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Casino War Single Hand Guide

Casino War Single Hand Guide

The first card game most American kids learn is War. All that’s needed to play the game is your ability to count. It’s a game of luck based on who gets the highest card after a random deal. This War game traditionally involves two players, but enterprising casino operators decided to turn the dining table game into a profitable casino table game; hence, the birth of Casino War. This Casino War Single Hand Guide covers everything about Casino War Single Hand, from its history to its rules, bonuses, and strategies to help you gain more winning chances.

Casino War Single Hand Guide: A Cards War for Fun

Casino War Single Hand is a simple game that involves a player and the house dealer, though the game objective remains the same: aim for a higher value card than the dealer. This game has successfully transitioned into the online casino gaming industry. People now love to kill time by playing this game since it offers a relatively low house advantage and requires minimal skills.

The history of this game dates back to several centuries ago. The card game was known as “War,” and there were no written rules until the modern age. Until recently, the rules were passed down through different generations as an oral tradition. Although most individuals never learned the rules by reading a book, they are included in Hoyle’s penultimate card games guide.

According to legend, King Arthur invented this game when he got tired of jousting. He was with Lancelot when Guinevere, his wife, suggested that they play a card game. Arthur wanted to play a game that wouldn’t be too complex and featured a military theme for his knights to enjoy. It was Merlin, his friend, who brought the game to him.

War Spread Throughout the Globe
During the plague in the Middle Ages, several individuals were locked down at home, which caused the game to spread widely. They chose to remain at home and enjoyed playing table games.

The popularity of War was because you only needed plenty of time and a deck of cards. These were two things that most people had in abundance in the Dark Ages. The game spread throughout the world, and within a short period, people in South America, China, and Africa began to play War.

“War” Became “Casino War”
In the late 1900s, a casino owner in Las Vegas decided to bring War into his enterprise since numerous people enjoyed playing the game. He changed its name to Casino War and made slight changes to the rules. Instead of playing primarily for the thrill and fun of finishing the entire deck of cards, gamblers could play the game for real money. This Casino War game gained popularity, and several casinos introduced it as a casino game.

The Birth of Online Casino War
The history of Casino War Single Hand wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the creation of online casinos in the 90s and the development of the online Casino War game. That means you don’t need to have a deck of cards, find a partner to play the game with or visit a real casino to play online Casino War. All that’s required is a computer system that’s connected to the Internet.

Just log onto your preferred online casino site and play this Casino game to your satisfaction. You can play this game whenever you wish — the computer never gets tired. Online Casino War Single Hand is one of the simplest casino games you can play online, and that’s why most people find it enjoyable and relaxing.

Game Rules

A player’s first step is to look for a Casino War table. After sitting at the table and the bets are open, you’ll be free to start playing. Make sure you wait for a previous game to be played. An attempt to shout “I declare war” and sing the national anthem before “invading” the casino table isn’t a great idea. It’s just a game, not a real war. That’s why there are rules, and you’ll find them below:

  • The game is played using six decks of cards (all ranked according to poker rankings).
  • Suits do not affect the game and have no rank
  • Aces are high in Casino War
  • As soon as you play your bet, a dealer will give you a card and give themselves one too
  • The player will then tender their card and compare it with the dealer’s card. If his card is lower than the dealer’s hand, the player loses the bet.
  • If the dealer’s card is lower than the player’s card, the player wins this bet at even money. It’s very simple.

Going to War: When a Tie Occurs

If there is a tie (both the player’s card and the dealer’s are the same), the player can choose to either go to “war” or “surrender.”

  • Surrender: if a player decides to surrender, they will forfeit half of their bet. For instance, if a player bets $40 on a game and ties with the dealer, they receive $20 back.
  • War: if the player decides to go to war, they will need to raise their bet to enter another battle with the dealer.


The amount they must raise should match that of their first bet. For instance, if a player bets $40 and decides to go to war, they must place another $40 down to raise the bet. The dealer proceeds to burn three cards and then deals a card to you and takes one for themselves. They’ll then compare the two cards. If the value of your new card is equal to or higher than the dealer’s new card, you get even money on your raised bet. Your initial bet will also push. But, if your new card is lower than the dealer’s new card, you lose both bets.

Bets and Odds

Several casinos have slight variations in terms of odds, depending on where you play. A bet on each game generally pays even money. Hence, betting with $40 will win you $40 in addition to the $20 stake. The ante has the standard bet, and it’s marked on all Casino War tables. You will find an oblong shape for tie bets above the oblong-shaped space for ante bets. The payout on a tie bet is 10:1, which implies a $40 tie bet will pay you $440 (including the $40 stake) if you win.

