Escape with the Loot in The Bank Heist Scratch Card

Escape with the Loot in The Bank Heist Scratch Card

Experience an adrenaline rush in The Bank Heist Scratch Card from Dragon Gaming today. The concept is simple yet daring – you must rob the bank, stack the cash, and aim for 500x payouts without getting caught. If you’re particularly fortunate, you may get to build the loot through free games and epic multipliers, too.

Doubts like how many spades are in a deck of cards, or other problems of keeping track of cards will not trouble you in this game, since the enticing rewards are within reach of your fingertips.

Such incentives are ready and waiting to be explored right here. And it only takes a matter of cents to pick up a ticket or two.

Purchase your scratch-off here and blow the doors off for wild returns!

How to Play The Bank Heist Scratch Card Online

The Bank Heist Scratch Card is easy to enjoy. Through clearly labeled bet sizes, you can shift the purchase price of each card up/down with ease. Whenever you’ve landed on the desired price, just tap the play button and watch the heist unfold before your very eyes.

The countdown will move from ten to zero, and many of the game’s daring characters will reveal themselves in each ticket. Additionally, autoplay is always an option to keep in your back pocket.

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The Bank Heist Scratch Card RTP and Variance

The 95% RTP of this game aligns with many other scratch-offs within our casino guide section. It also has a medium/high variance rating, which means that each robbery has the potential to dish out the game’s largest returns. But while that’s true, you won’t receive frequently low returns.

A game that will provide you with a higher RTP is the Treasure Island Game, where the buried riches are waiting for you to find them!

Symbols and Gameplay

By opening our casino games to access The Bank Heist Scratchard, you might believe you’ve already pulled off a successful heist. After all, a beautiful woman is lying on top of a bed full of cash, jewelry, and other high-value items. But this is somewhat deceiving, as you still need to grab your ticket and see what the 9x grid positions have in store.

It’s only when you tap ‘play’ that the grid’s image converts and shows the two mobsters in the act of the heist. Due to the ambiance created by a drama-generating soundtrack, this one has a gripping storyline with each round played.

The Bank Heist scratchcard offers quick, instant results with exciting themes and high jackpot potential, perfect for thrill-seekers, unlike Jacks or Better, which requires time and strategic thinking, and lacks the immediate gratification that scratchcard wins provide.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

When you’re ready to pull the trigger and commit this daring heist, you can grab a card for anywhere between $0.10 and $20.

Symbol Payout
Ring 1x
Cash 3x
Medallion 5x
$$$ 15x
Bank Robber 50x
Female Criminal 100x
The Boss 500x

The Bank Heist Scratch Card Bonus Features

For a game based on high-stakes action, you’d expect a few ‘special surprises’ to pop out of nowhere, right? And that’s precisely what you get with The Bank Heist Scratch Card. Essentially, every ticket carries the possibility of free games alongside massive returns of 500x the wager size. This can lead to ten free games in just one sequence, which is already awesome.

Additionally, for any winning ticket in the free games rounds, you’ll get to spin the bonus wheel in search of multipliers as high as 10x. Needless to say, this can give your bag of cash a massive boost as you flee the scene!

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The Bank Heist Scratch Card FAQs

Does this game support autoplay?

Yes. The autoplay feature allows you to set up between 10 and 1000 ticket purchases without manual intervention.

Am I guaranteed a payout if I earn the free games bonus?

No. However, given this game's high RTP, there is a very good chance of a payout with 10 rounds played.

Is it possible to re-trigger the free games feature?

No. You can only score this feature again when you return to the normal game.


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The Bank Heist Scratch Card Review

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