American Roulette | Dragongaming

American Roulette | Dragongaming

Quick Overview of the Game

Dragongaming American Roulette is a thrilling classic-style table game by the famous Dragon Gaming company. This game is designed to deliver a real Las Vegas experience from the comfort of your home.

Moreover, American Roulette stands out with vivid graphics and sound effects that bring the feeling of land-based casinos to life.

Whether you like the roulette American or European way, you will find inside and outside bets and 38 divisions, including a double zero. The rules for winning are standard, and you can play on your mobile or personal computer.

Find out more interesting facts about this game in our American Roulette review before playing for real money.

How to Play DragonGaming American Roulette

Being a pure game of chance, playing American Roulette is pretty simple like any other table game. The objective is to guess the pocket where the ball will land. The first thing before you spin reels is to set the amount you want to wager.

The good thing is that you can play as many bets as you want, considering the maximum table limit. The ‘UNDO’ button will clear your last bet, ‘CLEAR BETS’ removes all current bets, and the ‘DOUBLE BUTTON’ doubles your current bet.

The American Roulette wheel is spun in one direction, and the ball is thrown in the opposite direction. Ensure you learn how to play American Roulette in free mode and master the game rules before advancing to real money gaming.

Bet Sizes and House Edge

American Roulette has a wide betting range to accommodate people of all budgets. The minimum wager is $1, and the maximum bet is $500. However, this game has a relatively high house edge of 5.26%. This is higher than other roulette games like European and French versions. Thus, American Roulette is suitable for a player with a huge bankroll.


As earlier mentioned, American Roulette has inside and outside bets. The payouts of these bets are made according to the paytable. The following table shows all the bets and the potential payouts in American Roulette:

Bet Type Covered Numbers Pay Out
Straight 1 35 to 1
Split 2 17 to 1
Street 3 11 to 1
Corner 4 8 to 1
Top Line 5 6 to 1
Six Line 6 5 to 1
Column 12 2 to 1
Twelve 12 2 to 1
1-18 18 1 to 1
19-36 18 1 to 1
Red 18 1 to 1
Black 18 1 to 1
Even 18 1 to 1
Odd 18 1 to 1


DragonGaming American Roulette Tips for Playing

Follow these simple tips and strategies to boost your chances of winning in American Roulette:

  • Determine your bankroll before you start playing
  • Apply Martingale’s betting strategy
  • Learn about hot and cold numbers
  • Practice American Roulette free mode
  • Take advantage of bonuses and promotions

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DragonGaming American Roulette FAQs

What is the house edge of American Roulette?

American Roulette has a return to player of 94.74%. This implies the casino enjoys a house edge of 5.26% in the long run.

Can I play the American Roulette demo online?

Yes, you can play American Roulette online for free without risking your money. The free version allows you to create a good winning strategy.

Spin American Roulette Wheel Now!

DragonGaming did excellent work on the graphics and gameplay of American Roulette. This game has a simple interface with all features well displayed for quick access. Additionally, this game has a wide bet range that allows people with low and high stakes to play. However, the RTP of 94.74% in American Roulette is relatively lower than in other versions. The advantage is you can win significantly big returns with the straight bet. Sign up now at our recommended online casino and play American Roulette for real money.

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American Roulette Reviews

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Benjamin Hernandez

Vegas Aces' American Roulette is a thrilling game of chance. The graphics and intuitive interface make it a top choice

 by Sophia Thompson

Sophia Thompson - Las Vegas "American Roulette at Vegas Aces is a classic with a modern twist. I love the realistic wheel and fast-paced gameplay." (105 characters)

 by Ethan Anderson

Vegas Aces' American Roulette is top-notch! The game's interface and variety of betting options keep me engaged!

 by Olivia Rodriguez

American Roulette on Vegas Aces offers an immersive casino experience. The game is addictive and full of suspense

 by David Martinez

Vegas Aces' American Roulette is my favorite casino game! The high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay are outstanding.

 by Emily Thompson

American Roulette at Vegas Aces is pure excitement! The realistic wheel and betting options make it a winner.

 by Christopher Wilson

Vegas Aces' American Roulette is a must-play for casino enthusiasts. The suspense and variety of bets are fantastic.

 by Sarah Davis

American Roulette on Vegas Aces is a thrilling spin of luck! The smooth interface and graphics are impressive

 by Michael Johnson

Vegas Aces' American Roulette is the real deal! The authentic gameplay and variety of bets keep me hooked.

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