As you would have probably known by now, it’s a pretty simple game. The most anyone can win from a game that doesn’t tie is even money — this makes it a very fair game. The chance of both you and the dealer winning is 46.3%. At this point, you might be wondering where the house advantage comes into play. The house advantage in Casino War Single Hand, as explained in the Casino War Single Hand Guide, comes when there’s a tie.

The House Advantage

Although the tie bet may be the sweetest part of Casino War Single Hand, it can also work against you. When a tie occurs, you can choose to either go to war or surrender.

If you decide to surrender, you’ll lose half of your bet. That may be seen as recouping half (50%) of the amount you bet for a conservative optimist. Your $40 bet will now become $20 lost with $20 returned to you. If you opt to go to war, another unit must be wagered. You will add another $40 to the initial $40 on the table and wait for the outcome of the next bet. If the new card value in your hand is higher than that of the dealer, you’ll win $40 and receive your total stake of $40 back.

That is to say — the original bet is a push. On the other hand, if the dealer beats you, there will be no push on your initial bet, and the house will take both chips. While this may sound unfair, an old saying goes, “All’s fair in war and love.”

At this point, the house advantage comes into play. When you go to war after a game ties, there are two potential scenarios you’re likely to face:

  • You’ll lose the two units
  • You’ll win one unit


In other words, if you’re betting $40 units, you are risking $80 to win $40. According to many online casino reviews, this is a risky move in the game, but worth the try if you like the rush of such betting styles.

Rule Variations

All the rules we mentioned earlier are static for all Casino War Single Hand games. What differs between online gambling halls and some land-based casinos is the subsequent development of two consecutive ties. If there’s a tie on the second set of cards after going to war on the first tie, one of these will occur:

  • Generous Rules: you will automatically win with a 4x bonus payout.
  • Standard Rules: you will automatically win with a 2x bonus payout.
  • Tight Rules: you will automatically win the hand with a standard payout.

Learning Casino War Single Hand Guide Strategies and Tips

Although Casino War Single Hand is a very simple game, you still require adequate planning to minimize the house advantage. While leaving things to chance might sound easier, it’s not a smart strategy if you’re playing on Casino War Single Hand with real money. However, mastering the game isn’t rocket science. You only need to note a couple of useful tips to start making the right moves.

Since you already know the basic rules, the next step is to sharpen your gaming skills. Here are some tips to help you achieve maximum results.

Avoid Playing Side Bets
Aside from your standard ante bet, this table game enables you to play an additional bet called a tie. It may first look like a good idea as it pays out a whopping 10:1. But side bets are not helpful in any way. The chances of having a tie are very low. The Casino War Single Hand game requires six decks of cards that offer both player and dealer equal winning opportunities. Hence, mathematically speaking, both of them have a 46.3% chance of getting a win. So, the chances of getting a tie when playing this game are a mere 7.4%. Worse still, the house advantage tremendously increases to over 18.5% when you make a side bet, which is a huge risk.

Observe the Aces
In Casino War Single Hand, an Ace card has the highest value. A great strategy is to watch closely the frequency at which the dealer lays out the Aces. If you are yet to spot an Ace after a long while, you should know that its chances of appearing soon are high. Hence, once you get it, you will either get involved in a tie or get a win. You can’t tell the exact time an Ace will appear. However, being highly alert as you closely observe cards that have appeared is one of the most effective strategies while playing Casino War Single Hand. That way, you’ll know whether to anticipate an Ace or focus your strategy on other cards.

Never Surrender
You have one of two options during a tie — to surrender or go to war. Your chances of winning are higher if you decide not to give up. That’s because surrendering your hand when playing the Casino War Single Hand game will make you forfeit half (50%) of your wager. In addition, the house gets a 3.7% advantage if you opt to surrender. But that will drastically reduce to just .8%. So, persevering will always give you a 50/50 chance of winning. However, you’ll need to place a different wager (the same amount as your previous bet) before moving on to the next round.

Play with Small Wagers
Like other conventional real money gambling games, Casino War Single Hand offers the house an extra advantage. As outlined in the Casino War Single Hand Guide, it is about minimizing your losses, even though you’ll still lose eventually. Now that you know this — don’t go beyond your limits, even when you are eagerly waiting for an Ace. Make sure you remain calm, even when you’re sure that the next hand will give you guaranteed victory. What’s more, a victory will earn you money that’s based on the amount you bet.

