Perfect Pair Blackjack Bet – Pros and Cons

Perfect Pair Blackjack Bet – Pros and Cons

A Perfect Pair Blackjack bet refers to a popular side bet in the blackjack genre. This side bet is based on whether or not you think your hole cards will be a pair. If your hole cards are identical in rank and suit, you have been dealt a “perfect pair.” You will then receive the reward for winning the side bet.

Perfect pair blackjack comes in three variations:

  • Mixed pair: Two cards with the same number value but a different color and suit.
  • Colored pair: Two cards with the same number value and color but different suits
  • Perfect pair: Two cards with the same number value, same color, and same suit

Before the cards are dealt, you must determine if you will participate in the Perfect Pairs side bet. After resolving the side bet, the classic blackjack game will continue per the rules of the online casino.

Making a Perfect Pair Blackjack Side Bet

Perfect pair blackjack can be included in any live or online blackjack game variation that uses the same rules as any other blackjack hand. You sit down, make a wager, and are dealt two cards, at which point you can hit, stand, double, etc., as usual. The only difference is that you’ll also have to make your side bet. Here’s how:

  • Place your perfect pair blackjack side bet alongside your primary game wager, and BEFORE the cards are dealt.
  • You will be dealt two cards alongside the dealer.
  • The side bet will then be resolved. If you had a perfect pair, you’d win. If not, you’ll lose.
  • The main blackjack hand will proceed as usual.

Strategies and Tips

In the end, blackjack perfect pairs refer only to a side bet. As a result, there are few strategic maneuvers when choosing it. However, just like blackjack split rules & tips, there are some pointers to keep in mind if you’re looking for a quick thrill and adrenaline rush:

  • Think about the size of your typical bet, and then multiply that number by two to get the size of your Perfect Pairs wager.
  • Remember that the side bet’s outcome is always determined first, so you must ensure that it does not affect your main wager.
  • There is no actual technique that will increase your chances of winning the side bet because of the significant influence that chance and luck play.
  • Payouts might vary greatly amongst casinos (some offer 25:1 for a perfect pair, 10:1 or 12:1 for a colored pair)
  • There is no correlation between the dealer’s cards and the outcome of the Perfect Pair side bet.
  • The odds of drawing a pair are 1.7% in a conventional 8-deck game, 1.9% for a matched pair of the same color, and 3.9% for a mixed pair.
  • Dedicating a different sum of money to the side bet is wise. It ought to be equivalent to the prize money for a winning combination. You can enjoy the entertaining extra bet without risking too many financial resources.

Pros to playing perfect pair blackjack

The major benefit of perfect pair blackjack is that it makes casino games more exciting and enjoyable by eliminating monotony. Having to put down a bet before you deal the card ups the stakes considerably.

Making more than one bet at once can increase your chances of winning and provide you with a more exciting experience than the standard even money payouts.

Cons to Playing Perfect pair Blackjack

The biggest downside is that these wagers rely entirely on chance rather than competence. You can’t assume that you’ll win with every ancillary wager. There will be no indication of the odds for each wager in the final tally, giving the casino a significant advantage.

Final Thoughts

There is little difference between traditional blackjack and perfect pair blackjack, which is the intriguing side bet. We are not attempting to create a new version of an already fantastic game; instead, with Perfect pair blackjack, we are merely adding excitement to the side bets of your standard blackjack game.

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