European Roulette

If you are a gaming lover, you need to try the European Roulette Table Game

European Roulette Table Game

The game uses 36 numbers and a zero found in a single wheel, making the players enjoy the various options. You get a single best, split, street, trio, dozen, odd, black, red, or the corner. It is a game with big payouts and bonuses as it makes the chances of winning higher. You can play it on a laptop, tablet, smartphone, and many other devices.

European Roulette Table Game Review

European Roulette Details

The game has a free mobile version that the basic players can try. The game uses 36 numbers and a zero found in a single wheel, making the players enjoy the various options. You get a single best, split, street, trio, dozen, odd, black, red, or the corner.

The game involves the croupier spinning the wheel in one direction. In the opposite direction, they spin a ball which the players check the number that it will land on. Microgaming the European Roulette is nice because it keeps the players' statistics and makes the game customization easier. 

The outcome is that you will get a record of each player and their playing history. The game is nice because of the various features that make it compatible with devices which boosts portability. You can play it on a laptop, tablet, smartphone, and many other devices.

Themes And Graphics

The game has a 3D design and graphics that make it compatible with many users. The gamers have a special love for it because the options are readily available. It has a real design of the casino with the wheel and the numbers having clear visibility.

On the edges of the screen, you will see the wheel and on the other side is a number pad that indicates the various winnings. You will notice the red splits and the black ones, which have various functions. Some sounds and settings allow you to implement the various settings, such as the game speed.

Gameplay And Payouts

The table game has a wheel that the players spin. While spinning, there is a ball that you throw on the wheel, and whenever it lands, it determines your fate. You can use the various buttons and features such as the rebate that make the game functionality well.

The rebate feature makes it possible for you to play the previous bet. While playing, you will want to know exactly what you win because of the various limits of the game. 

A straight bet goes at $15, while for the split bets, you will have $20. $30 will come with the square bets, and a dozen bets will come with $70. There are various bets that you can play with European Roulette.

First of all, you need to understand the roulette table. It has two sections that have group bets and then individual bets. You will utilize either the inside or the outside bets. On the inside bets, you will utilize the small chunk numbers, adjacent and the single numbers. The outside bets have larger numbers.

Each odd of winning has specific payouts, which you need to learn before getting to the game. 

Inside Bets: The inside bets have different winnings, which are quite different. They include;

Straight-Up Bets: These are bets that you can do with any single number with a payout of 35 to 1.

Street Bet: Has 3 numbers in one row with 0,1,2; 0,2,3 and a payout of 11 top 1.

Split Bet: Here, you will have two adjacent numbers and a line between them. You will have the bets including 0 and 1, 0-3, or 0-3. It has a payout of 17 to 1.

Corner Bet: The corner bet on the other side has a group of 4 numbers that touch and have a payout of 8 to 1. The numbers have a sequence that follows the ascending order from 0-4.

Line Bet: The line bet has 6 numbers. Alternatively, it can have two rows that have 3 numbers. The numbers are usually at the end of the two rows.  They have a payout of 5 to 1.

Outside Bets: The outside bets are as follows;

Column Bet: The column bet has an entire column placed on a "2-1" box with a payout of 2 to 1.

Bet on Color: Here you will find all red or black numbers. The difference in this game is that the payout is placed either on the red box for all the red numbers or the black box for all the black numbers with a payout of 1-1.

Dozen Bet: This bet has a cluster of 12 numbers placed between the 1st and the 12th box for the 1-12 wins and 2nd to 12th for the 13-24 wins. There is another one of the 3rd to 12th, which ranges between 25-36, and all have a payout of 2 to 1. 

Odd and Even: There is a bet for the odds and the even. These have either all-even numbers or all odd numbers. You will get all the even numbers for the even box, and for the odd one, you will get all the odd numbers. The payout for this is 1-1

Low or Hig: Another bet you can place is for low or high. Under this, you will have all the low numbers or the high numbers. Numbers that range between 1 and 18 are low, and those between 19 and 36 are high. The payout for the bet is 1 to 1.

Bonus Features

The funniest thing about this game is that it doesn't have any bonuses and features. However, it comes with other prime features that change the whole gaming experience. You will click on these features to have the differences. There are also the basic options that you can play before you get the betting expertise.

European Roulette Table Game RTP

The Slot's RTP is 94.96% which is high. The Slot has a medium variance, and its volatility is fairly high. This factor implies that the jackpot or any payline option is progressive, good for newbie gamers.

Wrapping Up

For the most renowned players, European Roulette is the best option because of its simple nature. Understanding it is effortless. The basic players and starters will have an easy time as small guides help them start off thanks to Dragon Gaming. You have an option to download the game or play it online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Are there minimums and maximums that the players can play the game?
There are no minimum numbers and maximum that the players will play. So long as they have made the deposits and are willing to play, they can enjoy the gaming.
2What is the highest amount that you can win in European Roulette?
There are no specific amounts that the players win. Each person can win the largest amount depending on the amount that they can bet with. Some get as much as $50 000 for a single win.
3Are there bonuses for playing European Roulette online?
There are no specific bonuses that you will get from playing roulette online. However, you can get great rewards for depositing large amounts of cash as there will be cashback for the deposits.
4What is the payout rate for European Roulette online
The payout rate for the game online is $125 per spin. On the other hand, you will get a payout rate of 98.26 for the real money you make on European Roulette.
5Do I need to download software to play the European Roulette?
You can enjoy European Roulette without downloading it if you desire. It is possible to have an instant play or download to get a better experience from the session.

European Roulette Table Review

European Roulette Table Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Steve
This game has made me one

Wow. I had never thought I would become a gaming addict. This game has made me one.

 by Kennedy Donald
I don't miss playing this game

I don't miss playing this game even a single day. It has become part of my routine. The design is beautiful too.

 by Mary Benson
I love the theme

I love the theme and the nature of the game. I find it relaxing and nice to play as the rewards are also worthy.

 by Eden Jackson
I got wonderful rewards

I got wonderful rewards. Keep it up, the makers.

 by Kenneth Rays
The realistic nature

The realistic nature and the theme of the game make it adaptable. I find it lively and refreshing to play. The wins and the spins are easy to make. You don't need to break the bank to bet for the game. It is the best table game I have seen so far.

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