absolutely. You can enjoy the Scratch demo without opening an account or paying money.

Scratch and Start Winning

There’s no doubt that the Scratch Card is a fun and simple game that players can enjoy on all their mobile devices. The game has two different options to choose from. Both games come with simple rules. All you need to do is buy the card and check the result. Create an account and start playing for real money and play other games like the Mississippi Stud Online.

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Scratch Reviews

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Emily Turner

Super fun and easy wins! Highly recommend.

 by Michael Johnson

Exciting game with great payouts!

 by Olivia Garcia

Addictive and thrilling experience.

 by Ethan Harris

Won big on Scratch! Loved it

 by Jackson Lee

Highly engaging with fantastic rewards.

 by Mia Brown

Amazing graphics and smooth play!

 by Sophia Martinez

Great game with big wins!

 by James Wilson

Thrilling and rewarding gameplay!

 by Ava Thompson

Loved the simplicity and huge rewards!

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