Secure Your Win With Even Money – A Blackjack Classic

Secure Your Win With Even Money – A Blackjack Classic

In most casino games, you have to win to get a payout—there are no other side options. However, blackjack has a unique bet option that allows players to weigh their options to get a payout rather than walk away with nothing. It’s called even money. With it, you can get something out of a gaming round.

Today’s casino news covers everything you need to know about the even money offer, its meaning and function in blackjack, and the mathematics behind it.

Even Money: A Trusty Sidekick for a Guaranteed Payout

Even money is one of the payout options available at a blackjack table. With this offer, a player gets paid 1:1 instead of 3:2 for a standard gameplay round. While it’s not as rewarding as the perfect pair Blackjack side bet, it saves the player from going away with nothing and reduces the amount the house has to play a player.

However, even money is proposed based on a specific occurrence, and players can accept or turn it down in free online blackjack games or games for real money.

When a dealer gives cards to players on the table, the objective is to have blackjack card values up to or closest to 21, without going over. If the player has the closest to 21, he is paid 3:2. An even money bet can be taken when a player has a natural blackjack and a dealer has an ace face-up card.

However, the dealer may also have a blackjack. If he does, the game becomes a push, leaving the player with nothing. The player is now offered a chance to play even money. If taken, the player will be paid 1:1. If not, the game continues.

Winning Made Simple: Saying Yes or No to Even Money

Is taking the even money offer a good deal? Let’s examine some factors to get a broader perspective.


In both live and online casino games, when a dealer shows an Ace, they have a 4 in 13 chance for a blackjack. That’s a 30% probability of pushing with the dealer and not winning. This means you have a 69% chance of winning. If we bet $25 and take the even money 100 times, we’ll have $5,000 as winning. If we always reject it and work with our 69% winning chance, we’ll end up with $5,197 after 100 rejections. Even money bets then become a wrong choice.

Guarantee Profit

Since there can’t always be a repetitive gaming outcome in casino games, taking even money for an instant profit instead of gambling it for a one-and-a-half profit might be the best. This is especially true when you place a big bet in the game.

So would you go for even money? Or would you switch entirely to a more chance-focused game like European Roulette for equally entertaining gameplay?

When to Take Even Money

Taking even money when playing a game like Blackjack Deluxe or any other variant that has this bet available depends on many factors. Besides the mentioned, there are other scenarios where taking it makes sense. Below are a few.

Negative Progression Strategies

You can even take money using negative progression betting systems, like Martingale, etc. The guaranteed 1:1 payout lets you continue using your strategy without breaking up your gameplay.

Card Counting Considerations

If you’re card counting and realize there are still many high cards in the deck, the dealer will likely have a blackjack. It will be wise to take the bet and move on.

Get more details on how to count cards in your blackjack games by following our online casino guides.

Low Chips

When you’re low on chips, it is advisable to take even money. You want to win something instead of losing everything.

Making it Even

Even money bets in Blackjack are a simple yet profitable way to play the game once you understand it. While there will always be reasons to take and not take it, every player has to know what works for them. Visit Vegas Aces Casino to learn more about table games through content like the Switch blackjack guide and other material available for you to dominate every variant of this exciting card game.

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