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Aces and Eights Guide

Aces and Eights Guide

Aces and Eights Guide

Aces and Eights may appear comparable to any poker game you have come across, but with the availability of video poker free games, you can try it out with no risk. In reality, it has a few differences that are easily noticeable when you opt to start playing, and they could result in massive wins. So even though there are many variations of Aces and Eights, it would be fair to base the Aces and Eights guide on the Realtime Gaming video.

The start of the game is similar to all other games, with 52 cards and 5 cards from these are handed to you facing upwards. Keenly scrutinize these cards and locate the ones you wish to stick with and those that need to be replaced. There are no wilds in this game, so think carefully about the card you think will create a winning combination.

If you manage a winning card combination, you are eligible to get a payout, and most specifically, try to look out for four cards with the same value and distinct suits. For example, from the game’s name, “Aces and Eights,” you are required to look out for four aces or four aces, and you are set.

In Aces and Eights, it is suggested that you wager the maximum to get the massive rewards, and if you settle on betting one coin, you might get a huge payout as long as you end the game with a royal flush. Wagering one coin gets you 250 coins for this combination, but also remember that betting five coins will earn you 4000 coins which can be rated at 800:1.

The royal flush is the most significant play, and it is followed closely by the four-of-a-kind combo, the Aces and Eights. By wagering five coins using either of the winning combinations, you will receive 400 coins as a result. The following winning combination is the straight flush, closely followed by a four-of-a-kind seven and other four-of-a-kind card values.

Several players have juggled around the idea of manipulating this game with the help of strategies, and even though there is no means to excuse for luck, using a few tricks could heighten your winning chances. For instance, if you are dealt cards at the initial deal, you can focus on them to get more winning opportunities in video poker free games, like Aces and Eights.

History Of Aces And Eights

The expression “Aces and Eights” is a phenomenal factor in poker, especially the commonly used term ‘dead man’s hand.’ Which is a good winning combination. The story dates back to 1876 in the Dakota Deadwood outpost, where some gentlemen played a five-card game. One of the players was the one and only ‘wild bill’ who was a gunman cum gambler, a civil war combat veteran, and a shooter from the Wild West and also participated in many gunfight duels.

Wild bill spends the previous day playing five-card in the presence of a hunter identified as ‘crooked nose’ Jack McCall, who lost all his money. It is reported that Wild bill made a spontaneous statement at McCall’s spending and blatantly offered to lend some amount to the loser to afford some breakfast for himself.

Even though these statements may bear some truth, many historians are still not sure about the motive behind Hickok’s generosity. The following day after suffering a considerable loss, McCall went out to lay out his revenge.

As they played, Hickok checked to get a two-pair solid hand bearing aces of clubs, aces or spades, eight spades, and eight of clubs. This is the point where McCall took out his gun and blasted it on Hickok’s skull, and blasted a shot. “Wild Bill” died instantly, holding Aces and Eights, which are now referred to as the Dead Man’s Hand.


Since the Aces and Eights is a poker game, players wager between 1 to 5 coins. The RTP, therefore, can be based on two different variations. The first variant is at 98.63% as long as the player bets the maximum of 5 coins. The coins offer a 7-1 payout for a whole house, while the second offers a 99.78% RTP.

The RTP is estimated to be this high to get a player wager on the maximum coins. You can only bet 5 coins which will boost your chances to get a massive payout. The player can play multiple games as they wish, and this has no effects whatsoever on the winning chances.

Each time a bettor wins a game, they are offered an opportunity to challenge their returns and get a chance to twofold it despite Aces and Eights being a game that allows their players to induce the payout amounts for four kind cards with sevens, Aces, and Eights. Nevertheless, their fans should not get so fixated on this strategy because it is mostly unattainable.

Additionally, playing more hands does not in any way alter your winning chances. The most significant factor that determines your shot at winning is the game’s paytable. If you land a good hand with the first draw, playing multiple lines would be very beneficial. This gives you a very lucrative return, but it means that you will be settling for a huge bet.

Aces And Eights Features

  • Amazing Software

When comparing video poker table games among online casinos, the Realtime Gaming software is extensive of good quality. The paytable is on screen anytime you are playing, and you do not have to guess whether you have won or not.

When you land a winning hand, the feature will be highlighted in a distinct color and blink subsequently. You cannot miss this, and you will also get more options to set your poker game.

  • Simple To Understand

This is the most significant selling point of this game. The theme, “aces and eights,” shows that having a four of a kind in any winning combination will win you a more immense amount than the other combinations.