In addition, practicing playing Casino War Single Hand online as a first-time gambler will help to increase your winning chances and sharpen your skills before playing at a real casino. You’ll learn more quickly and avoid losing vast chunks of money.

Know When to Walk Away
It would be smart to understand when you need to walk away since you know that the house has an advantage over you. Choose a specific time when you’ll consider it proper to exit the game. In most cases, it’s best when there is still some money at hand. Once it’s time to walk away, make sure you leave the table, regardless of whether you’re in the black or red. What’s more, ensure to play Casino War Single Hand with moderation. In other words, avoid gambling with sums you can’t afford to lose. That can be psychologically destructive.

The Benefits of Playing

There are several reasons why land-based casino players should consider playing Casino War Single Hand online. Here are some of them:

  • You can play Casino War online without spending much on each hand. Online casinos have a lower minimum table bet than land-based casinos.
  • You won’t encounter pressure from any players. The decisions are made by you and at your preferred time.
  • The game is available in different variations online.
  • It’s easy to learn the game rules and how to play online. You’ll avoid a dealer judging you and getting frustrated if you don’t get it.
  • Some online casinos offer unique bets on Casino War Single Hand. They include bets on the picks on a specific card, the suit you get, or how low or high a card will be. Some side bets will offer you a larger cash payout over what you would regularly receive in a game.
  • Some real money gambling sites may use fewer or more decks than traditional casinos.

Playing on Mobile

You can play Casino War Single Hand on your mobile devices (tablets, Android or iPhone). You may need to download an app on your device to play the game. Some online casino sites don’t have apps, though their sites are responsive. These responsive sites have been configured to function perfectly on almost all devices. The modern-day gambling experience on mobile devices is superb, allowing you to enjoy your favorite games while on the go.

We know that online gambling offers a great opportunity to enjoy those games you visit land-based casinos to play. However, the major disadvantage of playing Casino War online is the potential to have your data stolen by hackers or to get scammed by rogue operators. Here are safety tips for new players of Casino War Single Hand online.

Choosing a Reliable Casino

Data theft is not as common as it was when online gaming started. There are regulations demanding compliance from operators with user protection, and reputably licensed casino operators are taking stronger security measures to meet the guidelines. However, some casino operators are still not reputably licensed.

That’s why you need to play only at online casinos with long-established licenses from MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and/or UKGC(United Kingdom Gambling Commission). They are the strictest gambling regulators in the world.

Secure Your Gaming Device

Make sure you avoid the prying eyes of information thieves by taking a few precautionary measures. If you use a laptop or desktop computer to play Casino War Single Hand online, ensure to install a good anti-malware or antivirus software package and run regular scans. If you use a mobile device (tablet or smartphone), avoid opening your hot spot or connecting to a public WiFi when playing the game. Don’t use any financial services when connected to unsecured networks. Only use your home WiFi or your mobile network, and use strong passwords.


Casino War Single Hand is a great game to play if you’re looking to kill time and have fun. The odds are in your favor, and it has a reasonably high RTP percentage, making the game a fantastic competition.

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Casino War Single Hand Guide FAQs

How Can I Play Casino War Single Hand and Win?

The objective of this game is simple: you will place a bet to win the dealer. You and the dealer are each dealt a single card. The highest card wins. But if these two cards are equal, you can decide to "go to war." Then, you and the dealer will get another card to compare.

How Does a Casino Have an Advantage in Casino War?

The house edge (also called advantage) comes in when there is a tie and the player decides to go to war. You'll either win a unit or lose the two bets (the first bet and the new one). For instance, if your original bet was $10, you must double it and risk $20 to win only $5. The house edge is often over %.

What's the Highest Card in Casino War Single Hand?

The cards in Casino War have a ranking from lowest to highest: through 10, and then Ace, King, and Jack. The game keeps going in that manner until you both have a card with the same rank. In such a situation, a war is imminent.

Is Ace Higher than Joker in Casino War?

In Casino War Single Hand, Ace has a higher value than King, but it's lower than Joker (if included). A "war" occurs if two players make a tie, meaning their cards have the same rank (two 8, for instance). The player with a higher card (face-up) packs every card from the war.

Can You Play Casino War on Mobile Without Internet?

You can play Casino War on the go as long as you have a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). But you'll also need an Internet connection as this game is mostly played online through a mobile browser. Avoid connecting to a public WiFi or switching on your hot-spot when playing the game online to ensure your data is safe and secure.