Treasures of the Gods Game

Treasures of the Gods Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Treasures of the Gods game from Evoplay takes you on an adventure to an ancient temple where you can unravel the mysteries and secret messages engraved on stone tablets. It’s a simple game inspired by the minesweeper’s mechanics. So, if you think your guessing skill is on par, Treasures of the Gods calls you to a test.

You need to open the cells to collect artifacts while trying to avoid the traps set by the enemies. The game has soothing background music to keep you through your adventure. Do you have the courage to go deeper into the temple to uncover the treasures? Read this Treasures of the Gods review and register at the online casino to join the endless adventure.

How to Play Treasures of the Gods Game

Like all Evoplay online casino games, the Treasures of the Gods game is quite straightforward. No previous experience is needed – just bring your guessing game to the adventure, and you are good to go.

The game, inspired by classic casino games, has 3 levels – Easy, Normal, and Difficult. The Easy level has only one losing symbol, the Normal has 2 losing symbols, while the Hard level has 3 dangerous symbols. To join the adventure, you need to place your bet size. The minimum amount you can stake is $1, and the maximum is $100. After that, hit the “Play” button to kickstart the game.

You can reveal the hidden artifact or let the game unveil the stone randomly. If the block you choose is safe, you win. Otherwise, you’ll lose your bet.

Treasures of the Gods Game RTP and Variance

Treasures of the Gods requires players to be careful when wagering for real money because the game has an RTP that ranges from 95.87% to 96.19%. The developer didn’t disclose the volatility rate, so players should be mindful when playing.

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Symbols and Gameplay

The Treasures of the Gods game has no symbols that land on reels to form winning combinations. There are no wilds or scatters – it’s a guessing game where you must collect artifacts and avoid traps.

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Bet Sizes and Paytable Wins

The bet sizes are accommodating, so you can join the adventure regardless of your bankroll. You can play with as little as $1 up to a maximum of $100. Below are the different levels and their payouts.

Step Easy Normal Hard
6 5.39 61.44 3932.16
5 4.05 30.72 983.04
4 3.03 15.36 245.76
3 2.28 7.68 61.44
2 1.71 3.84 15.36
1 1.28 1.92 3.84


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Treasures of the Gods Game Tips

Unlike slot games, Treasures of the Gods online game offers no bonus features like many other casino games. While this can be discouraging, the game has exciting and rewarding sessions. Here are tips to boost your chances of winning.

  • Before playing for real money, get familiar with the rules and gameplay using Treasures of the Gods demo.
  • Do not chase your losses and only wager with the money you can afford to lose.
  • Take advantage of the casino bonuses and promotions.
  • Budget your money and leverage casino deposit limit features.
  • Only bet when you are in a good state when wagering for real money.

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Treasures of the Gods Game FAQs

Does the Treasures of the Gods online game offer free spins?

No. Treasures of the Gods has no bonus features, including free spins or wild substitution.

Is the Treasures of the Gods game playable on mobile?

Yes. You can join this adventure game on your mobile devices and anywhere.

Can I play Treasures of the Gods for free?

Absolutely. Treasures of the Gods demo free version is available at the casino, allowing you to join the adventure for free to learn the rules and gameplay.

Unravel the Mysteries and Win!

Treasures of the Gods guessing game offers an exciting adventure for players looking to try something new. The game has three levels, so choose according to your expertise and bankroll. There is no need to worry about scatters or wilds – just collect the artifacts and avoid traps.

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