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Blackjack is the most popular table game at many online casinos due to the low house edge. It is also one of the easiest games to learn and involves some of the most straightforward strategies of all table games. If you’re looking for the best casino games for beginners, blackjack is the perfect solution.

Blackjack is available in several variations. The objective of getting as close to 21 as possible without going over exists in each version. What separates them is the rules and gameplay.


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The last two things you need to understand to play online blackjack are “split” and “double down”. If you are dealt two cards of equal value, you can “split” your hand to give you a better chance at beating the dealer. When you split, you “hit” or “stand” on each card until you get as close as possible to 21.

If you feel confident that your hand will beat the dealer’s, you can “double down” on your bet. This means that your original bet amount is doubled. When you choose to go this route, you can only receive one card from the dealer and you cannot choose to “hit” any further, so choose wisely when using this strategy.

The dealer’s hand is revealed when all players have chosen to “stay” with their current card value. If the dealer’s hand is a perfect 21, all player’s bets are forfeited. If the dealer’s cards add up to 16 or lower, he must hit until he gets to 17 or higher. If the dealer busts, all active players are paid 1:1. If the dealer’s cards score higher than 17, any player whose hand is less than 17 forfeits their bet.

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