Besides, the game is very straightforward and appears like a standard poker game. You also have a window that lets you get your help in case you need assistance.

  • Excellent Graphics And Sounds

The graphics and sounds on this game are crisp and clear. You might find it more advanced than the other games available. In the gameplay, you will see a ‘casino fly-out menu’ that would easily be used to get you to the lobby from any location. You are also free to change the game sounds, the background sounds, and any other sounds.

  • Improved Game Speed

The game features a ‘fast mode,’ which works perfectly fine. You have the upper hand to control the game since you make a majority of the decisions. The software will efficiently respond to choose between the slow, medium, and fastest.

  • High-Quality Game Features

When playing in the expert mode, you are presented with an analysis tool that shows you the hand that is likely to win in line with the cards you are holding. You might also choose the slow hints, which will update you when your bet is different from the one that would attract the significant wings.

The -hold feature automatically holds your cards, supported by a programmed play strategy that you can switch off if you wish. You also have an autoplay feature that you can activate to play after you win a jackpot or when you have dealt a set number of deals.

  • Fun-Filled Game

When your hands win, you are to select between the collect or double feature. If you choose to collect, you will be going for a showdown with a dealer showing one card and the other four facing down. If your handed card has a greater value than that of the dealer, your winning amount gets doubled.

Special Features

The Aces and Eights do not have any different gameplay. It is played similarly to all the other poker variations, and a player can swiftly maneuver around the game, owing to the fantastic design.

Depending on your selected website, you could choose a poker variation that lets you play either 52 or 100 cards at once. This allows you to stack up many winnings within a short time, but the flip side is that it will require you to place bigger bets.

Whereas the many hands feature appears fun for high-rollers, other players are advised to approach this feature carefully. Another more viable option you can use to play Aces and Eights is the double-up. With every win, you are allowed to bet your payout and enjoy a double bet amount.

If you are a risk-taker, you are handed five cards, one card facing upwards and the other four facing down. You are required to pick one card facing down and win against the revealed card as the bonus game starts.

If you defeat the dealer’s card, you are eligible to get twice the amount of your winnings. Conversely, if you lose this bet, you could likely miss out on your win.

Learn How To Play Aces And Eights Guide

We have already learned that Aces and Nights are played on a 52 card deck, which the dealer will shuffle after every hand. Standard poker rules will also apply, and you are only required to have a strong hand by utilizing all the available cards to earn vast sums of money. Check here how to play aces and eights to increase those wins.

The high-value cards are the Ace and the face. While the cards between to 10 are considered low-value. You get to decide the number of coins you want to play and the bet amount you are willing to stake before the dealer calls five cards in the initial play.

The next thing to do is decide how many cards you think will build the most substantial hand and choose the cards you might have wished to discard. The -hold feature can help you with this. Once you have taken fresh cards from the deck, you have a hand, and your cards will be checked against the paytable and your respective winnings delivered.

To win your money back, you might use a few jack or more. The royal flush is the highest, and the straight flush follows as the second highest paying hands. The third highest payer is a four-of-a-kind with Aces and Eights or sevens, with a lower payout.

Game Rules

  • The bet one button lets you start with one chance. You can then choose to upgrade your bet amount manually or automatically.
  • The max bet feature gets you closer to the maximum bet.
  • By clicking deal, you are handed five cards facing up and one facing down.
  • Select the cards you do not want to play with, then select the draw feature
  • When one of your hands wins, you can click ‘collect’ the win amount or ‘double’ to play in the next hand.
  • The increase and decrease button displayed by the plus and minus sign will change the size of the coin you have wagered.
  • The total bet will be calculated by multiplying the number of coins and the size of the coin.
  • The highest paying royal flush is the 10, J, Q, and A taking a similar same suit.
  • A straight flush is the second-highest paying hand, and it entails having five cards organized in a similar suit except if they are the royal flush.
  • A house has three cards of the same denomination accompanied by another pair of denominations in hand with five cards.
  • A flush is made up of five cards taking the same suit
  • A straight is made up of five cards in order, and they are not of the same suit.
  • The two pairs, three of a kind and four of a kind, are elementary to understand, and they will not give you a hard time.
  • The jacks or better have a pair of jacks or the highest denomination, followed by three unmatched cards in hand.
  • The rules allow the player to use the double-up option where they can collect a win or head over for a showdown with a dealer to double the winnings.


