Spin, Win, and Conquer in the Fortune Coin Slot Game

Spin, Win, and Conquer in the Fortune Coin Slot Game

Fortune Coin Slot is among the most luxurious-looking gambling games available online. The Asian-themed slot game design is based on Chinese traditional coins. In ancient times, these coins were round with a small square hole in the middle, making them stand out among all other currencies. The fortune coin game background follows this pattern. While that is impressive, how it pays out is more intriguing. Often, most slot games pay big wins once in a while or pay small wins frequently. But, in this game, there is a balance. You can get both small and big wins.

In this casino news, we will highlight some exciting features that stand out in the Fortune Coin Slot.

Fortune Coin Slot: Venture Into the Realm of Luck and Prosperity!

International Game Technology (IGT) Launched the Fortune Coin Slot in 2019. IGT is a highly respected and multiple award-winning gaming company in the online casino industry since its inception, in 1975. However, it wasn’t originally called IGT. IGT introduced the name in 1981, later changing it to GTech until 2015 when they adopted the name IGT again.

IGT has been in the casino games business since it went live in 1981. It was the first company to introduce some advanced technology and marketing tools we see today, such as computerized player tracking and frequent player rewards. It was also the first to allow a million-dollar jackpot prize on slot machines.

As a result, when IGT released the Fortune Coin Slot, players were eager to check it out because the company has, over time, proved to be one of the best at creating slots for fun.

Unique features of Fortune Coin Slot

Below are some features that stand out in the Fortune Coin Slot.

Multiway Bonus Feature

The Fortune Coin Slot machine features 243 ways to win, meaning you only need to place one wager to trigger every winning opportunity. You need 60 credits to cover this game’s pay lines and bonuses.

Payouts occur more frequently because of the high number of pay lines, and there are no specific ones on which the symbols must land to win. Landing symbols on adjacent reels also guarantees a payout.

Like the Pop Slots strategy, we highly recommend you get familiar with the bonus rounds so you can make the most of them.

Fortune Coin Feature

Any spin can trigger this feature if you land one or more coins on the reels. Once it is activated, you can be rewarded in three different ways. You can be given bonus credits. Per each coin that initiated the feature, you can get up to 1000 credits, which will be multiplied by your bet multiplier. If you don’t get that, you can be given up to 20 free games per coin, and all small symbols will be excluded to improve your chances of winning.

The third reward you can get is the progressive pick, which involves selecting coins until they match three displayed icons. If completed, you will be awarded the corresponding jackpot.

The 243 multiway win feature makes this game suitable for new players learning how to win at casino slots.

Award All Feature

There is a four-level progressive jackpot structure (Mini, Minor, Major, and Maxi) in the Fortune Coin Slot. This can award the jackpots in all the levels at once if triggered. But, as you may be thinking, it is rare to get. However, if a player is lucky to get it, the payout can be very significant.

Historic Symbols in the Fortune Coin Slot

The symbols in the Fortune Coin Slot are traditional and charming. If you often watch Chinese movies, you will quickly identify some of them, such as the lion statue, golden roaring dragon, and gold coins, also available in the Big Atlantis Frenzy Slot.

Your Path to Golden Fortunes

Fortune Coin Slot is designed to live up to its title by bringing your fortune if lady luck is on your side. With its 96.2% RTP, multiway win, and progressive jackpot winning chances, you can get a good payout to bump up your bankroll.

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