Uncover Oceanic Wealth with Sea Treasures Scratch Card

Uncover Oceanic Wealth with Sea Treasures Scratch Card

Underwater riches await your attention in the Sea Treasures Scratch Card by Dragon Gaming! Venture into the depths below to embark on a quest for 500x returns, multiple free games, and other enhancements with each round played. Such bonuses create a magnificent splash – pardon the pun!

Without question, this ranks as one of the best in this category, no matter how many you investigate within our casino guide section.

Seek scratch-card domination in the depths below by jumping in today.

How to Play the Sea Treasures Scratch Card

With the Sea Treasures Scratch Card, grabbing your share of deep-sea scratch action is easy, since we do not have to account for a double deck.
Start by choosing your bet amount with the +/- links in the control panel. Once satisfied, lock in your stake and select the large ‘play’ button to start the countdown.

Once it reaches zero, these ocean-dwelling creatures appear on the grid to reveal whether you’re in or out of luck. And whenever you’re ready for another whirl, just repeat the process of tapping spin – or initiate autoplay to take a back seat.

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Sea Treasures Scratch Card RTP and Variance

The Sea Treasures Scratch Card offers a 95% RTP. However, its medium/high variance setup is not conservative. Subsequently, major payouts may pour in without warning, and ‘void’ periods may affect your gaming experience – meaning a little added patience could be needed.

Another game of similar RTP you can enjoy is the Mines Game. Try to not get blown up!

Symbols and Gameplay

In this enjoyable selection from our casino games, as the bubbles continually rise while various marine dwellers keep you entertained, the stage is set for a load of fun here. You can see the key symbols before you even purchase a card too. This is evident with sharks, fish, and treasure chests sitting within the 3×3 grid – just waiting to be scratched off.

When you scratch off the 9x squares on your card, you’re uplifted and encouraged to fish out big returns with stimulating music. This adds an auditory delight to the game, which joins the already impressive aesthetics, so there’s plenty to shout about, with much simpler mechanics than trying Jokers Wild.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

In this game, you can pick up a card for just $0.10, but you can also purchase them for $20 – the game’s maximum bet size.

Symbol Payout
Bronze Treasure Chest 1x
Silver Treasure Chest 3x
Gold Treasure Chest 5x
Crab 15x
Octopus 50x
Spiked Fish 100x
Shark 500x

Sea Treasures Scratch Card Bonus Features

Where the Sea Treasures Scratch Card stands out among other casino games is its tremendous bonus features. After all, any scratch-off worth talking about has these in abundance. So, how do the bonus features stack up in this game?

Well, if you find 3x bonus symbols in one go, you’ll always have a chance of securing 10x free games at a time. This takes you deeper into the waters below and helps you unlock the bonus wheel. In this instance, every free game has a chance of a 2x-10x multiplier, and the higher the multiplier, the bigger the payoff.

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Sea Treasures Scratch Card FAQs

What can I expect from the Sea Treasures Scratch Card Demo?

In a nutshell - everything you get from the real money version, only you’re not risking any funds when playing.

What happens if I win the free games bonus?

In this instance, you get 10 free scratch-off tickets followed by an exciting shot of landing a big multiplier at the end of the feature.

Will I ever get multipliers in the base game?

No. The exclusive multipliers only appear through the Wheel of Fortune at the end of free games.


There’s always something lurking beneath the waves in the Sea Treasures Scratch Card. Whether it’s free games, enhanced multipliers, or just outrageous payouts, there’s every reason to suit up and take a deep sea dive right here.

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Sea Treasures Scratch Card Review

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