Card Combinations Coin 1 Coin Coin 3 Coin 4 Coin 5
Royal Flush 250 500 750 1000 4000
Four of a Kind, Aces or Eights 80 160 240 320 400
Straight Flush 70 140 210 280 350
Four of a Kind Sevens 50 100 150 200 250
Four of a Kind 5 and below 20 40 60 80 100
House 8 16 24 32 40
Flush 5 10 15 20 25
Straight 4 8 12 16 20
Three of a Kind 3 6 9 12 15
Two Pairs 4 6 8 10
Jack or Better 1 3 4 5

Aces And Eights Winning Guide

The strategy of Ace and eights differs so much from other games such as Jack or better since Aces and Eights give an increased payout for four eights, sevens, and aces. You can check out the simple strategy for this game below.

Do not draw any cards if you have any of these:

  • Royal flush
  • Straight flush
  • Straight
  • house
  • Flush

If you have any of these cards, draw only one card

  • Four cards to a royal flush
  • Four card open-end straight
  • Four of a kind
  • Four card straight with a minimum of three high cards
  • Four card flush
  • Four cards to a straight flush
  • Two pair

If you have any of these hands, you will need to draw two cards:

  • Three of a kind
  • Three cards to a straight plus three high cards
  • The cards to a straight flush
  • Three cards to a royal flush

If you have the following hands, draw three cards:

  • a pair
  • two high cards
  • two cards to royal Royal flush

if only one high card is , take out 4 cards. It is essential to draw four cards and keep the high cards. If you have two high cards on your other hand, hold on to them and anticipate drawing a pair of both.

It is better if you do not have any of the hands listed above, get rid of all the five cards, and get five new ones. The highest cards are the jack or better, which are the jack, king, queen, and Ace. The low cards are all the ones lower in value than the jack. They are from to 10.

Learn Strategies with Aces And Eights Guide

The main goal of a poker strategy is to help the player lower the casino’s house edge over the player to give more chances of getting off the next session. When the cards are dealt with you, carefully scan the paytable from top to bottom.

When you get a hand that relates to yours, perform the actions indicated. Also, remember that the additional payout given for a four of kind aces or eights will shift the approach greatly. This is true if you own a straight flush draw and two extra Aces.

There are three mainly referred to strategies for playing Aces and Eights, namely;

  • hand analyzer
  • strategy chart
  • video poker trainer

Hand analyzer

The best method to familiarize yourself with the Aces and Eights strategy is to use the hand analyzer. The hand analyzer is software that gives you a chance to select games, build custom pay tables and get ideas on how you could play any hand. For example:

  • Hand-pick Aces and Eights
  • Modify the paytable to match the 8/5 form
  • Piece together the J, 10s, Kh, 7s hands
  • Click the button to analyze
  • The best play is to keep Jc, Ad, Kh, 10s and discard the 7s.

The attractive feature of the hand analyzer is how they are available to use at various sites.

The most significant advantage you get from using this analyzer is personalizing the pay tables to familiarize yourself with the optimal strategy for a particular game. You can also settle on a specific hand giving you a hard time and train yourself to play it.

The only downside of using the hand analyzer is that it is time-consuming when setting up hands. Therefore, considering using them only for a short time.

Aces And Eights Chart

The simplest way to progress in Aces and Eights is to use a strategy chart. They rank in terms of relevance, and you do not have to scan options to get a better ranking. The chart below will come in handy to keep track of hands as you play.

rank Hands
  1. 1
Royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind
Four cards to a royal flush
house, flush straight, three of a kind.
  1. 3
quad cards to a straight flush
  1. 4
Two pair
  1. 5
High pair-jacks or better
  1. 6
Three cards to a royal flush
  1. 7
Four cards to a flush
  1. 8
Low pair-10s or less
  1. 9
Four cards to an open-end straight
  1. 10
Two suited high cards
  1. 11
Three cards to a straight flush
  1. 12
Two unsuited high cards
  1. 13
Suited JK, JQ or J10
  1. 14
High cards
  1. 15
Discard everything

Using A Video Poker Trainer

Video poker trainers are software that shows you mistakes made in a poker game. You will do away with some of the frequently made mistakes and be a better poker player by practicing regularly. Numerous video poker trainers are offering free services online.

Luckily, a few of these programs train Aces and Eights on numerous pay tables. As a result, you can find some trainers with up to three different tables. Additionally, the trainers are affordable. For as low as $35, you could get yourself one.

Buying a package means that you are availed of more games and customization options. But this is not necessary unless you want to train for other casino games altogether.

