Vegas Game

Vegas Game

Quick Overview of the Game

What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas! Have premium fun as you play the Vegas Game, and take the memories with you everywhere you go. Be among the first to experience the next generation of Scratchcards, and scratch your way to amazing rewards! Read our Vegas game review for all the details before you sign up and play!

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How to Play Vegas Game

The Vegas Game is one of the many casino games in which professional gamers and novices can enjoy the same success. It’s a scratchcard game that only requires you to use a gold coin to reveal the contents of the four cards displayed on your screen. Players who find matching symbols will become winners.

To start playing, set your bet price or click the “Try for fun” button if you’re playing the Vegas game demo for free. Others use the  “Play for money” button to switch to the live best online casino game. Shortly, a gold coin will appear on your screen, which you’ll use to scratch the four cards. Tap the “Scratch all” button for faster gameplay to instantly reveal the cards’ contents.

Vegas Game RTP and Variance

There’s no mention of an RTP in the Vegas game. Also, we couldn’t find any information that describes its volatility. But the game is rather fun to play and highly rewarding.

Symbols and Gameplay

To enjoy the Vegas game, you must interact with its four card symbols grouped 1 to 4. Each card has its own rules that dictate who becomes a winner.

  • In group 1, a lucky number appears amid four numbers. You’ll win the allocated prize if that number matches any other card number.
  • In group 2, you’ll find a card containing six dice. If any two dice on a row have the same number, you’ll win the prize for that roll.
  • In group 3, you must match three symbols in a row to get the reward.
  • Lastly, in group 4, you’re to play for an Ace card. There are four quadrants, each containing a card and a prize. You’ll win the prize allocated to a quadrant if the Ace card appears.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The Vegas game has a bet range of 0.1 and 5. The size of your win depends on how much you stake and the prices on the cards. If you scratch and win, your prize will be multiplied by your bet to get your total reward. Your winnings will be added to your bankroll instantly.

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Vegas Game Tips for Playing

The Vegas game was designed primarily for entertainment; its low bet sizes are proof. In light of that, players shouldn’t prioritize winning; rather, they should see Vegas as an opportunity to enjoy a scratchcard game. If you decide to bet with real money, the following tips will come in handy:

  • Don’t keep playing after recording a series of losses.
  • If tired, pause the game and resume later.
  • Separate your gaming budget from the rest of your finances.
  • Stake with low amounts.

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Vegas Game FAQs

Is there a free version of the Vegas game?

Yes! The Vegas game demo was built for this purpose. You can play for free and not have to spend any money.

Does the Vegas game give real money prizes?

Absolutely! Your winnings can be cashed out if you play the Vegas game with real money.

Where can I play Vegas game?

You can play this game for free at Vegas Aces. But if you wish to play the live version, you must create and fund an account.


Vegas and other casino games are uncomplicated and will allow you to get right to what you came for: to have fun! All you have to do is scratch the surfaces of four cards, and if you’re lucky, you could become a winner. Are you ready to get busy? Place your bet and start playing.

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