Casino War Single Hand Game

Casino War Single Hand Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Engage in a battle of luck and strategy in the Casino War Single Hand. Feel the rush of excitement as you go head-to-head with the dealer in a high-stakes war of cards. Get ready to place your bets and may the highest card win!

Casino War Single Hand online, a captivating addition to the realm of table games, is sure to ignite your interest with its engaging gameplay, enticing odds, and the potential to win big. Discover the thrill and excitement that await you in this exhilarating game.

How to Play Casino War Single Hand

Casino War Single Hand, much like its name suggests, is an easy game to pick up. The objective of the game is simple: draw a higher card than the dealer.

  • Step 1: To begin, players must place an initial bet. This can range from a minimum of $1 to a maximum of $500.
  • Step 2: After the bet has been placed, the player and the dealer are both dealt one card.
  • Step 3: The card values are then compared. The one with the higher card wins and takes the bet.
  • Step 4: If there’s a tie, the game gets interesting. Players have two options – they can either surrender or go to war. If you choose to surrender, you forfeit half of your bet. If you decide to go to war, you must double your initial bet.
  • Step 5: In the event of war, the dealer discards three cards before dealing another card to both the player and themselves.
  • Step 6:  The player with the higher card wins the war and takes the winnings.

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Casino War Single Hand, like its traditional counterpart, is played with 6 decks of cards. The goal is to have a higher card than the dealer.

In our comprehensive online casino reviews, we explore the intriguing dynamics of Casino War. When a tie occurs, players have two options: surrender and forfeit half of their bet, or declare war. Opting for war entails doubling the bet and receiving an additional card for both the player and the dealer. The outcome is determined by the highest card, as it decides the winner of the war. Delve into our detailed online casino reviews for more insights into the captivating world of Casino War.

Bet Sizes & House Edge

You can place bets ranging from $1 to $500, suiting all types of players. The house edge for the online casino is around 2.88%, giving you a fair shot at winning.


Outcome Payout
Win 1:1
Tie (after the war) 1:1
Tie (surrender) half of the initial bet

Casino War Single Hand Tips

While the Casino War Single Hand game is predominantly a game of chance, there are a few strategic tips that players can adopt to increase their odds of winning.

  • Always Go to War: One of the most common tips shared among Casino War Single Hand online players is to always go to war in the event of a tie. Though it may seem risky to double your bet, the odds are more favorable than surrendering and losing half of your bet.
  • Avoid the Tie Bet: Despite its allure of a 10:1 payout, the tie bet carries a high house edge. It’s best to steer clear of this bet for long-term play.
  • Understand the Game: Like all casino games, understanding the rules and the structure of the game is crucial. Before placing a large bet, ensure that you’re comfortable with the game’s dynamics.
  • Manage Your Bankroll: Successful gambling often comes down to effective money management. Always set a budget before you start playing and stick to it. This can help you avoid significant losses and extend your playtime.

Remember, while these tips can improve your odds, they do not guarantee a win. Casino War is a game of chance, and its outcomes are unpredictable. Always play responsibly and for fun.

Casino War Single Hand FAQs

Can I play Casino War Single Hand online for real money?

Yes, you can play Casino War Single Hand online for real money at various online casinos.

What happens in case of a tie in Casino War Single Hand game?

In case of a tie, you can either surrender, losing half of your bet, or go to war by doubling your bet.

What is the minimum and maximum bet in Casino War Single Hand?

The minimum bet is $1, and the maximum bet is $500.

What is the house edge in Casino War Single Hand?

The house edge is approximately 2.88%.

Can I use strategies to win at Casino War Single Hand?

Although the game is largely based on luck, understanding the rules thoroughly and using some strategies like always going to war in case of a tie can improve your winning chances.


Casino War Single Hand takes the simplicity of the game of War and combines it with the thrill of online casino gaming. Its straightforward gameplay, coupled with the potential for big winnings, makes it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced players. With enticing graphics and a user-friendly interface, Casino War Online offers a great gaming experience.

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