Aces And Eights Guide Tips

Wagering five coins, the payout on royal flush is visibly higher than playing with less than four cards. Be sure that you play the maximum coins to attain the most significant payout when your hand hits. The Aces and Eights guide can help you better understand the game and its strategies.

Settle on your stake amount at the beginning of the game and stick to that. Then, try to break down the amount in variations of up to forty bets to heighten your winning chance—every little win will reflect on your total balance, and you could play with them too.

But if you lose the balance you had settled on playing with, take the loss and walk away. Thinking of chasing losses to get a win would run down your bankroll. The result? You might gamble with an enormous amount than you would ever recover and causing your financial issues.

If you have a favorite Aces and Eights game, try to look for it at two or three casinos to ensure you are getting the better payout and features. Referring to the Aces and Eights guide can help you determine which casinos offer the best options. The difference could not be that substantial, but every slight change in payout could get your extra funds to play with.

Play at reputable platforms that are trusted to pay out all winnings and not take you in rounds when you want to cash out. Try your best to play at recommended casinos to avoid the pain of hitting a royal flush and not getting a payout for it.

Treat gambling as a way of having fun, do not get too involved and waste all your time. Consider the financial repercussions that come along with addictions to gambling. Do your best to avoid becoming a victim, and use resources like the Aces and Eights guide to play responsibly.


The growth in the use of internet technology has brought along many changes over time, and among them is its role in revolutionizing the gambling industry. Currently, there exists a lot of spots where you can play in this online casino from your device, including utilizing resources like the Aces and Eights guide to improve your gameplay.

Precisely, there are many variations of poker games you can play while sitting on your couch. With a stable internet connection, you can bet on games such as Aces and Eights, and you might get some impressive wins by following strategies and tips from the Aces and Eights guide.

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Aces and Eights Guide FAQs

What Are The Best Aces And Eights Strategy?

An effective strategy for Aces and Eights requires a different approach due to the high payouts for four aces, eights, and sevens. However, here are a few optimal strategy tips you could use to get some attractive wins.
If you are holding a flush or a straight, stay in position despite having more potent draws to the royal flush.
With an open-ended straight tie or a four to a flush, go for a draw regardless of having a high pair. This is for the bigger payouts.
Hold them and anticipate pairing them as a substitute for drawing five fresh cards with two high cards in your hand.
With one high card in hand, hold and get four new cards without having to draw five.

Can I Play Aces And Eights For Real Money?

Yes, you can! If you are a good player, play for real money and be sure that the site offers real money payouts. Alternatively, you could choose bonuses to make your experiences better. If you are a new player and are afraid to lose your money, try the demo version of the game to learn the basics. It might help you become a better player altogether.

Can Aces And Eights Be Played For Free?

Yes! Aces and Eights have many variations, and some sites offer the game for free. You can play the demo version just for fun or pure entertainment. It is a good game to be played.

Can I Play Aces And Eights Online?

Yes, you can! Aces and Eights has evolved and are offered on many websites. Playing online allows you to get better odds than what you would get from an in-house casino. You will also play without dealers running your game for you. The setup is amazing and captivating. The only time you might need a dealer is when you are playing live tables. They will be there to deal you cards from their end without relying on Random Number Generators.

Is Aces And Eights Hard To Learn?

No, it is not! Playing aces and eight is very straightforward, considering it is a poker game. Poker games are mostly simplified and the basic rules to follow apply everywhere. The learning process might take some time, but it is nothing to worry about if you are playing for fun.

Why Is Aces And Eights So Popular?

Aces and eight have become popular because of the history behind them. In addition, the story of the wild bill is quite intriguing, and the evolution of the dead man’s hand is a favorite among gamblers. The other factor that makes aces and eights a popular game is a simplicity in form. And lastly, the prizes to be won are pretty impressive, and most people who play for money find it a good place to make big banks.

Is Aces And Eights All About The Cards You Play?

No! The cards are crucial in playing the game to determine the winner and the loser, but there is more to the game than that. The game also requires the player’s action and betting strategies which form a fundamental part. Good cards will assist you in winning, but your skills are the biggest contribution to your bigger payouts.

Is There Any Distinction Between Fixed Limit And No Limit?

The terms no limit and fixed limit refer to different structures used to bet on virtual games. There are many structures to consider, but the two are the most common. The structures define how much each player can bet when it is their turn to play. In a fixed limit, a player will only bet to a stated amount, and once they reach the limit, they cannot bet. For no limit, the players can raise any amounts as long as they have enough chips.