Privacy Policy

We take every measure available to protect the loss, misuse, and/or alteration of any personal information provided by you as part of the creation of your account or a withdrawal process.

All information is for internal purposes only, including the information our Web site tracks about visits.

We, by no mean intend to sell or lend your personal information to third parties. You may rest assured that your info is private and completely confidential.


Your Security

For peace of mind, Vegas Aces provides you with a fully transparent and comprehensive audit trail on all games played, detailing the sums wagered and wins/losses. By doing this, we believe our members can wager with Vegas Aces and have complete confidence and trust in our systems.



They are tiny files that are downloaded whenever you access a website and perform any actions. They allow companies to gain a better understanding of your preferences and improve the site according to them. We use cookies to keep track of the number of visitors on the site and their interaction with our services in order to present an experience that better matches our customers’ needs. Like this, websites can perform more efficiently.

Now you know how cookies are used. In addition to that, we may use pixels, tags, scripts and other tracking technologies are used to better your experience on the site. Ultimately our focus is on providing great user experiences in a world-class gambling site.